Scifi-fantasy rocket module house "Landing street" + beach ver noCC

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Uploaded: 4th May 2020 at 6:05 PM
Updated: 29th May 2020 at 11:58 AM by manu_prieto_cruz1995
UPDATE: 29/05/2020 -
Fixed Beach versions, now both beach houses have waves, I forgot to put the waves effect generators, now you can enjoy the beach at max!

quick fix for everybody just in case! the kitchen sink has a problem because one of the vents make imposible to use the sink, BUT is only one vent, one in diaogonal hiden behind the wall, if you remove that one, and let the other two vents decorating the sink you'll be able to use it ( I thought I removed it, but who knows, my lot catalog is more like a Clone catalog )

WOW, Hello guys!
It took me a few days, this was my first time messing with clean creations, cleaning templates, and experimenting with the programs from our beloved Mootilda
but is finally here!

I'll do my best trying to explain, english is not my mother language but I think this may work out fine.

I've been working in the Idea for a custom hood with a plot and kinda of a game with goals and solving a mistery, all set in a scifi-fantasy theme, so after creating the hood with the recommended tutorials, I proceeded to creating this house to set the style I wanted even with some hand drawing sketches, and GOD was hard to try to do a nice dome... So i Give up and accepted that this house would be really hard to complete already, so I used the basics tricks and a super colliding built style. This is a lot free of custom content so there's no need to worry about download nothing else.

this House was some decades ago a colony ship module, one day was launched, and landed in New World, the latest adition to the United Sims Nations world. After landing, the family Pilgrim, proceded to readapt the module as a functional home, Now the once young married couple raise a young boy in this warm and perfect very not-much-tiny home, as many other colons in New World.

This house can afford 4 sims, has 2bathrooms (1st with toilet and sink, 2nd with a bathtub and a open shower), a kitchen, also 2 bedrooms (one with double bed, and another with two beds, so is perfect for 4 sims), a full study place, and a nice and small living-dinning area.
On the outside area it has solar panels so say bye to bills problems , I also included a pond for fishing, sadly removed from beach versions, but you can make one if you wish.

a Warning: WRF!
1. be carefull with touching Windows, Roofs, and Floor, all foundations were removed SO if you touch the tiles you'll need to use foundations to change/restore floor tiles
2. All this lot was tested in Test Hood, with the Test family... it was nice after a few changes, totaly playable by now, everything accesible, and there is no longer problems with the entrance door... but you know how sims are Haha! if you have any problem don't doubt about telling me

+Weird bug: if you set the pond under the house floor, instead of go here/runhere, your only option will be fishing here ignoring completely the floor tiles, thank good is not so problematic as I though


Landing Street UNFurnished : 30x40 Home with Fully architecture deco and only Kitchen and bathrooms basics
74.349 $

Landing Street FURnished : 30x40 Home with Fully architecture and all deco and furniture
115.269 $

Landing Beach UNFurnished : 30x50 Beach Home (ARE BIGGER) with Fully architecture deco and only Kitchen and bathrooms basics
77.735 $

Landing Beach FURnished : 30x50 Beach home (ARE BIGGER) with Fully architecture and all deco and furniture
118.975 $

Additional Credits:
Thanks to numenor one of the fathers of moding

and Thanks to Mootilda, We don't forget how much you did for us and this game couldn't been done without your Lot_adjuster and Lot_compresor

thanks to Cutupuss for inspiring me for creating my next hood

and also thanks forthis tutorials:,5861.0.html