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Consolidated Corporate HQ - NO CC

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2020 at 1:11 AM
Updated: 21st Jul 2021 at 5:30 AM
To: All Consolidated Human Resources (mailing list)
Subject: Mid-Year Performance Evaluations

Attention all HR Coordinators:

A reminder to all 4th floor Human Resources department employees in the SimCity HQ location, this coming pay period will include the beginning of Consolidated employee mid-year performance evaluations. Please confirm with supervisors that they have scheduled a time to meet with all of their subordinates to go over any performance issues or meritorious actions, and remind them to submit their final reports to the Corporate HR office no later than 5:00pm Friday. Supervisors are encouraged to hold private meetings in their own offices; however the 5th and 6th floor conference rooms can be reserved for this purpose in instances where other locations may not be possible.

Carole King
Consolidated HR Regional Manager
Consolidated SimCity HQ District Office
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 1187)


Zita Claire (Art Department), Robert Schall (Art Department), Leighanne Shriner (Art Department), Randolph Dormahnn (Art Department Supervisor)
Subject: Brenda Strickland Birthday Location Change

Hi guys!

Just a friendly reminder, Brenda's birthday party has been moved from the 6th floor Art Department meeting room to the 5th floor breakroom! I'll still plan to pick up some balloons that morning to make the place look a little more fun, Leigh, are you still good to pick up the cake? I think we're probably looking at a dozen or so people (that's why I asked Mr. Dormahnn if we could move the party), so we just want to be sure we've got enough! Also, remember that it's supposed to be a surprise, so no one tell Brenda!


Kassandra Wallander
Assistant Creative Design Specialist (Trainee)
Consolidated SimCity HQ Art Department
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 3406)


To: All Consolidated Headquarters Staff (mailing list)
Subject: Protection Against Data Loss

Good afternoon-

Last Friday several documents containing confidential information were left unattended at the end of the week in the 7th floor documents area. Thankfully they were turned in by a member of the night cleaning crew, but we all need to play our part in keeping information safe. Employees are reminded that any documents containing sensitive corporate information must be picked up from the printer immediately. This email also serves as a reminder to all Consolidated HQ employees working in the SimCity HQ building that at all times they must have their building ID on their person, and computer workstations should be locked when employees leave their desks (as well as private offices for any supervisory staff).

Please also remember to complete your mandatory computer security training by the end of next pay period, as it is a requirement for all Consolidated staff, and failure to do so may result in losing access to necessary files.

Any employees with questions about data security or electronic records access are encouraged to set up an appointment with one of the IT staff on the 8th floor.


Emmett Crosby
Building Information Security Manager
Consolidated SimCity HQ Information Technology/Security Department
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 1010)


Re: Protection Against Data Loss
Hi Emmett-

Can you clarify the IT/Security position on office cellphones? Several of my employees have been asking if they can use Subarashii-designed phones for official work, and as I recall, that's not permitted under existing guidance. Thanks!

Lucy Mulholland
Consolidated Budget & Finance Department Supervisor
Consolidated SimCity HQ Budget & Finance
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 4646)


Re:Re: Protection Against Data Loss


Thank you for your question. Please remind your employees that while we have a number of options available for official cell phones, we cannot have phones manufactured by our direct competitors in certain areas, which means Subarashii, Mitsubishi, and Praxis- designed electronics are prohibited for any official use, and Subarashii products in particular are prohibited from being brought into any Consolidated offices for security reasons.

Please have any of your employees with additional questions reach out to me directly.

Emmett Crosby
Building Information Security Manager
Consolidated SimCity HQ Information Technology/Security Department
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 1010)


To: Lisa Gatewood (Mail Room Supervisor)
Subject: Mass mailings of conference agenda & materials

Hi Lisa-

The Art Department has finalized the agenda for the upcoming conference, and we'll need to ship copies to all the attendees we're expecting- is this something you'll need extra time for, since the conference materials are going to need to be assembled before being sent out, or is the usual timeframe going to be good? We just got word back from the Armscor reps, so we'll get things sent up to your office as soon as we hear back from you.

Floyd Webber
Advertising Specialist- Printed Materials
Consolidated SimCity HQ Art Department
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 3496)


Re: Mass mailings of conference agenda & materials

Mr. Webber-

Any bulk mailings need an addition 24 hours notice, 72 hours if they need to be assembled first before going out. We don't have that many people in the mailroom, so you need to be sure to get things sent to us in a timely manner. The only reason we'll be able to get these sent out on time is because there was overtime authorized for work leading up to the conference, otherwise you'd be getting these submitted too late. In the future please advise your staff to complete any mailings much earlier, thank you.

