Boudreaux Mansion ( MySims Project) - NO CC

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Uploaded 24th Feb 2021 at 10:11 PM · Updated 18th May 2021 at 12:16 AM by Khal Ulti

Hello! This is my third upload for the MySims Project: a series of content inspired by characters, places and storylines from the MySims franchise.

Today I offer you something quite specific, a mixture of opulence and grotesque, even if the day-time pictures don't give this house the proper atmosphere
This is the Boudreaux Mansion from My Sims Agents ! This is supposed to be an antique building belonging to a wealthy man, surrounded by the bayou swamps. The structure is as faithful as possible to the original material (click) and the rooms are recreations of the ones from the game: there's the huge entrance hall with the lounge area, the piano and the arched columns; the kitchen (with a fake service elevator ); the opulent dining room; the majestic library which I had a lot of fun recreating; the crystal room, where a priceless crystal is supposed to be exposed; the messy room of the butler, Zombie Carl.

I made some changes though: the service elevator is not connected to Zombie Carl's room, it gives access to a vampire chamber; the secret passage behind the fireplace gives access to an illegal moonshine storage room! Oh, and there's a scary stone maze underground which ties the two rooms together. You could also remove the maze walls and build other rooms underground, such as a witches' lair, other rooms for your Transylvanian sims, a mad scientist's laboratory... the possibilities are infinite, as long as it is dark and mysterious!

If you are interested in comparing my creation with the original mansion from the game, I have included a series of screenshots from the game to illustrate the similarities; you can see a full video with the various rooms and the outside of the Boudreaux Mansion here!

There are 2.5 bathrooms and three bedrooms: they are supposed to be Cyrus Boudreaux's chamber, Zombie Carl's attic and a guests room for anyone who dares to challenge the swamp.

This is a really expensive residential house and it also has a rather obscure and supernatural vibe. If your vampires and rich gothic entrepeneurs are looking for a place to live, this must just be the right one!
This could also be the perfect place for a coven of witches, with some tweaks to the bedrooms. Myrtle Snow would be proud.

Custom content: this lot is completely CC-FREE !

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price (furnished): 308,043