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Dress Oversized Sweater for Toddlers

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Uploaded: 11th Nov 2018 at 12:13 AM
For colder days toddlers will need a dress like this so I decided to convert it, I hope you like!

Is available in casual, formal, cold weather and party, 20 options.

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Custom Content in Model:

3D Lashes for Toddlers

Simple Lipstick

Toddler Skin 2 - SET by RemusSirion

Felicity Hairstyle

Short Wavy Pinned for Toddlers

Poppy Hairstyle

Warm Boots

Sneakers Low Conversion

Polygon Counts:
Lod_0 - 4856 polygons
Lod_1 - 4370 polygons
Lod_2 - 2184 polygons
Lod_3 - 873 polygons

Additional Credits:
CmarNYC for TS4 Mesh Tools

The Sims 4 Studio

Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model