Animated Wallpaper - Snowy Winters

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Animated Wallpapers - Snowy Winters
First time since many years that I've stopped working on a pack, so I could make a Christmas/Winter themed mod. And it came out pretty well if I may say so myself.
This Animated Snowy Winter Wallpaper contains 16 recolors ranging from blue backgrounds, to green, red, orange, yellow, white-ish and even purple and pink backgrounds. All light colored backgrounds have white-ish colored snow flakes the other more darker colored backgrounds have colored snowflakes.

As can be seen by looking at the images, the snow also glows in the dark. This both works at night as well as when placed in rooms without lights or with less light.



Short notes
• This wallpaper is Base Game Compatible
• It's a Standalone object, so it won't override any other objects in game.
• It can be found by going to the wall patterns in build mode and then to the Misc sub-category.
• You can also find it by typing "Snow" or "Winter" into the search bar (Or even "Christmas").
• It can be recognized by a white snowflake on a blue background with my "BakieGaming" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.

Game Requirement
Base Game Compatible

Game Version


🎄🎅🏻>> I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! <<🎄🎅🏻
May the Christmas season bring only happiness and joy to you and your family.

>> Want to share my mods? <<
Besides giving me credit and linking back to this page, I would appreciate it if you could add my video (If available) instead of (only) the thumbnail.


Additional Credits:
Thanks to the Sims 4 Studio
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop