Emerald Brunell, a Melanesian beauty

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Emerald Brunell is found as a baby before the door of an orphanage in Suva, Fiji. When she was still a toddler she is adopted by Americans Eliza and John Brunell and since she's a true American - with sometimes having to clarify she's Melanesian and not African-American (the blonde hair)

Despite her not-so-good early years, she's a very outgoing and charismatic girl. Ever since kindergarten everyone wants to be friends with her, and she knows hwo to keep them: by having the wildest parties and letting her dj skills go loose. The flirty young lady had many boyfriends in her teenage years. There are some downsides though. She has difficulties keeping a boyfriend, or a job for that matter. Will she find her dreamlife after moving to your game?

  • Charismatic
  • Couch Potato
  • Flirty
  • Party Animal
  • Social Butterfly
LTW: Super Popular
  • Spice Brown
  • Elektronica
  • Hamburger

She's packed with a default skin (Kurasoberina's Primer) and she will appear like this in your game:

Custom Content
(Unlisted things are from the Base game, and EP or an SP)
Ruby brows
Lana Eyeliner & Lipstick by Kurasoberina
Bikini By Sketchbookpixels
Coconut skin By Moonskin93
Oh my eyes! Defaylt eyes by Escand
Bodyshape sliders by Anderson.Gsm
Arm and Belly sliders by PcFreak147
Cas sliders by Johna
Fabric pattern by Simlicious (For Formal top)
Hallowsims Storm Hair by Plumblobs (Click on the bottom 'download'!)
Lumysims Svanen top and Lumysims Selene Blouse

Additional Credits:
The amazing cc creators