Terrain Mod: Country Roads Dirt Replacement

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2007 at 9:48 PM
Updated: 10th Jan 2007 at 6:14 PM
Some people requested a version of my previous country-roads mod that not only replaces the road textures but also one of the other Maxis-made terrain types like desert, dirt or concrete.

And I did it. This mod is nearly the same as my last, but this one replaces the dirt-terrain. The dirt-neighbourhoods will look like grass-neighbourhoods with country roads. This way you can have grass neighbourhoods with asphalt roads and grass neighbourhoods with country roads (but no dirt neighbourhoods anymore!).

There are some small differences between the original grass-terrain and the one I made and that replaces the dirt-terrain. They are most obvious on the lot itself. The ground-texture is kind of blurry, but I couldn’t find a solution for this problem. The grass and dirt terrain seem to use a different number of textures and the texture size differs, too (dirt texture don’t have to be what detailed). Therefore I made a ground cover that looks like the grass in the grass-neighbourhoods. Spray it on the lot and the ground won’t look blurred anymore.


The street in front of the house will look like always: Gray asphalt.
The second download file (Maxis-Like-Grass + matching country road floors.rar) contains four floors and one ground cover. The floors look like the country roads I made. So you give in the “moveobjects on”-cheat and replace the original street floors with my country road floors. This way the gray asphalt road in front of the house will look like a country road, too.
The groundcover looks like the normal Maxis grass. You can spray it on your lot and the ground won’t look blurred anymore (as it unfortunately does without the ground cover).

You will need Nightlife to use this mod. Simply delete the country-road-mod(grass)-dirt-replacement.package and the dirt neighbourhoods will look dirty again.

This mod is based on the work of QwinsepiaSquared. Visit this thread to say thank you for the possibility to change the road textures.