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Default Pleasantview Mega-Hood Challenge!
I am moving my story here from a Blog I have been working on for a while. I took a break but just picked it back up again. Im hoping to have more readers and feedback in this format. I previously have attempted this challenge a couple of times... with Pleasantview only. There weren't many surprises so... This time I created a MegaHood. This Pleasantview includes Downtown with all Downtownies & Tricous. Plus 2 shopping districts, Bluewater & Belladonna. I added Strangetown, but I don't want to actively play them in rotation. Only Tricou teens and 1 parent are in Downtown... they will not be played in rotation but are available for Matchmaker or Wishing Well to grab and will be added to Uni rotation at the end of round 1.

So I am at the point that all the playable families that I intend to use are on livable lots and randomized my Rotation schedule. The rest are in the Sim Bin which the Matchmaker and the Wishing well CAN pull them out. I will not be determining the matchups in this challenge. Sims will use either the matchmaker, wishing well or if they meet/bring home a 3 lightning bolt friend then that is their match. First playable Sim becomes their future spouse. NPC's only if they are 3 lightning bolt...

Pleasantview proper first:

Burb - Round 1 posted
Broke - Round 1 posted
Dreamer - Round 1 posted
Pleasant - Round 1 posted
Goth - Round 1 posted
Caliente - Round 1 posted - Now called De Bateau
Lothario - Round 1 posted
Oldie- Round 1 posted

Belladonna Cove second:

Contender - Round 1 posted
Cordial - Round 1 posted
Baldwin - Round 1 posted
Rutherford/Weir - Round 1 posted - Now just Rutherford
Green/Gere - Round 1 posted - Now the Love Family
Riley/Cho - In Progress

Bluewater Village third:

Landgraab - Playing now

At the end of the first full rotation of all suburbs & families, all eligible teens will be sent to Uni... unless the storyline directs them otherwise of course!

Each family will also be given randomness just like before. I will roll how many children each family will have (either natural or adoption allowed) and I have a little program with random scenarios so I can roll a random "Torture" for each family to deal with during the current and possibly future rounds. When the scenario plays out they will get a new roll on the Wheel of Torture. So when I refer to the WOT that is what I'm talking about.

So you want to know the Random results for Burbs? I didn't roll for children, I liked the 10 kids challenge with my last PC so I kept that. And then the perfect WOT came up for them! Aliens Attack, must have 2 alien abductions within the first week of play. So I begin their story right away!

Burb Family Round 1
Round 1 of the Burb Family. I will be playing this round for just one season (1 Sim week) just to get each household going on the storyline.

Welcome to the Burb House. Its under remodel as we begin our story.
*note the mortgage shrubs - like all middle income familes the Burbs will start out in debt.*

John has a LTW to earn $100K and a locked want for 10 children. Jennifer has an LTW of Top of Business career. Their Wheel of Torture to start them out is Aliens Attack - 2 alien abductions within the first week.

First abduction underway! John is a perfect preggers, not sick once, gets hungry & tired a little faster than normal but no passing out or sleeping in his food.

Can't say the same for Jen. She is sick alllll the time, passed out in her dinner and she hasn't even done her first baby bump yet!

Here comes Alien Nooboo number 1!

Its a girl! She is named Sabrina and has full alien genetics... well, not sure about the hair yet. Her eyebrows look brown but we'll see when she ages. I also have a Multi-PT mod so there are 5 different possible "parents" all with different haircolor...

Lucy brought home Tessa Ramirez after school. Jen talks to her about making friends and Lucy asks, once again, for a pet.

Jen thinks Lucy can handle the responsibility of a pet, so she brings a little kitten home. Cymmi.

She won't admit for the world that she wanted a kitty too.

Look who walked by! I made sure to get Jen to go chat at her for a little while. They have established a low level friendship.

Do you see it? See the problem with this picture? No its not the cat pee. Though Cymmi could have chosen better timing. No its the baby John is holding and Jen is having another!!! Natural unplanned twins! Boy & Girl. Named Derrick and Darleen. Darleen takes after mommy in skintone while Derrick takes after John. Eye color & hair are still a mystery.

Cymmi grows up!

