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Bonehilda's Coffin of Justice (A Usable Coffin)

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2020 at 12:35 AM
Updated: 16th Nov 2020 at 4:28 PM

This is a usable Coffin named 'Bonehilda's Coffin Of Justice' and it can be found in the Comfort/Beds section of the catalog. It costs 3999 simoleons, The same price Bonehilda cost in The Sims Supernatural.

There are two files one in English the other a Brazilian Portuguese Translation by - qlaqercoixsa

Link to Haggy's original conversion https://biguglyhag.tumblr.com/post/...nehildas-coffin (Thank you so much)


Polygon Counts:
1731 Lod 1
1731 Lod 2
1731 Lod 3

Guide to Add a Functioning Bonehilda:

This item works independently as a coffin without Bonehilda. To add a functioning Bonehilda to your game you will require these MODs from these amazing creators:

Esmeralda's Bonehilda


LittleMsSam Live In Services


LittleMsSam Better Nanny


Follow creators instructions. Once installed follow my in game visual guide in the screenshots section.

Make sure script MODs go directly into the mods folder (At most 1 folder deep) and NOT a further subfolder!

Make sure you have the LittleMsSam_LiveInServices_NoUniform_Maid.package from the her add on folder.

Also recommended from the LittleMSSam's Add on folders:

LittleMsSam_LiveInServices_GoToSleep Send Bonehilda to sleep
LittleMsSam_LiveInServices_Maid_NoAutoPutAway Stops Bonehilda putting your things away like toys etc
LittleMsSam_LiveInServices_LockedStats_Hygiene Bonehilda doesn't look great in the shower!
LittleMsSam_LiveInServices_LockedStats_Bladder Bonehilda has no bladder
LittleMsSam_LiveInServices_LockedStats_Hunger Bonehilda has no stomach

BIG THANK YOU TO Esmeralda and LittleMsSam


Additional Credits:
Haggy (Amazing conversion of Sims 3 Bonehilda's Living Quarters)
Esmeralda (Amazing Bonehilda)
LittleMsSam (Game Changing superstar)
Brazilian Portuguese Translation by - qlaqercoixsa
Carl's Sims Guide Youtube for introducing me to LittleMsSam's Mods.
Plumbella (#Justiceforbonehilda)