Hyde Condos

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After a couple of months of not posting, I've had the chance to see in full perspective how my skyscraper series was received by our community at MTS. As surprising as it might sound, they are not really that popular. An average amount of people view them and out of the people who do, about a little over 12% of them go to download them (creators know this as R1). But that's ok because didn't create them to be practical to use, just wanted to give people something different. Based from the feedback, people loved them but ultimately couldn't enjoy them because the buildings were so large that they would run painfully slow on their computers and also the installation process could have been too much of a hassle considering they had to download and install Numenor's custom walls and scriptorium. Also, they had to install a camera with a large zoom range to making playing on the lot practical. I even think I alienated some early downloaders because I gave them links to the wrong camera to download (oops still sorry for that and all links have the right camera now). Taking that into consideration, I knew for my next lot I had to "think small", or at least smaller.

So that is the inspiration for this building. It is a 20-story mixed use high rise with four two bedroom apartments, a coffee shop, a gym, a bar, and a restaurant. I modeled it after a medium density high rise called "Hyde Condos" from Sim City 4. All levels are "playable" except for the fourth floor which is stretched 11 stores high. It is only marginally taller than a normal high rise so It wouldn't be too tall and stick out when placed in a neighborhood with normal size high rises.

The lot is zoned as an apartment, so in order to make the coffee shop and restaurant to work, you need to download this hack here also I still recommend a camera hack, which can be found here.

Comparison to the Sim City 4 building:

The lobby

The Penthouse; It spans floor 19 and 20 and has a lot of deck space.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: $827,818

Custom Content by Me:
- Hyde Condos Small Window Right Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Long Window Left Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Long Window Light Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Long Window Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Dark Wall Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Window Light Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Long Window Right Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Light Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Window Small Wallpaper
- Hyde Condos Small Window Right Wallpaper

Custom Content Included:
- Medieval Gothic Fountain by Marina
- Air Conditioning Rooftop Box by Cyclonesue
- Barred Fence by Cyclonesue
- Gas Containers by Cyclonesue
- Fashion Studio Dummy by Sandy
- Small Grill with concrete surround by Cyclonesue
- Revolving Independent Expressions, Inc. "Big Entrance" Shop Door by rebecah
- Airplane Curtain Left by crocobaura
- Cement Building Roof Trim by Cyclonesue
- Victorian Dining Buffet by JS&SimsBuilder&blondmermaid
- Mc Donald's sign A by Talk to Her
- Mc Donald's sign B by Talk to Her
- The Space Center by olemantiker
- Sims 3 Dumpster For Sims 2 by joninmobile
- Corner unit for Modular Wooden Stairs by Spaik

Additional Credits:
A special thank you for Mootilda, who built the program used make these buildings.

Also a thank you to Zarathustra who I used some of his super creative and highly original skyscrapers for the screen shots.

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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