So does Lucy. She is now a teen with Fortune Aspiration. Attracted to guys with Glasses & Blond hair. She is not attracted by Zombies. Her LTW is to reach the top of Architecture career.

And abduction number two on the last night of the round. This is the end of the Burb Round 1. When we return it will be Sabrina's first birthday and time for Lucy to think about college.

On to the Broke family. WOT for Brandi is Repo Man Rampage. Do not pay any bills until Repo Man comes 2 times.
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Default Broke Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Broke family.
We begin with Brandi at home with young Beau, still not sure what to do after the death of her husband. Dustin is at school. He has an after school job, but Brandi doesn't know what sort of job it is... and isn't sure she wants to know. She is getting some financial aid *custom stay-at-home parent career - pays very low when you keep it under level 2 and no days off, works well as a sort of welfare*, but its not much. Let's see what happens....

Brandi is tired, tired of being poor, tired of being a single parent and physically tired too. Seems like lately she can't get enough sleep.

As soon as Dustin gets home from school she grabs a nap. Beau is napping too, so even when he goes to work she can still relax some.

Dustin eats a late night bowl of Mac n' cheese... alone. He doesn't know what's up with his mom lately but he hopes she snaps out of it soon. He came home from work to find Beau screaming in his crib with an empty bottle. Luckily he wasn't messy yet.

Brandi hopes a little makeover will help her pull out of her funk. Its only second-hand store stuff, but its in good condition and flattering. She can't resist her signature bit of pink in her wardrobe.

A small veggie garden might help. All she could get was tomato seeds, but its a good start.

(Here is where a few pictures got lost with a power failure... smacks self for trying to Sim during a thunderstorm. UPS kicked in and I hit F-10 for a quick save, but pictures were not all saved even though no game-play was lost)

Anyhow... to paraphrase. Brandy realizes she is pregnant. She is both relieved to know she isn't sick "that's why Ive been tired" she is also scared to bits!

Brandi is trying harder to make sure Dustin doesn't have to fix dinner every night or come home from work to find his brother screaming & hungry. She prepares for the baby to be born and Beau's upcoming birthday.

Dustin regularly invites Angela over after school. She helps with Beau as well, sometimes staying while Dustin goes to work.

Its Beau's Birthday!

Dustin sneaks his First Kiss while Brandi is busy with Beau. He has to run to work, but Angela agrees to stay and babysit Beau so Brandi can rest.

They spend a fun afternoon watching TV and eating birthday cake and the sandwiches that Brandi left in the fridge.

Time for baby! Everyone comes running when they hear Brandi cry out.

Make that babies! *Gotta love cleaned hoods, it removes all the preset stuff. Like Brandi's guaranteed single baby boy.* It's a boy & a girl. Named Caleb & Claudia, both seem to have the same coloring as their older siblings. Skip must have had some strong genetics!

Brandi is very worried about her not-so-little family. She still doesn't know what sort of job Dustin is working, he brings home more than her welfare check does. For an after school job that seems fishy to her.

She isn't without some romantic prospects though. She and Don are so into each other they don't notice Dustin get home and then leave again for his job.

They were startled when Beau got home with a friend. Alexander Goth was very interested in seeing his sister's supposed fiancee here at the Broke house. Don thought it was a good time to leave.

Beau is quite the little entrepreneur. Every afternoon he has a want to sell lemonade. He is also the neatest Sim in the house and goes around cleaning up after everyone!

Dustin can manage cereal for breakfast at least. He isn't allowed to cook anymore, since he burned a batch of toaster pastries. New appliances are expensive!

Here comes the Repo Man! Visit number 1...

He takes the cheapy bookshelf.

And the baby toy!!!??!! Sir have you no shame?!! Caleb was playing with the rabbit toy until the Repo Man walked in then crawled away from it and started to cry.

Don is still a regular visitor. Their relationship is mutual love. Still not sure what Don's intentions are, but Brandi has big hopes.

A great skill building afternoon. Money is a little better, she got an increase in her welfare check with 4 children in the house. She knows she needs to get a job soon, but she is trying to wait until the twins are school age. The house is very crowded with 5 people and the single bathroom isn't enough. This is the end of the Broke round 1. Dustin & Angela are going steady. Both Dustin & Beau are good in school. The twins are potty trained and Brandi has been working on talking skills. Not bad, but there are still unpaid bills and Brandi still worries about her not-so-little family.

