Date Posted: 16th Oct 2021 at 1:53 PM Views: 81
Just a little update.

I feel even more busy now than I have been the rest of the year.

I'm currently still not playing Sims for a while. My things might not get any updates for a while.

I'm currently working very long hours, and helping out at a COVID vaccination centre weekly, and attending a language course once a week with plenty of homework and study to be getting on with.

I feel like I have barely any time any more. When I get back from work I'm just drained and go to bed since it's late anyway. My weekends are now basically just study days or if I have time to sit and do literally nothing for a change.

Sorry if you want/need updates for things but I just can't do them right now. I'd like to sit and make some more things, I do enjoy it. But I make things for me, and share with the wider community if someone would like what I wanted changing in my game. So, since I'm not playing right now, I don't need to make anything.

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