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Equality Dreamer (Pride Flag Bed Recolor)

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2018 at 2:43 AM
Updated: 12th Aug 2018 at 4:17 AM - Upload Error
Buy Mode Description: Our bedspreads include a little something for the most prideful sims out there! Sims can pick the colors they resonate with to brighten up their bedroom. If your friends question your decision to cuddle up with a giant flag every night, maybe consider modifying your relationship. 1,000 simoleons.


Every month is Pride Month if you have the right mindset! Maxis Recolors of the double bed "The Eminence" featuring 10 different Pride Flags. This set includes double beds decorated with:
  • Gay Flag (PoC inclusive edition)
  • Gay Flag (Gilbert Baker edition)
  • Lesbian Flag
  • Bisexual Flag
  • Pansexual Flag
  • Transgender Flag
  • Asexual Flag
  • Aromantic Flag
  • Agender Flag
  • Genderfluid Flag
  • Non-Binary Flag
  • Gender Queer Flag

To view the flags used in this recolor, please go to The Advocate's Complete Guide to Queer Pride Flags ; you can even learn about flag meanings and some origin stories!

I do not claim to own anything; I only assembled the mod in PhotoshopCS5 and Sim4Studio. Hope you enjoy the mod!!


EDIT: fixed the missing Asexual Flag recolor and added the Gilbert Baker Pride Flag.