Next up is the Dreamer Family. Sorry no spoilers as who he hooks up with... I will say his household rolled 4 children so he needs to find his new love and get busy! Or does he adopt? Aliens? You will have to wait & see. WOT is Master Herbalist. Harvest and keep all Hydrogarden plants 4x. Then arrange & make a painting of them. Right down Darren's alley I think! At least the painting part.
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Default Dreamer Family Round 1
Welcome to the Dreamer Family Round 1.

Darren & Dirk are just getting by, doing the best they can after the death of Darren's wife. As mentioned before the random child roll for this household is 4... so things need to change before that can happen. Also the WOT, for Darren in this case, is Master Herbalist. He must earn (the hard way) a Hydrogarden, plant & harvest it 4 times, keep the plants & do a still-life painting of them in an arrangement.

Things start out ordinarily enough, Darren needs a job... wants to concentrate on his art... and needs to find a new wife. He's just not the type to remain alone. Dirk is doing well in school has a basic after school job and girlfriend Lilith Pleasant.

They have a pretty well-established routine around the house. Take turns cooking, though neither one knows much in that department. Meals, School (for Dirk), Work, and Painting (for Darren).

Dirk studies hard, he knows he wants to attend college but he also knows there is no way his father can afford to help him. While reading one day he realizes that he wants to be part of the SCIA some day. So with his career goals decided, he sets his mind on earning enough scholarships to go to college. Of course his girlfriend, Lilith doesn't like his new goal oriented outlook and she dumps him. She thinks he should spend more time hanging out with her... not schoolbooks.

Darren got a job working nights to supplement his income (and buy art supplies)

He alternates most of his time between working & painting. Barely stopping to eat or sleep between times.

Until he meets Jessica Peterson. He brought her home from work one morning and they just hit it off! *Read: 3 Lightning Bolts! The matchmaker won't be necessary with this one*, They could talk for hours about anything! Darren even found out her passion for film & literature the same as his.

So now Darren is splitting his time between Painting, Work & Jessica.

They have a standing date most mornings after their night shift. Sometimes its fun & games...

Other times its sweet & intimate.

Dirk has been eating a lot of lonely meals since his Dad met Jessica, but he can't blame him for wanting companionship. He wouldn't mind a girlfriend himself... but not yet.

He has serious plans and a little loneliness won't get in the way! He has a new job working as an assistant in a Private Investigation company and he wants to make the best impression he can.

Darren finally has his Hydrogarden. He sets it up right away. "Once I have a few of these plants they will make excellent still life arrangements for my painting!" His paintings are becoming more popular and selling for over $200 a piece now. Of course for an artist like Darren nothing short of a Masterpiece is good enough.

Darren & Jessica enjoy a rare night off together watching movies in the dark... and cuddling.

Dirk checks how many scholarships he qualifies for... 3 isn't bad, but he wants to try for a 4th if he can raise his logic just a little more...

So Dirk camps out all of his spare time at the chessboard. Darren is closely tending his little hydroplants... and making plans for the future.

Just as the week draws to a close, he pops the question to Jessica. She accepts and plans are made for a quiet wedding soon.

This is the end of the Dreamers Round 1. Will Darren & Jessica have a successful marriage? Will Dirk get enough scholarships to attend the college he wants?

Next up is the Pleasant Family. Their WOT is Family Crisis - Family member leaves in anger (divorce or runaway teen) the angry family member must be in negative relationship with all household before they can leave. Am I getting some great match-ups for my WOT's or what? This is perfect for this family... I could do either... or both... hmmmm. Next round will be posted soon.
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So is this an actual challenge? If so, can you provide a link? Also, WCIF the Wheel of Torture? This looks like it will be a lot of fun to follow! Crazy stuff so far. Don & Brandi? Hmmmm.... Interesting.
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Originally Posted by koololdster
So is this an actual challenge? If so, can you provide a link? Also, WCIF the Wheel of Torture? This looks like it will be a lot of fun to follow! Crazy stuff so far. Don & Brandi? Hmmmm.... Interesting.

