More Sandals For Women, Young Adult/Adult.

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2022 at 7:35 AM
What It Does

These two CC pieces provide your sim with more stylish sandals with proper feet to wear. In this project I wanted to add a nice little detail to the sandals. Which is to make the sandals move more realistically like they would in real life. Which I think turned out very well.

-For Young Adult/Adult Females.
-Can be used in Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletics, Swimwear, Naked, and Career clothing categories.
-Compatible with Pregnant sims.
-4 Custom Channels.

Additional Detail
A new trick I recently learned was how to make the sandals move more realistically. Like making the soles stay lower from the feet when the sim is walking.

Just something I really wanted to add. Which I think was a neat detail. Which I will most likely add this detail to any future sandals that I make.

Polygon Counts:
-Basic Sandal One Strap
LOD1: 3,318
LOD2: 234
LOD3: 102
-Basic Sandal Two Strap
LOD1: 3,830
LOD2: 234
LOD3: 102


Additional Credits:

Frankie, AKA Eikeeful, AKA Gruesim, AKA SimplyImaginaryPeople:
Her tutorials were a massive help, and she gave me a lead on how to make the sandals move more realistically. Which I am so thankful for.

Chisami's amazing feet were used for these sandals. Without her feet, my project would not be complete.

CC Used to create Sandals:
Chisami's Feet