No Autonomous Reaction to Simbots. Updated to Patch 1.67

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Uploaded: 20th May 2022 at 10:34 AM
No Autonomous Reaction to Simbots. Updated to Patch 1.67 by Simmer Zozo

What does this Mod do?
This Mod disables the Autonomous Reaction of Sims reacting to a Simbot. This is because EA makes them stop and react to them, similar to a ghost. It gets annoying because the reaction time reset and the same exact Sim can be reacting to a Simbot again and again. So it is removed!

What file was edited?
This XML file alters values in OccultFrankenstein_0xc9fab9350f75298d in GameplayData.package

What details were edited?
EA Value:
PulseRadius value="3">

ReactOnRepeatedEntry value="True">

PulseRepeatTime value="20">

ReactToMultiplePulses value="True">

New Tuning:
PulseRadius value="0">

ReactOnRepeatedEntry value="False">

PulseRepeatTime value="-1">

ReactToMultiplePulses value="False">

Credit to: Siawn for the Tuning Numbers. I have just updated to the latest Patch of 1.67