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Kim Da-eun

14,223 Downloads 202 Thanks  Thanks 57 Favourited 35,138 Views
Uploaded: 17th Oct 2017 at 1:31 AM
Updated: 17th Oct 2017 at 1:42 AM
Outgoing Da-eun is determined to shine and dreams of being a star. She has the drive and she has the talent, all she needs is a lucky break! Will she manage to find time for the important things in life as her star rises?

Natural Performer
Social Butterfly


Custom Content:

This sim is packaged as a .sim file, but no additional CC and a default skin. The following CC is required in order for the sim to appear as he does in the photo, but not included in the file.

Hair by Fanaskher
Eyelashes and Eyelash Sliders by SClub
Skin by Kurasoberina (reuploaded with permission) (anatomically correct)
Eye Defaults by Epherema (optional)
Teeth Defaults by Me (optional)
Eyebrows by Pu+Chi House

Eyeball Size and Sunken Eyeballs by OneEuroMutt
Nose Tweak by OneEuroMutt
Chin to neck line by Heiret
Face Shape Line by Yuu
Nostril Scale Depth by OneEuroMutt
Jaw Height Only by OneEuroMutt
Chin Bone Height by OneEuroMutt
Head Size by Jonha
Head Shape by Jonha
Smooth Face Normal by Pu+Chi House
Hip Width by OneEuroMutt
Butt Size and Butt/Waist Height by OneEuroMutt
Waist Size by Jonha
Eyelashes by SClub as linked in Genetics list

Eyelashes by SClub as linked in Genetics list
Eyeshadow by MMSims
Eyeshadow (formal) by SClub
Face Shine by Ephemera
Lipstick byEphemera, edited by Wundersim
Face Shine by Ephemera

Earrings by IN3s
Choker by Aphroditeisimmoral

Top by Buckley

Additional Credits:
Spoonsthings for helping me hunt down a particularly troublesome piece of CC!