Simgaroop'd Hair Default Texture Replacement

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2014 at 4:46 PM
Updated: 11th Aug 2014 at 1:53 PM

I always wanted Ja's and aquilegia retextured edit, low poly hairstyle are always useful, but they didnt match the rest of my game. I recently saw that Evilwitch posted the base game one on Gos and it gave me an idea. In two week, I got Ja's base, learned how to recolor and default, and this project was born. I know it may sound a little redundant to make maxis match recolor of maxis hair but... eh.

  • As the previews shows, this will remplace every single hairstyle from the base game and its expensions.
  • They're all in separate well identified packages, so if you already have a different default or don't have a EP or SP you can just not put those package in your download folder.
  • I used simgaroop's dark brown and orangish red tone.
  • I recolored a couple of hats from Ja's to be less grungy and a few more BG hats that werent done at all by aquilegia.
  • Also includes the hidden npc and work hair as well as the custom neon hairstyle.

Instal like anything else in your download folder, but if you use any texture referencing age/gender conversion like Layana's or aquilegia's they'll need to load after this if you want them to refer to these textures. And obviously you souldn't have two default replacement of the same thing at the same time in your game.

You can hold Ctrl and right-click on the thumbnails in CAS to refresh them.

Anything Else?
  • The hair part of the OFB "uuhairhatballcapup" hat is actually linked to the BG "uuhairhatballcapnpc" for some reason, so you you need the later for the first.
  • Speaking of the "uuhairhatballcapnpc", I have a version with a red paper delievery hat and black mail delievery hat wich may or may not match your default better. Only keep one version at the time.
  • Finaly I can't seem to work out the NL vampire hair, It just won't cooperate. But, I think 1 out 201 is relatively acceptable error margin.

Additional Credits:
Ja for the base texture of Uni to AL
aquilegia for the base texture of the Base Game
Simgaroop for her color actions
EA for the meshes SimPE and Photoshop