Studio Lofts

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Small, affordable, and trendy, the Studio Lofts offer a an exciting place to dwell in the city. Each unit space contains a lofted bedroom area, 1 enclosed bathroom on the main floor, and the remainder of the rentable area combines entertainment, dining, and study. The building was originally a turn of the century newspaper offices of meager size - one of the 'independents' that eventually ran out of funds and closed shop. With the purchase of the property and resulting remodel, the Landlord left the cement flooring and a lot of the original brick walls as it saved on cost allowing for cheaper rent fares. They did cover up exposed piping with metal-cover shafting. What did get upgraded were hardwood floors in the lofts, plus new drywalls, which were primed and painted solid colors to attract the Hipsters, Bohemians, Punks, and all that rabble of youth.

These apartments were the ones I built for round 2 of Gummilutt's 'Apartment Mania ' contest. It contains four studio loft apartments below 1,400 in rent. I did some updates to it since the contest such as removing the great divide edging as it doesn't suit a lot of people's play style, it creates more rent but not by too much.

For a full tour, you can watch this walkthrough video

I have included a residential version for those who would like to make any architectural changes before converting to an apartment lot ('changeLotZoning apartmentbase'), otherwise the 'apartment' version is ready to go as playable apartments Both are clean copies of the original before it was play tested. Please note that in some of the pictures, the chairs are scooted in and I did that manually with the move_objects on and setQuarterTilePlacement on cheats to make the pictures look nice for the contest presentation - however they are put back into regular position for the files ready for download.

The Lobby
This where residents can mingle, greet guests, pay rent, make public calls, drink self-serve cappuccino or hot chocolate. There is also an extra, public bathroom for whoever needs it at the back of the lobby. The lobby contains a security system that will contact law enforcement if the building is broken into.

Supplemental CC

Full set of Thorpe Window Set converted by Vernaka if you want the whole set, just uncheck the thorpe windows in Clean Installer and add these files to your build folder. Files are packaged with only with windows used.

Recolors of Marvine's 'Just a Ladder'

I use a rug fix by HugeLunatic, so rugs can be used off the grid and diagonal without distorting, not sure if I use it here but it's handy overall

Please enjoy and let me know if you have any issues

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 88,482

Custom Content Included:
- Modern Fence Very High light wood recolour by meriel @ MTS/lirunchik @ BlackPearlSims (Closed site)
- Cornice 3 in Ginkgo Green by Red Sonja @ MTS (contained within her lot)
- Thorpe Window C by Veranka @ her Livejournal
- Thorpe Window 2 Story by Veranka @ her Livejournal
- Thorpe Window Large Double C by Veranka @ her Livejournal
- Thorpe Private Window C by Veranka @ her Livejournal
- "Fallingwater" Window Black Recolor by stonetower @ MTS
- "Fallingwater" Full-length window#3 by stonetower @ MTS
- "Fallingwater" White Recolor by stonetower @ MTS
- Just a ladder - by Marvine by Marvine @ MTS2

Additional Credits:
Mutske at TSR for the original meshes for the Thorpe Windows Set. lirunchik at BPS for the modern fence original mesh, Mootilda for her clean package installer. Google, for helping me find all the CC links. Gummilutt for the prompt in her contest.