Cloning Machine Overhaul

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2020 at 8:10 PM
Updated: 21st Aug 2021 at 10:38 PM


Current version is 2021.08.18 for patch 1.77.146

Most recent update

Version 2021.08.18 - Aug. 18, 2021
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the DNA Cloning menu from appearing properly.

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Mod Overview

Please note that strange or unintended results are to be expected. Scroll to the Known Issues section to learn more about the currently known limitations of this mod.

Cloning Machine Overhaul is, as its name implies, an overhaul of the Get To Work cloning machine. It adds a new 'Cloning Settings' category to the cloning machine. This category allows to select, before cloning a sim, a variety of parameters that will directly affect the resulting clone.

For example: The creator could be an elder male and by accessing the cloning machine's parameters and changing the age to 'Child', the family tie to 'Offspring' and the gender to 'female', the resulting clone would be a female child who would be considered as the creator's daughter! There are a ton of possibilities!

Here is a list of features that are currently available:


Cloning Machine Overhaul requires Get To Work.


Remove any existing package and/or script file(s) from previous version(s) of the mod. Extract the new package and/or script file(s) from the archive. Then, drag and drop the newly extracted file(s) in the mods folder of The Sims 4.

Known Issues
  • Clones created using the offspring relationship type setting are uncontrollable and leave the lot immediately after spawning. Entering Manage Worlds and returning to the same family properly adds the clone to the household.
  • Clones with a different sex/gender than the original sim are spawned with the incorrect body mesh. Entering CAS and saving without making any changes will make the game load the proper body mesh and the clone will subsequently have the visually intended sex/gender.

Additional Credits
Sims 4 Studio