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Old L.A.: art deco stores

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2016 at 5:07 PM
Updated: 3rd Apr 2017 at 7:55 AM by Floraflora2 - EP requirements feedback

Recently I play an older game by Rockstar, the charming detective story LA Noire, which means I spend tons of time lately driving on the streets of the 1947 version of Los Angeles. And of course I'm awed by the atmosphere of the game, so the irresistible urge is upon me again to recreate something from the "old LA". As a result, I bought the EA world Roaring Heights, so I need plenty of new lots there anyways to rearrange it a bit (the default RH is too bright and clean for my taste).

The following two community lots are both need the EA world Roaring Heights (standard) - I tried to build these without RH objects, but I failed. I assume though that those simmer downloaders who are interested in vintage and art deco, might already own Roaring Heights anyway. The LA Noire originals have no accessible interiors, so I furnished them by my own ideas.

Bernie's Liquor (Nectary - World Adventures EP store)

A small store, originally my intention was only a liquor shop, but I realized that while the customers are waiting for the nectar making machine to finish the latest nectar composition, they have to do something, so I arranged a small bar inside, with darts and dominoes, also with a vynil player to allow dancing. The nectar register will assign one of the already existing townies to be the Nectar Merchant.

Lot size: 20 x 20
Furnished: 51,243
Unfurnished: 22,805

Palms and Co. Pawn Shop (Consignment Store - Ambitions EP)

The original building is a small art deco gem in LA Noire as an office building; I set it to a Consignment Store and tried to furnish a pawn shop, but instead of my original seedy vision, it turned out to be way more elegant than I wanted. At least the front store part. Not much here to do apart from the usual buying and selling, the only bonus is a Relic register in a separate shop room, but it offers a very limited stock of gems, so you can throw it out and refurnish that room for something more useful. Both registers assign an already existing townie to become the merchants.

Lot size: 20 x 30
Furnished: 59,007
Unfurnished: 34,997

PLAYTEST: playtested them in Bridgeport and in Roaring Heights for routing, and found no issues. Note, that there are not remarkable eating options on these lots, but it's intentional, they are just stores, my sim just goes in, does the shopping and leaves for a bar or a club to eat.

No CC and no Stuff Packs were used, but you need Roaring Heights installed, plus the following EPs: World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Showtime, University Life, Island Paradise. *Edit: User feedback: it works smoothly without Island Paradise, its few objects will be replaced by proxy ones.

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price (furnished): 34,997
Lot Price (unfurnished): 59,007