55 Woodland Drive - Broke House Redone

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2024 at 6:04 PM
Lot size: 3x2
Price: 21,620

This is the begining of my renovations to all the lots in the Pleasantview neighborhood!

I'm starting with the playable houses and first up is the Broke's. I kept the general style of the lot, just rearranged the layout of the bedrooms, deepened the house by a tile or two and lengthened the house by a few more tiles as well.
While I tried my best to keep decorating to the minimum seeing as this is a family that is not supposed to have a lot of money to their name, you'll probably have to cheat some money to them in order to move them in. I still think it turned out pretty good however.

Not all the lots within this hood will have custom content, however, this one does use Honeywell's "Bespoke Build Set" for the walls, doors, windows, and curtains.

If you choose to add this to your game without the cc, it should be fine, you'll just loose the covered walls while the doors, windows and curtains will change into something from the game.

This lot was cleaned and compressed.