Awnings - TS1 to TS4

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2024 at 2:46 AM
"You should convert sprites to meshes," said absolutely no one. "It'll be fun," said absolutely no one.

When I first decided to make these, I was really only after the Sub-Lumen (slatted) awning, but I decided to be completionist and weird about it, and while technically not my first Sims 1 conversion (I might upload that in the next couple of days), I am generally quite pleased. They need MoveObjects to tile them properly, but most of them will, even though Maid in the Shade tries to go outside its one-tile area due to the tassels. Ample use of double-sided material was used to keep poly counts low (which apparently broke a couple of shadows for some reason), a long hard search on what to do with the vines on Sunblind before giving up and stealing from a potted plant and manually placing every single flower, and at times I was quite frustrated. But the results? Worth it.

Each one has its original TS1 price and description (with one alteration).