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Wide Shot Wilderness Scenery Canvases

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2018 at 5:45 AM
I figured out how to make my wide screen monitor work for me and take wide-angle shots in Far Cry 5. Here is a splendid set of 20 screenshots depicting the forest, mountains, wildflowers, lakes and all the rugged beauty of a Montana-inspired setting. I applied a bit of an underpainting filter to get the look of a painted canvas along with a few lighting filters for the final results. Again, great pieces for a Three Lakes vacation spruce-up or to hang in a residential home in the dining room or entryway. They are a recolor of the long horizontal canvas "Cantankerous Splatters" which is found in Decorative>Wall Hangings in the catalog.

You need the Night Life EP and the CEP to have these show in your game!

I hope you appreciate these, because I got my arse handed to me too many times by cultists and bears while trying to get these shots XD

Additional Credits: CEP by Numenor, Far Cry 5 by Ubisoft, SimPE Photo Studio and template made possible by Havelock.