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Knitting for TS3 - Interaction and Skill

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Uploaded: 15th Aug 2021 at 5:24 PM
Updated: 25th Jul 2022 at 2:25 PM
Update: V1.5
Hello! I'm sorry it's been so long. This update doesn't seem very exciting but I've done some stuff behind the scenes to make way for bigger updates in the future. A lot of the future updates will be done as modules (NRaas style!), so I'm going to upload them separately to keep this page less confusing. So keep an eye out for those! Back to details:
Reduced default base time of gaining head-spinning buff back to 90mins (as otherwise you'd never get it) but reduced default base chance of getting it further to 10% from 15%.
Fixed bug fix regarding autonomously knitting a project from the bag.
Added Portuguese PT translation.
Better error handling code for missing "knittable objects".

This mod adds a knitting interaction and skill to the game.

To get started, buy a pair of knitting needles. You'll also need to purchase yarn to knit with, which can be bought at the grocery store for 20 simoleons, or purchased from the knitting bag object at a higher price.
OR if you have Lyralei's Functional Sheep you can collect wool from them too!
The knitting bag can be used to store knitting needles and yarn, so if you have a family of knitters, or just a sim who likes to knit an awful lot, it's a convenient way to keep the items together.

To knit, click on the knitting needles in a sim's inventory or a knitting bag. You can start a new project, continue if already started, or practise knitting. A ball of yarn is needed and used up to start a project, but practising only requires you to have a ball of yarn, it won't be used up. If you are knitting by clicking on the knitting bag, there needs to be available needles in the bag and the yarn can be either in the same bag or in the sim's inventory.
Sims can knit sitting down, or standing up.

Knitting Projects
I have used the TS4 Nifty Knitting objects that AroundTheSims3 has converted and kindly let me use, for this mod. I cloned them so you can have them both installed at the same time (they are basically the same thing, though I made a few live-draggable so they can be added to sim's inventory). I also split them into categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced - which determines how difficult they are to complete.
The text is colour-coded to show how easy the items are for your sim to knit.

Knitting Skill
This is a ten level skill. There's not much to it, but as you may have guessed, the higher the skill the better chance your sim will have completing more difficult knitting projects. The final object will also be worth more as you level up. The skill journal contains stats of how many projects the sim has completed.
If a sim is 0-3, they are a beginner, 4-7 intermediate, 8-10 advanced. Sims will have the best chance succeeding when knitting an object within or below the sim's skill category.

There are six custom moodlets with this mod, so your sim will have different experiences knitting, affected by their traits and if they are successful. Traits also influence how fast they knit and how successful they are.

Tunable Values
Lots of tunable values including how long it takes to knit a project, how likely to succeed, how much traits and skill level affect knitting, chances of moodlets...
These are in KnittingInteraction Tuning XML resource if you want to edit them.

Knitting Objects
The objects you can knit are defined in the zoeoe.KnittedObjects XML. If you want to add more, there are three tags. skillLevel (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), resourceKey (resource key of object's OBJD), and placeInFamilyInventory (where the object should go when finished, default true, if set to false item will be in sim's inventory).
If you want to uninstall a knitted object, you should delete the relevant <KnittingObject> thingy as well in the XML, otherwise the game will be looking for an object that isn't there.
As of v1.5: If the XML has an object that isn't installed, it will just skip over it. If you want more information about knittable objects in the XML that aren't being loaded as knitting projects in game, edit zoeoe.Knitting.Instantiator to make kDebugNotifs True!
Add Lyralei's Fabric pieces
If you want to have Lyralei's fabric pieces for her Sewing Mod as knittable objects, Lyralei has kindly made an edited XML file with the pieces added! (Download it from her mod's page). To install that file, you can either put it in Overrides, or import Lyralei's XML file into my zoeoe_knitting_Resources package file to overwrite the original XML.

Object Info
Knitting Needles: Found in Hobbies and Skills for 18 simoleons. Polycount: 102 for high and low LODs.
Yarn Ball: Found at Grocery Store, or in buydebug mode for 20 simoleons. Or can be bought from the knitting bag for a higher price (price multiplier is tunable). Polycount: 64 (only 1 LOD).
Knitting Bag and Knitted Objects included are converted from ts4 by ATS3 but do not conflict with the originals. The Knitting Bag (also found in Hobbies and Skills for 75 simoleons) has a custom script, so ATS3's one is the decor version, mine is the one with Knitting Functionality, if you have both.

There shouldn't be any conflicts with this mod. As for issues, hopefully everything is working as it should. There may be some animation issues with sims not sitting properly on certain seats, ones that differ from the standard sofa/chair height eg the bath.

If you do run into any problems, let me know

There are quite a few files to install:
zoeoe_knitting_knittingBag (not strictly necessary but adds a way to store needles and yarn and purchase yarn from)
Knitted Objects folder (contains objects you can knit with, if you don't want them all, you need to remove the relevant part from the KnittedObjects XML for any object you get rid of)
Feel free to merge them all together.

It's generally not recommended to uninstall custom skills as it can cause issues with save games affected by the skill. However, I added an uninstallKnitting cheat which removes any knitting skill from all sims in the world, and cancels their knitting interactions. You can also reset the town just in case. If you have travelled in a save game, you may need to repeat this process for all worlds in the save.
Hopefully this will minimise the chance of problems when uninstalling but I guess there's always a risk :p

There's a text file with all the strings for the skills/moodlets/interactions. If anyone would like to translate, translate the text within the <STR> tags and upload in the comments. Thank you so much for your translations
French - Emilie234
Brazilian Portuguese - lipsonfire
Polish - Northh
Swedish - Simlella
Chinese TW - PieceOfCarambola
German - Simmortality
Finnish - shooting_well
Russian - aurulin
Czech - LuckyCZ
Portuguese PT - DavidManaia

Future Plans
There are few things I want to look into adding/changing:
-More animations including higher skill ones, knitting on rocking chair, knitting on lounge chair
-Talking while knitting. Thanks to FloTheory I found out this is entirely possible, and it works perfectly on chairs, just looks really bad on the sofa. So I really I hope I can get it working properly
-Skill challenges and rewards
-Making yarn playable for cats.
-More realistic yarn usage, where different sized projects will use different amounts of yarn
-When knitting, chances of randomly failing, chances of randomly making something when practising
-Options for selling objects (other than inventory or buy mode) eg online
-Knitting clothing
I don't know how realistic all these goals are but they are on my mind anyway :p

Thanks yous...
To...a lot of people :p
enablellamas, deniisu, Lyralei, Battery, EchoWeaver, Lizcandor, FloTheory, Mspoodle, MissPat, desireeUK, Amazon77, ani, Puffkins2000, LucyBorgia, SimsDeoGloria, Simmervcs, lipsonfire, nessysims, for various reasons including helping with coding troubles, prop troubles, testing, ideas, feedback, general support, and another thank you to all the lovely people who showed support and excitement and said nice things
Credits to AroundTheSims3 for converting the Nifty Knitting objects.
Credits to Smashicons from flaticons.com for the knitting skill icon https://www.flaticon.com/authors/smashicons.
Animations and objects are converted from/mushed together from Sims 4 Nifty Knitting.