Jennifer Morrison as Alison Cameron from House M.D.

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Dr. Allison Cameron is a character from House, M.D. , a medical drama show. She is the only female in House's diagnostic team for the first three seasons. She is a kind, compassionate, and caring doctor. Which may seem great. But House points it out as a weakness. I made this sim because I thought she looked so pretty I wanted to make her as a sim. Also, I got hooked to the series.

Side to side face comparison

Profile face comparison

Her outfits.

CC list- Alison Cameron(It's a lot, I know)

Custom skin by Cakenoodles

Everyday, formal, sleepwear, and outerwear (Newsea Melt Away)
Athletic hair from Sims 3 Store

Contacts by Eruwen
*Sparkle 'n Shine Lipgloss by IN3S!sstRxaZS!fn4xTVMkTxRp7giUZmDmOw
Eyelashes by s-club
(you'll need the mesh for it to work )
Nose Mask by Tifa TS3>Other Costume>Page 1, under [Holiday Gift] Makeups Set


Waistcoat top by x-tina http://x-tina-exquisitearabians.blo...coat-shirt.html

Dress by Anubis360

Tank top by JS Sims


You'll require all the sliders if you want to edit her. Or else her face will snap back if you try to edit it.
Also, a mod that increases the slider limit is also required or the face may look different. Bella3lek4 Eye stretch, eye length, eye width, brows thickness, and eyebrow outer corner height Chin Cleft Chin Width Cheekbone Size Outer brow
Nose depth
*AWT's Iris Size Slider

*AWT's eye sliders have been removed from MediaFire, so an alternate link is provided
*IN3S's site is no longer availiable, so an alternate link is provided
[B]*This sim is saved with a default skin(replacement) and custom hair. You must apply the skin yourself. All other CC is included.

She won't look okay, as her nose mask doesn't fit in with the default skin, but I tried my best.
Athletic shorts from University EP. Outerwear shirt from Pets EP. Outerwear jeans from base game.

Additional Credits:
Google Images- for reference pictures to make comparison pics