The Lot of the Law

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2018 at 2:18 AM
Updated: 28th Dec 2018 at 10:48 PM
"The forces of the law come together in this police station/court house/lawyer's offices/prison combo lot. Come here to settle all legal matters!" the TV commercial blared. Lilith knew what she had to do. She called her friend and together they went to the Lot of the Law.

Lilith Pleasant had a kerfuffle with Brandi LeTourneau, who alleges that Pleasant spied on her with her telescope and then assaulted her when confronted. Luckily, Lilith's friend Alexander Goth has agreed to pay her legal fees.

Now, for the court case. The lawyer and Ms. Pleasant discuss their case strategy: "do not mention that you're BFFs with Brandi's enemy; that will further their case against you!"

Unfortunately, Lilith's unpleasant manner poisoned the jury against her, and she lost the case, ending up in jail. "I'm innocent, Alex, you have to do something!" she pleads.

So Mr. Goth goes to visit the Chief of Police. Maybe he can pull some strings with the Chief of Police to get Lilith out of jail!

About the Lot of the Law

For Secret Santa 2018, I was to make a present for MTS user Charity. A little bird told me Charity would like a police station, so I made this! It's a police station, courthouse, law offices, and jail in one lot. No custom content was used. The uploaded lot has never had any sims on it and was checked for cleanliness with Clean Installer.

I hope you enjoy using this lot in your neighborhoods.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): 233,458

Additional Credits:
Bulbizarre, for hosting Secret Santa 2018
MTS, for being such a great site
Creators of Clean Installer And Charity, for being so awesome