Functional Pottery Wheel

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Mod Info:

Compatible with patch (02/11/2021) No update required.

Adds a new crafting station complete with a 10 level skill, several custom buffs and a new craftable – pottery.

[13/10/2021] Updated Chinese Translation by AJia + Added 10 recolors of the Pottery Station
[17/09/2021] I added an extra optional file if you want your Sim to like/dislike Pottery
It's completely optional, you don't need it to use the Pottery Wheel, but I thought some people might enjoy it. In CAS it can be found under Hobbies & Skills category.
[05/09/2021] Added Spanish Translation by Carolo
[05/09/2021] Added Chinese Translation by AJia
[08/07/2021] Updated Russian translation
[01/07/2021] Updated for my new mod 'Digging Clay'

You can see the mod in-game here:

NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS: You need the stringtable only from the BASE file.

[04/06/2021] Added russian translation by Origamika


Search for ‘Pottery Wheel‘ in the search bar to find the machine

Name – Pottery Wheel
Location – Misc Appliances, Outdoor Activity, Hobbies
Price – 750 simoleons
Off The Grid Compatible – Yes


1. Pottery Wheel – Craft Pottery

Once pressed on it, you will see a picker window from where you can choose the craftable you want to create

At level 1, are available 6 ceramic design plates for crafting, and as the Skill progresses, more pottery recipes are unlocked.

Since pottery is a common relaxing practice, I added extra functionality, your Sim can use the pottery wheel while they are tense/uncomfortable/sad. The crafting process will also decrease their negative mood.

2. Skill Specifics

Name – Pottery

Levels – 10 levels

Can be mentored

How Can be Obtained

Reading skill books (available from the bookshelf or purchase them on the computer)
Crafting Pottery (with each creation the skill is increasing a little)


At level 5, a new interaction is unlocked on the Crafted Items – Sell to Pottery Museum ( Selling price 2x retail price).
At level 7, a new interaction is unlocked on the Crafted Items – Sell to Private Collector ( Selling price 2.5x retail price).

Skill Books

Like any regular skill you have 3 skill books

1. Pottery Vol 1: The Begining

2. Pottery Vol 2: The Science of Glazing

3. Pottery Vol 3: Porcelain or Ceramic?

* Includes custom thought bubbles

3. Craftable Pottery

Names, Interactions, Buffs

There are 40+ different craftables (in this number are included their color options).

At level 1 your Sim can create 6 different colors of plain ceramic plates.
Level 2 can be created roman and porcelain plates
Level 3 ceramic coffee cups
Level 4 Small roman vases
Level 5 Roman styled souvenirs
Level 6 Big Greek Vases
Level 7 Kylix
Level 8 Amphore and Lekythos
Level 9 Oenochoe
Level 10 Teapots and porcelain perfume

All craftables can be found in debug mode with their respective names (ceramic plate, amphore, kylix, etc.). Or once you activate the debug mode, you can go under the sculpture category and they should be all there in one place.
Only the teapots are visible in the regular buy menu, under appliances, but they cost 1000$ if you want to buy them.

All craftables are low poly,LOD 0: under 1K.

*Can be crafted
*Can be sold from the inventory
* Can be sold from the city/island living Sales Tables
* Can be enlisted on Plopsy

Interactions with craftables

80% of the potteries give off an emotional aura

View the object

The Sim will admire the handcraft and get special moodlets

Sell to Pottery Museum

This interaction will allow your Sim to sell their products at a double price (available after skill level 5)

Sell to Private Collector

Similar to the upper, available after level 7

Some of the craftables are functional

On level 10 of the pottery skill, your Sim can create teapots and perfume bottles) they can be used, and the teapots work off-the-grid.

With level 6 onward, your Sim will create different types of big vases, amphoras, kylix, etc. They all can be used to collect water.


There are at least 20 different buffs, that your Sim can receive from different interactions, including, after finishing crafting, viewing the craftables, and mentoring.

What Is The Price Structure

The cost to make the ceramic is based on a small fee – to cover hidden costs. (It's around 0.5 % of the retail price)

Selling Price

Adjusted so that the sim can profit in all cases, even when the quality is poor.
A higher price can be obtained by selling via the interaction ‘Sell to Pottery Museum’ and “Sell to Private Collector”.


The only known issue is that you cannot queue potteries. You have to craft potteries one by one.


Compatible with Game Version PC: 1.75.125

Base Game Compatible


No Known Conflicts