Delivery Default Replacement

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Uploaded 2nd Nov 2021 at 10:53 PM · Updated 18th Nov 2021 at 6:37 PM by vegan_kaktus

Finally! Here's my default for the delivery NPC \(★ㅂ★)/

NPC Clothing + Cap
As usual, the very first thing I did was remove EA's horrendous shadows (; ಠㅂಠ) then I changed color, replaced the logo on the cap + clothing with my new one. I replaced the logo on the chest with an employee bagde instead though (I snatched that from the pizza NPC's texture -which I have a default for here if you're interested!). I also improved EA's AF fat morph quite a bit so now it looks better around the boob and butt area (it legit looked like EA took the naked mesh and just.. slapped the shoes on). I made the waist wider on the AF mesh (thin+fat) since it looked waaay too small. I also fixed some weird pointy vertexes on the AM (thin+fat) mesh. Unfortunately, the bagde looks a bit stretched on the AF fat morph and I couldn't fix it :-(

I changed color (which I snatched from TNW's default) and made a new logo using resources from EA's old logo :-D unfortunately, one side will show the text flipped and I couldn't fix this because of how the texture looks (trust me, it looked ridiculous when I tried fixing it!). Also, keep in mind that if you use any of psychosim's grungy vehicle defaults from this post with my delivery vehicle default, the insides will be grungy on this vehicle as well. This is because all of EA's trucks share those textures, which psychosim replaces in both their defaults.

Shopping Basket
I also gave the shopping basket a new look + removed the groundshadow. EA's basket had sugar, milk, eggs, ice cream(?), sausage and some sort of meat but in my basket you have bread, milk, bananas, cereal, cabbage and macncheese! The basket is also new, I re-used simi-simmer's shopping basket but re-made the file (since simi deleted the download because of problems with the default). Worth mentioning is that my basket default now uses two textures, instead of one.

EA's basket:
  • Polys: 1256
  • Textures: 1 (128x256)

My default:
  • Polys: 1583
  • Textures: 2 (256x512 & 256x256)

Misc Deco
I repo'd chimerical's extracted boxes (they are found inside the delivery vehicle) to "vehicledeliverytruck-box_txtr" since their texture was a copy of EA's texture, and if things can be repo'd - then I need them repo'd :-D I did edit the "largerboxes1" mesh and deleted some accidental faces chimerical forgot to remove (going from 92 to 88 polys).

Remember you can't have both my version and chimerical's original in your downloads folder at the same time! Choose between my edited versions or their original :-)

Recomended Mods
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The texture sizes and polys are the same as EA's original (with the exception of my basket replacement) and the NPC clothing, hair, and vehicle have been merged into one file, the basket default is in a separate file. All files have been compressed to reduce file size, and remember you can only have one default for the delivery NPC outfit and vehicle in your downloads folder at a time! And please let me know if you stumble upon any problems :-)

Edit: I updated the clothing preview as it was an old one (it didn't show my mesh edits) and the small pointy vertex on the AM mesh (still seen in my preview) has been fixed in my default!

Credits: gazifu for the font, TNW for the deep blue color, simi-simmer for the shopping basket (which is a conversion of aroundthesims' TS3 basket), soloriya for the bananas (warning: T$R), chimerical for the boxes and lastly EA :-)

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