Lisa Gatewood
Mailing and Shipping Supervisor
Consolidated SimCity HQ Mailroom
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 6750)


To: Erik Larsson, Impresso Restaurant Suppliers
Subject: Repair work for Consolidated Headquarters location steamers

Hey Erik-

We've been waiting for the repair order on the Espress-o-Matic and milk steamers for our coffee shop location in the downtown Consolidated offices for more than a week now- do you have any idea when that'll come through? The CEO's got a big conference next week that they've asked us to provide beverages for, and if we're not going to be able to, I need to let them know, and have documentation for why we'd turn down such a profitable opportunity. We're also losing business as long as we're not able to just sell to regular building guests too, and Consolidated is definitely a high-traffic area- I'd think we'd be a bit higher on the priority list!

Doug Autry
Impresso Franchise Manager, Consolidated Building Location


To: Debbie Warnek (Executive Assistant)
CC: Consolidated Budget Specialists (mailing list)
Subject: Armscor Market Share, Stock Prices

Hi Deb-

I'm still putting together the packets for the CEO and CFO of Armscor in preparation for the conference leadership meeting next week- do you have the breakdown of Consolidated's share price compared to Armscor's for the last 6 quarters? I'm sure Mr. Whiteman will need it before he goes in, but I never received the most recent copy from the Finance office, and at least so far I still haven't heard anything back from the 7th floor.

Also, have you noticed an increase in external calls getting through to the management offices, or is it just me? Mr. Whiteman somehow had his office phone ring through directly from someone in Belladonna Cove who was looking for a shipping receipt, and I'm sure I don't have to remind you how inappropriate it is to waste the CFO's time with things like that! The whole reason our offices are above the public areas of the building is so there isn't the opportunity for the general public to come in here and waste management's time, and that obviously doesn't work if they can just call in directly anyways! Let me know, I'm thinking I may need to schedule someone from IT/Security to come up here on the weekend.

Ming Tso
Executive Assistant to Mr. David Whiteman, CFO
Consolidated Corporate Offices
1-800-555-CNSO (ext 1111)


This is a lot that I've just kind of wanted to make for a long time, but didn't, since it's not actually much use in the game (aside from storytelling maybe). While I did include a coffee shop and a bar in the public areas of the building, most of it is filled with office spaces that don't have much actual function in a community lot. Still, having all my skyscrapers be residential buildings was starting to bug me more and more, and I decided I needed at least one big corporate headquarters lot!

I've actually had the shell for this building for quite a while, with the notion that it would have been a residential building, but the sky lobby with a full-sized tree in it just didn't seem to work right for that, and it turned out to be perfect for one of the public-facing spaces in a commercial building! Thus, the building eventually evolved into the downtown commercial office tower you see today.

I still wanted to try to find various opportunities for creativity in the interior though, instead of just making everything a bunch of identical floors of cubicle farms. So, I figured out various corporate departments that seemed like they'd be appropriate in a building like this, but that I could also figure out ways of doing at least somewhat creatively. This is what led to things like the much more luxurious partners' offices and upper management suites on in the top three floors, the more generic cubicles and first-tier supervisors' offices on the lower floors for things like HR, budget, art design and advertising, etc., and the utility floor below the sky lobby that includes boilers, plumbing, and then also offices for IT/Security and a larger employee breakroom with kitchen.

Obviously this is a large lot, so it may run slowly on some older computers. If you're not going to use the office spaces for anything, clearing them out could speed things up quite a bit, but I wanted to do the whole building justice, so as uploaded, all the spaces are filled for some purpose or another! Total cost for this 2x3 lot is just over $1.1M, so it's pricy, but a lot of that can be explained away by the fact that there's so many computers and other expensive electronics here- it's probably a bit smaller than some of my other skyscrapers in terms of actual processing demands. All told, the lot includes 14 playable floors (plus an inaccessible rooftop).

I playtested a clone of this just to see if things worked the way it seemed like they should, and they did for the most part (though some weird routing choices by townies did show up, which I couldn't find a good quick fix for). It may also take bartenders and baristas a little bit to get to their workstations if they aren't spawned directly at them, so that's something to keep in mind if you decide one of your corporate titans needs to buy this building and run it as an owned business, or something! If you decide for whatever reason you want to re-zone it back to residential (maybe for storytelling? That's the only reason I can think of) there is also a mailbox still on the lot- doesn't do anything on a community lot, but it will leave that option open for you after downloading it!

As with all of my uploads, there's no CC included or required with this lot, so as long as your game can handle the demands of a big lot, you should be able to just plug it into your downtown somewhere, and start playing it straightaway. All EPs and SPs (or the Complete Collection) are needed though, so just be sure that won't cause you any issues before downloading!

If you run into any other problems in your gameplay, please just let me know, and I'll do my best to get them straightened out!


Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished): $1,129,248