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Wide Open Roads - Road Default Replacement

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2021 at 4:01 PM
This is my first proper piece of CC! I am a complete and utter newbie in terms of creating and sharing custom content so any feedback is welcome. I am pretty happy with what I have made, especially since I kind of just winged it, with the most basic knowledge of SimPE and graphic image editing.

What is this?
This is a default replacement road for lush terrain only. These roads have no sidewalk and are wider* than standard Maxis roads.

*they are wider only because the part of the texture normally occupied by sidewalk or the terrain edge is just ROAD now ????

The centre line stays in the same place, and the cars in hood view still look perfectly normal whizzing around on these roads.

In lot view, walk-bys mostly walk on the gutter. Sometimes it will appear that they are walking on the road. When sims get off the school bus or home from work, they will be standing on the road momentarily. Personally this is not an issue for my gameplay.

Included in this download:
1. Hood view and lot skirt road replacement for all of your hoods using lush terrain.
2. Road overlay mesh and recolours for the road in your lots (CuriousB's mesh included, found in Deco > Misc).

Instructions: Extract the files and move them to your Sims 2 Downloads folder.

Why did I make this?
I created this because I wanted a road default without sidewalks (or, as we call them in Australia, footpaths!) where I didn't need to worry about the terrain texture on the side of the road.

I like the no-sidewalk look at the moment because I think it's more realistic that not every street in a neighbourhood would have paved sidewalks. I also like the freedom it gives you when building a lot - you don't have to consider the tiles of the sidewalk when you are designing the front of your build. For some reason this always stumped me so I would always just end up making a front courtyard / path with Discrete Concrete floor tiles which got a bit boring.

How did I make this?
I started with Dread Pirate's lovely Maxis Match V2 Roads, widened the kerb/gutter slightly and retained the nice yellow centre line. I then incorporated the asphalt texture from DanTheMann15's Freshly Paved Asphalt Roads. I decided not to use pedestrian crossings that you would normally see in the intersection and junction parts of the road. I have no idea if you need to do this, but I then extracted the snow overlay texture from Voielle's texture defaults and added this to the roads for when it snows.

Credits: SimPE, GIMP, CuriousB, Dread Pirate, DanTheMann15, Voielle.

I hope someone out there likes this!

Any and all feedback from the TS2 community is welcome.