Realistic mannequins + new skintone! [READ DESCRIPTION]

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2020 at 5:33 PM
Updated: 27th Apr 2021 at 2:34 PM

Removed the bra straps of the female mannequin with my amazing photoshop skills. They were in the way too often!
Finally added a darker skintone! Please download the new version

Finally, something nobody asked for! A realistic skin for mannequins that actually WORKS! You may wonder what I'm talking about. Well, the mannequins in the Sims are quite special and can't just be recolored like furniture. If you do it the old school way then the new skin won't show up in game and you will be very confused and annoyed (trust me). So I found a neat little work around that is very easy. To make your mannequins look like this, please follow my instructions
  1. Go into buy mode and buy the mannequin you want in any color, doesn't matter. Oh, and place it somewhere too!
  2. Click on the mannequin and select the option to give it a custom outfit.
  3. Now you're in CAS. Go to the gloves category and click on the thumbnail of the mannequin skin (different swatches for different genders and ages)
  4. Tadaa! Now you have a realistic looking mannequin to live out your wildest dreams (as long as your wildest dreams are about having a realistic mannequin)

You can even make them pose and give them outfits! Neat!

As always with my uploads I give you full permission to edit and recolor. Not only am I giving you permission, I'm begging you! Because only one skintone? How boring is that? Please make mannequins that are varied and unique and make sure to share them online so everyone can use them I wonder what this skintone looks like on normal Sims... probably terrifying. Time to download and find out!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to fallingsim from the sims4studio forum for giving me a crucial tip regarding texture size (and which sizes NOT to use)