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NCI - Captain Planet (Generic Uniform)

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Uploaded: 22nd Jan 2015 at 6:55 AM
Updated: 26th Jul 2020 at 9:52 PM

And here comes another project that was in the works, but never released...up until now, that is! With texturing being redone and more detailed, the good folks at NCI present to you Eco-friendly Simmers out there, an improved looking version of the Captain Planet superhero uniform. And here he is to model the uniform, Captain Planet!

This superhero was introduced in the 1990s as earth's mightiest hero. He can be summoned by harnessing the power of 5 special rings, given to by Gaia (Earth's spirit), together when needed by 5 chosen children around the globe. When environmental trouble occurs, they come across the globe to unite their rings and spring the Captain to action.

This superhero is not recommended for your towns whose infrastructure may contain air polluters, water contaminators, or landfills/mining. He may come and strike down your Sims with a stern look or warning...if ever you decide to make him that way, of course. Otherwise one way to stop his heroic rampage is to prepare some bags of trash to lay in his path. Uh...maybe it wasn't a good idea to provide ideas on his...weaknesses....yeahhh.

In regards to this Sims 2 download, there is 1 clothing combination, 1 mask paint, 1 hair recolor & 1 eyebrow recolor.

The first rar file contains Captain Planet's uniform (1 file). You MUST download Beoboxboy's slim bodybuilder mesh for the clothes to show up. That will be listed below under the additional credits. I haven't made additional re-clothing, unfortunately. If ever there are any, it'll be uploaded here, along with pictures of what they look like.

The second rar file contains Captain Planet's ice mask for the face (1 file).

The third rar file contains a recolor of the hair mesh made by CORiS (1 file). The link to the mesh will be listed below under the additional credits. You MUST download that mesh in case you'd like the green hair for Captain Planet.

The fourth rar file contains Captain Planet's green eyebrows (1 file).

NCI Download Policies for this thread of (January 22, 2015) regarding:

You may use this download in your game however you wish. Enjoy it & if you feel like it, give feedback on how it works. Do not make money off of this creation.

Do not upload this creation onto other websites. Instead, please link back to this download thread from your website.

If you wish to convert or remix this creation for use in other games, please contact me by private message or e-mail for an arrangement on what you'd like to do with this creation.

This policy will supersede the above policies with condition to the following order, whichever event occurs first:
a. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) after 5 years of the date listed in this policy, OR
b. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) in case I become inactive after 2 years of the Last Activity date listed in my profile.
If neither conditions occur, then the above policies remain in effect.

Additional Credits:
need Beoboxboy's Slim Bodybuilder mesh

need CORiS's Medium Wolf Cut for Male hair mesh
- coris-MWolfcutSET.rar

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