Greenlove Park

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Uploaded 1st May 2021 at 6:16 PM · Updated 30th Apr 2021 at 6:28 PM by Ricbit

Type of Lot: Community

Lot Size: 5x5

Lot value: 225786

Green, green, green, and trees, is what you will see most of all in this beautiful and pleasant park.

Relax and disconnect from your busy life in the zen garden that we have in the park.

You can also take a bath and socialize and maybe meet your better half while you and others are in a bathing suit relaxing in the small spring that is in this park.

Or if you don't like being in a bathing suit publicly, just prepare some hamburgers and invite the first person to cross your way to the "Dining" area, there is where you can use the grill that is there and serve the food you love to the people you love.

And if none of these things are to your liking, you can just take a walk in the park and breathe fresh air. You can smell the flowers or admire some sculptures that we have here in the park. If at some point you get bored of walking it does not matter, there are some chess tables along the various paths of the park that you can use without problems.

And the children? No problem! There is a small amusement park where your children can have fun with the swing or jumping down the slide.

NOTE: If your PCs are low-yielding, it is likely that when you want to enter the batch you will be lagged, this due to the amount of props in the batch. So I recommend that when you want to enter the lot you lower all the graphic options of the game to the minimum.

NOTE 2: Up to this point I realize that I use a CC in this batch. It's minimal and comes with CEP, it's called: CEP-EXTRA_GardenRocksBV.package and it's included in the download. If you don't install this file that comes with CEP (As I already said) some rocks that are in the batch will look different in other games that don't have this CC. Respective credits to the creators of CEP