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Recolored Shoe Bundles With Sparkle Effect

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2021 at 11:12 AM
Updated: 21st Feb 2021 at 11:38 AM
So my 'Sparkly Concerto Dress'-mod appears to be a hit, so I thought: "Hmm, where to begin?"
I decided to start out easy by making shoes with the sparkle effect.

All shoes have between 30 and 37 color variables, Maxis Original Colors Included.
Some shoes have been split into 'Version 1' and 'Version 2' If said shoe has swatches with notable difference in coloring, both are independent of the other. (Meaning Version 1 and 2's will not be conflicted)

There are Nine files available for download, all are compatible. If you want all of them, then be my guest

Each Pack name represent the packs REQUIRED for them to work. Simply install those, whose Expansion/Stuff Packs you own, Ignore those you don't own.
Be sure to look through the images to see what the shoes for the packs look like, as I did not have room for everything on the front cover

"Where is so-and-so Expansion/Game/Stuff pack" or "Where are these-or-those shoes?"
I'm glad you asked! I can't make the time to create every single pair of shoes, so I pick out those that I personally thought would make sense to be "Sparkle-fied"
This means that some packs simply don't provide shoes I find fitting, also I don't own all packs myself, so that can also be another reason your favorite shoes are not here.

Also, the 'Base Game' Package is the only one containing shoes for children and toddlers, all else is Teen through Elder.

Some shoes have very little amount of sparkle, others have a lot. Hopefully there is something for everyone
Have you ever looked at the 'Get Famous' Diamond shoes and thought: "Diamond shoes screaming how rich my sim is? Yeah! But... Why so ugly...?" Well, I did. I loved some of the Diamonds on the heel and decided to play around with it to make something more stylish. Now there is a second version included, which is not a grenade of random Diamonds, but rather symmetrical and less over the top

You are more than welcome to leave feedback, bug reports etc. Stay Safe out there!