Its a modification of the Prosperity Challenge where you play the whole neighborhood with a clean hood filled with randomized families. Usually 5-7 depending on the size of your hood. Prosperity Challenge

The difference is you play Prosperity style with a Maxis Made neighborhood. I took it one step further by making a few other hoods into shopping districts and randomizing who "hooks up" with who. The matchmaker has surprised me a few times already....

The Wheel of Torture is a small random generator where I can put in scenarios, lists, names, yes or no decisions, dice rolls, etc. I have about 30 "tortures" loaded into mine so far and I'm always taking suggestions for more. I've had the program for ages... over 10 years and honestly can't remember where I got it... I have it hosted on Mediafire if you are interested in trying it. I did NOT create it and I don't claim any credit. It's just a useful program I have had for a long time and I think it should be shared... Random Stuff Generator
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Default Pleasant Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Pleasant Family.

This is a Family in a Crisis if there ever was one and the WOT rolled for them falls right in line with the situation.
Family Crisis - One or more family member(s) leave in anger (divorce, runaway teen, roommate moveout, etc) The leaving member must be in negative relationship with all other household members before they can move out. This family rolled a 3 for the number of children. So someone must have one child to make the child count complete.

Lilith is not having a good day... week... month? Face it, its just been bad for a while around here.

First problem is a goody two shoes, perfect, golden-child for a sister. Nothing Lilith does can measure up.

One little argument and Angela goes all weepy and crying to Mom & Dad.

Then her mother starts off on her. "You have no ambition! Look at your sister, perfect grades and offers from colleges. You are going nowhere fast young lady!" Lilith snaps back, "Why should I have any ambitions? You already have your perfect little angel, why torment me? I'm just the leftovers, the spare, I can't do anything to please you so I'm done even trying!"

And then there is Daniel. Daddy dearest, playing pattycake with the maid while a naive and trusting Mary Sue is at work.

Despite her arguments with her mother, she loves her and seeing her father cheat is more than she can take. "You are the most disgusting, womanizing, scum Ive ever met! Mom loves you and you want to throw it all away for a little slut maid! She probably only likes you for your money... thinks she can steal a rich man from his family. I'm not going to sit around here and live a lie anymore!"

So instead of catching the schoolbus with her sister, she took off running. She had actually been planning on leaving for a while and had stashed a bag of clothes & necessities at her boyfriend's house. Of course Dirk couldn't let her stay at his place and he all the sudden had this goody two shoes plan to get into college, studying all hours. She thanked him for nothing and took off. *We will follow Lilith's progress further in a little while*

Daniel immediately calls the police to report the runaway, but they can't make any promises.

Meanwhile, Mary Sue arrives home early. She got a demotion due to a poor decision at work and is feeling pretty low. After hearing about Lilith running away (of course Daniel left out the details of his argument with Lilith) her spirits drop even lower.

Daniel gives her a backrub to help her feel better and start to relax. They talk quietly for a little while and soon she is feeling a little less down.

During this interaction, Daniel realizes that Lilith was right. Here is a beautiful, successful woman, the mother of his children, and she loves him. Was he really willing to throw that away for a little tail?

He suggested that they all just relax that evening, order some pizza and hope the police would find Lilith and bring her home.

The next few days everyone jumped at every knock on the door and every time the phone rang. Nothing on Lilith though. Angela and her boyfriend Dustin would hang out and talk about the whole situation. Angela couldn't stop worrying about her sister. Dustin saw her worry and tried to calm her, "She will be fine Angie! Lil is tough stuff! I know she stopped at Dirk's before she disappeared. Guess she was planning to bolt for a while, had a suitcase hidden there."

Daniel did some more thinking about how he had gotten so off track and decided that though he wasn't completely blameless, that hussy of a maid had come on pretty strong. That was easily taken care of, he called the service company and asked them to cancel the maid service and replace her with a Butler.

The butler was a good change for the household. He did everything, including the yard work and fixing meals. It was nice to get home from work to a clean house and dinner ready.

A couple months go by and Daniel has reached the top of his Athletic Career.

There was further proof of Daniel's renewed interest and faithfulness to Mary Sue. Daniel was hoping for a boy of course.

Angela treated herself to a little makeover.

Even Butlers aren't perfect I guess. He started a cooking fire then joined the rest of the family in the Panic Fire Dance, until the Fire Department showed up and then back to business as usual.

