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Polynesian Name Replacement for Felicity Island and Wanmami Island Playthroughs

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2021 at 6:50 PM

  • This is my first time Modding In-Game files, even if it is just an edit of a pre-existing Mod. I am a complete beginner, so please tell me if the Mod is not working as it is supposed to.
  • This Mod is for The Sims 2 and not The Sims Castaway Stories, please do not install this Mod to The Sims Castaway Stories.
  • You can only have one Townie Name Replacement Mod in your game, so please make sure that when you are playing that you do not have another Name Replacement Mod. I personally only use this Mod for my Felicity Island Neighborhood, so I keep it in a separate file.
  • Do not change the file name of this Mod. I am unsure as to why this happens, but it will not work if you
    change the file name.
  • Only English US, English UK, and German games will work with this Mod. I am unsure how to add the names to
    different languages, so forgive me.
  • Pets will still spawn with the game's built-in names. If anyone wants me to, I don't mind uploading a version for
    Pet Names too.
  • For people who play with LazyDuchess' Story Progression Mod:
    Newborn babies will be given the new names if the birth does not take place in the current active household. Please keep this in mind.
  • I am not of Polynesian Descent, so please do inform me if I have made spelling errors, accidentally added inappropriate names, or anything else. Please do not be afraid to call me out for making mistakes.

What is in this mod?

There are 400+ First Names in this Mod, over 200+ Names for both genders.
There are 100+ Surnames in this Mod.

I would like to add more names, so if anyone has links to more
Polynesian First Names and Surnames, please Private Message me some links, I would love to add them.

jordi on ModTheSims for creating the Original Mod. Thanks to them for allowing people to edit the Mod and providing a tutorial on how to edit it.
Thank you all so much for reading this description and downloading the Mod. orz