Spooky Halloween Costume Bundle

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2016 at 5:02 PM
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Hello darlings! I bring you... the Spooky Halloween Costume Bundle!
This means you can finally throw a proper Halloween party in The Sims 2. Where I live we have carnaval - and that's when you dress up as something funny, not scary. So I kept this bundle (kind of) scary: it's just what the Sims 2 is missing. I've had a hard time finding a similar set, so I made it.

I think a lot of these costumes are quite versatile, so depending on what you use to accessorize they can be used to dress up as multiple things! You'll find the costumes at the shops for §200 each. Also, many of the Halloween masks are transparent on the eyelids and lips so you can also wear makeup with them.

All adult costumes are good for young adults. Some costumes will appear for both genders (especially child and toddler ones).

You will only need to have the Sims 2 base game to use most of these costumes:
additionally, some require Nightlife or Freetime.

Here is the full costume chart. Which one is your favorite?

To finish off the costumes, you might want to check out some Halloween accessories that caught my eye here on MTS:

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Additional Credits:
GIMP for being an awesome, free program.
Cliparts.co for the images (skeleton, horns, spider, etc)