Everyone is excited about the coming baby, Angela can't wait to meet her baby brother or sister. But as she is writing in her journal, she couldn't help missing her sister. It had been months and no one had heard a thing about her.

And its the boy Daniel was hoping for! Doesn't he look thrilled? He paused his reading to look up at Mary Sue and the baby then went right back to reading.

Meet Brandon Pleasant!

It becomes Mary Sue's favorite pastime to set up her easel next to Brandon's swing chair. He swings and gurgles and Mary Sue paints and talks to him. She is finding it very nice to relax a little. Normally at work she has to be so focused.

Daniel bought an easel too and set it up across the room, so he could join Mary Sue. He's determined to keep their relationship fresh and do more things together. He is still very sad about Lilith's disappearance, but some good has come from her actions. He wasn't going to let her effort go to waste. There was still hope that someday she would come home... and he could thank her.

Angela's grades are so good and Mary Sue is taking advantage of her time off to invite the Private School Headmaster to dinner. Of course he loved the tour of the house. There were recent renovations... especially the kitchen after the fire.
The fireplace in the dining room was removed and another window installed. Also a second staircase put in. The flooring and cabinets in the kitchen were also changed.

Oh how food flies when 3 sloppy people eat. Did some get in Angela's eye? The butler looks horrified!

The headmaster looks happy at least. So is the family, Angela was accepted into the Private school.

Angela is preparing for College. She has been trying to wait... just in case Lilith returns, but she is out of time and needs to enroll soon. She has earned 4 scholarships.

Things settle into a routine as the whole family continues to miss Lilith. Angela takes a spell painting and watching Brandon.

Mary Sue uses the time to relax. Daniel has discovered fitness and spends more time in the swimming pool and jogging. Sometimes he asks Mary Sue to join him.

Before they know it, its time for Brandon's first birthday!

Happy Birthday little guy!

But where is Lilith?

Well, after Lilith took off and broke up with Dirk she headed for Bluewater. There is a little camp right outside the town where you can rent a.... crate? for less than $150 Per week. She had emptied her college tuition account without her parents knowing so she had a couple thousand to start with, but she knew it wouldn't last long.

Her apartment crate has all the basic amenities. Toilet, bucket- sink, pallet bed. She tried not to think about the cracks in the walls.

There were a couple of easels in the These buildings really were just old shipping crates that someone had converted into living quarters.

You could use whatever facilities you wanted. All you had to do was pay for whatever food you used from the community fridge. Hot dogs were one of the cheaper meals.

Lilith tried making a friend. She went on about how she ran away from home. How her parents were so unfair and her annoying "perfect" sister, and how the school was boring. She was better off away from them.

Little did she know that Calista had no sympathy for her. "Listen you spoiled little brat! You talk about how life was so unfair, well you stay out here for very long and you will learn about unfair. You had family, safety and dropping out of school was stupid. You can't get a job without good grades around here. Don't talk to me about being better off in this dump!"

Lilith laid low for a few days. Eating her meals in her room and thinking. She had tried getting a job, but teens couldn't get a job without a C average grade. Lilith was a drop out with F grades. No one would hire her.

Meanwhile her little savings was going, so she spent all her time painting. A few $8 paintings sold per day... then she sold a few for $19. Not bad, she was breaking even, but did she want to sell paintings and live in a drafty crate all her life?

She made an attempt to befriend Calista again. Telling her she had rethought the school thing and caught the bus for night school.

It wasn't easy. Night school, LOTS of homework to catch up on, and she still had to sell paintings to scrape by.

Inspiration struck after a late night snack turned into a kitchen fire. The camp wasn't an official residence so the Fire Department wouldn't help. Lilith got the fire out, but she was determined to never burn food again. Anyway she had burned up a $6 meal! That's 1/4 of a painting!

She decided that day to study to become a professional Chef... who knows maybe even a Master Chef someday? It would be a long haul, her chances for college were gone. But she could work her way up.

Eventually her grades were ok enough to let her get a job at a local fast food restaurant.

The drafty crate didn't help her health. She caught flu and had to miss a day of school. It was close, but her grades stayed high enough.

The owner of the property told Lilith if she could fix the junker she could buy it from him for $300. So she spent spare time on the car. She didn't have to paint for a living any longer, the fast food job was a better paycheck.

