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[TSM > TS3] Converted Facial Expressions

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2022 at 4:06 PM
Updated: 24th May 2023 at 9:33 AM
This is a replacement mod that swaps out The Sims 3's facial idle animations with their The Sims Medieval equivalents, plus some additional tweaks by myself.

This mod affects Sims aged teen and up and replaces 15 (out of a total of 20) facial expressions in the game. The 5 remaining animations are identical across the two games and thus are left untouched and not pictured in the preview images. The animations usually play when the Sim is idle or walking, so facial expressions in other animations, like social interactions, aren't affected by this mod.

The new facial expressions are more subtle and natural-looking, with reduced clipping and less distortion of Sims' facial features. However, it's still likely that Sims with more heavily altered facial features will suffer from more distortion during animations.

  • By default, all facial expressions have a full blinking animation and a “noblink” pose. The TSM animations had some sort of blinking, but the Sim’s eyes didn’t actually close for some reason, so I took care of that for every facial expression this mod touches to bring them more in line with the few remaining TS3 ones.
  • The Sad 1 animation originally looked quite awkward around the lips, with the bottom corners being pulled out while the rest of the mouth was shut; I pulled those corners back up to make the facial expression a little more bearable to look at.
In addition to this, there are two versions of the mod: the Main version simply replaces the TS3 facial expressions with their exact TSM equivalents, while the Alternate version has a few of the facial expressions reordered:
  • TSM's Sad will replace TS3's Angry 1 (untouched in the Main version.)
  • TSM's Sad 1 will replace TS3's Sad.
  • TS3's Sad 1 will remain vanilla.
Please see the preview images to check if you would prefer the Main or the Alternate version!

  • Both the main and alternate version of this mod alter slightly different sets of animations, and will conflict with other mods that alter the a_expression_ and a_expressions_ CLIP resources.
  • This mod is technically compatible with other mods that edit different game resources to change the frequency of, or entirely disable, the facial expressions, such as Esmeralda’s No making stupid faces when idle. Of course, if you used that mod, then you’d never see the facial expressions this one has to offer.

Additional Credits
  • s3pe: Exporting and importing resources, creating the package file.
  • Blender 2.79, Clip Tools: Importing, editing and exporting animations.
  • Gimp: Creating the preview GIF and comparison images.
  • Thanks to TheSweetSimmer for nudging me in the right direction when the animations weren’t displaying as expected in-game!
  • Thanks to MissPat and xiasimla for their feedback during testing!