"Foxy Fox" Argyle carpets

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Edit: Added a screenshot to show the floor completely covered, as requested by KarenLorraine.

Hi, again! Back again so soon, why yes! I decided TS2 doesn't have enough neat carpeting sets. These can be used to cover an entire room or pieced together (as shown in the previews) to make interesting area rugs. (personally, I love sets like these)

This one actually has a story behind it! A small one, anyway.

There are three sets:
Foxy Fox Argyle = Navy, Green, Mint, Chocolate Milk, Peppermint, and Salmon
Foxy Fox LACK = These are a matched set to LACK / IKEA colors
Foxy Fox Argyle + LACK = Both sets combined into one convenient .rar

They are located under Floors > Carpets and are valued at 5 Simoleon a piece.

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Homecrafter Plus, Michelle for her LACK swatches, MTS

Tags: #argyle, #carpet, #LACK