She and Calista became quite good friends. They spent evenings before Lilith's bus arrived playing darts or chess. Lilith was learning that hard work pays off. And oh how hard that lesson had been... but she had burned her bridges, it was too late to go back.

This is the end of the Pleasant Round 1. So many things with this family. Lilith will become her own household with a separate story starting in Round 2. I haven't decided if she will be at the end of the play order or if her story will be right after the main Pleasant household. So... Will Angela get off to college okay? Will Daniel & Mary Sue keep their newfound relationship going strong? Will Lilith land on her feet or did she make a big mistake?

Next up the Goth Family. Their WOT - Freeloader family member moves in. Create a Sim in CAS with less than stellar personality traits (sloppy, mean, etc) they move in and cannot be controlled or directed for at least the first round of play.
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Default Goth Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Goth Family!

Their story has already been affected by previous happenings on other lots... did you spot them? It's okay if you didn't, you will recognize it as it happens. The roll for children was 2... which is how many kids Mortimer already has, so Cassandra inherits it. WOT for this family is Freeloading Family Member - Create a Sim in CAS with less than stellar personality traits (sloppy, mean, playful, etc.) Must use all available personality points. Move them into the household, but you cannot direct them. They are a hands-off entity in the house for at least 1 Round. You can influence with playable characters, but that's it. Here comes the fun...

We start off where Don & Cassandra have been planning their wedding. That is until Alexander comes home and lets his sister know about Don's visits to the Broke residence. He even told her about seeing Brandi & Don all cozy on the sofa. That is the last straw for Cass. Don is told to leave and never return.

Thanks to Jen Burb, Bella was found and treated for amnesia. The going theory was that she was abducted by aliens and the trauma blocked her memories for a while. She has moved back in with her family and is making great progress.

Seeing an opportunity here, Mortimer & Bella use the Wedding Arch to renew their vows... they don't worry about a big party. Someday Cass will get to use her wedding plans, for now it can all go into storage.

Makeover time! Cass gets a chic look that gives a nod to her former pigtails without looking like the love child of Wednesday Adams and Pippi Longstocking.

Alexander gets a fresh look too. No more Little Lord Fauntleroy getup. *I rather like Mortimer in his red blazer and bow tie, and Bella's dress too, so they stay as they are for now.*

Cass decided to try out her father's new wishing well and got to meet Gabriel Green from Belladonna Cove. Wouldn't you know it but they are 3 bolts for each other?! Their first 2 dates go perfectly.

Who can deny true love? He accepts Cass's invite to move in and then he proposes to her. *she will just have to dodge that needle nose for the rest of her life. Hope he doesn't put her eye out.*

Looks like a nice family evening. Dinner has been served by the Butler. He made hamburgers for Alexander, but young Alex isn't a typical kid and helped himself to the grownups porkchops. Cass is moving up her career & following the footsteps of her father. Bella found a job in a Law office. Everything seems to be settling in. Then the doorbell rings...

Trouble has landed. Mortimer rushes to get dressed and learns from the Social Worker that his long lost cousin has died and left a teenage daughter alone in the world. She won't be a burden, her parent's life insurance was 23K... not that that matters to Mortimer's bank account really.

As the Social Worker leaves Mortimer and Tina Pierce look at each other for a moment. Then Mortimer invites her in and shows her one of the basement guest rooms. An order is placed to the local pet store and a dog bed, squeaky bone and food dish arrive within the hour for Tina's dog Posey.

A quick phone call (and a small cash donation) to the same Private School that Cass used to attend and Tina is enrolled.

Tina & Alexander get to know each other.

Alexander really isn't sure what to think of her. She is fun to be around and likes to play pranks, but sometimes what she thinks is funny really isn't.

What a sloppy eater! She hoovered her dinner in half the time the rest of the family took to eat.

It's finally wedding day for Cass and Gabriel. They take their places under the wedding arch, next to the wishing well where they first met.

Cass smooshed the cake into his face just a little bit. All in good fun though and everyone laughed.

Mortimer, Bella, you are supposed to Smustle! Not slow dance and hug on each other! Oh well, the wedding was a good time and the happy couple went on their little wedding night trip.

