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Alternative Maxis Match Hair Retextures – Part 3

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2016 at 8:04 PM
More hairs! This time I chose:
  • TS3 Messy hair converted by Martini (mesh included)
  • Anto 64 (mesh NOT included, you can get it HERE)
  • TS3 Sleek hair converted by Julie J (mesh included)
  • Nouk Wavy (mesh included)
TS3 Sleek is available for the YA-elder groups only, the other hairstyles for all ages, genders are as shown in pictures. The texture I used is by Remi, shading and colours by me, hairs are binned, familied, grey is linked to black, and unnecessary life stages aren’t displayed in the game.

Note: I’m just repeating myself (I said it in my previous uploads), but – my black is much darker than you can usually see for retextures, but, as the pictures show, all the details are visible. Those weird light things you can notice on hair are the mesh fault, and I couldn’t do anything about it while just retexturing them.

There isn’t much else to say, so well, I hope you enjoy

Additional Credits:
Nouk, Anto, Martini, and Julie J for the meshes, Remi for textures.