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Uploaded: 20th Apr 2020 at 2:25 PM
Updated: 20th May 2020 at 8:46 PM
:lovestruc Hello, my name is Jayanti Pandit, which means "Victorious".
The traditions of my country and family values ​​are important to me, and soon I will have my own family, I am engaged.
I love children very much, I graduated from the Pedagogical University with honors, and now I teach in high school.
I am always ready to develop, learn, learn something new. I dance in the studio of classical Indian dance - Mohiniattam.
I am sure that when there is a dream, you need to strive for it, and I try to prove to the world and to myself that "A dream is stronger than reason!" :lovestruc

I created this sim-female to participate in the "Miss World 2020" contest from India - the country!
I wanted to create a special style for my participant, so I slightly changed the original textures of clothes, masks and hairstyles from Tehhi. Since her policy does not say that it is forbidden, I changed and added some elements, but I do not pretend to be the author of her textures and report this, these are exclusively textures from Tehhi, with slight changes from me.
dress - Red with Gold Saree
mask - Indian costume makeup
veil - Indian hair

I also made a veil a separate accessory on my head, the mesh is also not mine, I just separated it from the hairstyle and transformed it a bit so that my hair would not stick out through the veil.
mesh - MESH_RosematHArielle17032005
My big thanks to all the authors!

Custom Content by Me:
- Jayanti Sim
- nail - AdeLana_NailRed
- mask - AdeLana_Retext-Mask-Indian_Tehhi
- lipstick - AdeLana_India_Lips
- dress recolor - AdeLana_Retextur-Saree_Tehhi
- AdeLana_Acces-VielRed_Modif-Rosemat&Tehhi
- AdeLana_Acces-VielRed_MESH

Custom Content Included:
- MeshNailArt_LianaSims2_com by by LianaSims2
- OMG Brows Black A by by Veranka
- eye - 864cb1cf_ME_290752_003 by by Maynarakmak
- lashes - 62ead200_MyLashes by by Anva (author's eyelashes are presented in this model)
- eyeshadow - prettywreck_pretty_tiikerinpaivauni by by Bruno
- Blush Eyeliner-Nabila Cat Liner by Lilith Sims
- facemask - Miranda (nosebulb) by by Amaryll
- facemask - Miranda (cheekbone) by by Amaryll
- skinton - Oepu-Louis-Peta-Blend_tan by by selzi (Dead site)
- hair - Mkist_NightCrawlTimber_SG-Black by by MoonKist
- hair - MESH_NightcrawlerTimberConverted by by Martini
- dress - MESH_biene_veildress150206 by by Biene (Dead site)

Additional Credits:
creation by Tehhi