Oops, it was Alexander's birthday. No harm done really he grew up in Platinum Aspiration. He became a Fortune Sim, attracted to blonde hair, makeup & not attracted to perfume.

Mortimer really wants to learn everything he can possibly learn... (max 7 skills). He is making good progress and his Aspiration is staying high most of the time. The only time it drops is the occasional ghost prank and that's only for a moment because Knowledge Sims like even ghosts.

That's why when a little gold lamp was found on the doorstep, everyone was sure it was meant for Mortimer. He wished for long life and it seems as though he has some fresh vitality. Cass & Gabriel are still living in the house, but they are actively house hunting. Alexander is keeping busy with school and starting to consider colleges. Things are looking well. Except for...

The hurricane in Sim form named Tina Pierce. She stuffs her face with snack foods after school. Drops the wrappers on the floor. She broke the refrigerator door by swinging on it... twice.

She doesn't seem to care about the favors Mortimer called in to get her into a good school. Some mornings she just doesn't wake up in time for the schoolbus.

Then she spends the day playing around the house in her pajamas. Its like, is she 14? or 4?

Alexander asks her why she acts like she does, but she just calls him a book worm or a nerd and walks away.

Then there was the night she started a big debate in the kitchen, causing everyone to get distracted and dinner got burned. She tried making up for it by ordering Chinese, but pretty much everyone was disgruntled over that for a while.

And do we really have to ask who broke the toilet and flooded the bathroom?

Alexander decides to try the wishing well like his sister did. Oooh he got his first kiss! Wait!!! Is that Ginger Newson? They are in the Bin! Its not supposed to pull binned Sims out! I have to stick to my rules so now the Newson bunch will be placed in Strangetown and Ginger will be sent to Uni with the rest of the teens.

*A note to explain my upset at having the Binned Newson girl show up. My plan to match up Sims this time is to let the Wishing Well or the Match Maker match them up for me. I have them wish or call the match maker until a playable Sim shows up. The first playable Sim that shows up is the one they are stuck with. The ONLY override is if they meet a playable that they have a 3 lightning bolt attraction with... So if I follow my own rule.... Ginger Newson is now Alexander's future wife. I may use a different method to match up future gens. Maybe let some Uni interactions do some deciding for me. I don't like the Newsons... most of them are ugly when they grow up!*

As the season draws to a close, hurricane Tina strikes again. "Heads up Loverboy!" She shouts, teasing Alexander about his smooch with Ginger. He gets hit with the water balloon before he can even think to duck.

The ghost of his grandfather vindicates him moments later. Ahhh revenge!

This is the end of the Goth family round 1. So how will things turn out here. Will Cass & Gabriel find their perfect home, or decide to stay with Mortimer a bit longer? Will hurricane Tina blow over or is she just getting started? Will Alexander really stay with Ginger?

Next family on the list is the Caliente family. WOT for them is Back Taxes - Deduct random rolled number times 9 from household funds. Also children rolled is per sister. So Nina rolled 2 while Dina rolled only 1.
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Default Caliente Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Caliente family.

The notorious sisters are due some fun & some struggle in this chapter. WOT rolled Back Taxes - Deduct random rolled number times 9 from household funds. Nina rolled 2 children while Dina rolled 1.

*The randomly rolled number was from a randomization program set between 1 & 1000. The number turned out to be 779 x 9 = 7011 so Ill round it to an even $7000 as the tax debt they will have to settle... somehow...*

Nina is in a hurry, she just got some big news that she knows her sister will NOT appreciate.

"Dina! Did you hear? Bella Goth is back! She and Mortimer renewed their vows and she is being treated for amnesia!" Nina said in a rush. Dina gasped. All her hard work trying to attract the richest "widower" in town was now wasted! Since the death of her husband, and Bella's brother Michael Bachelor, she and her sister had just been getting by. Well, they still had time both girls were young & beautiful, they could find rich husbands still.

Dina greeted the matchmaker enthusiastically. She had some funds saved up, not a lot, but hopefully enough to make the right connection with a wealthy bachelor or two.

Nina was a little more reserved about Dina's plan to find wealthy husbands. She understood the need to be financially secure, but did she HAVE to get married? The first few dates weren't exactly what the girls were looking for, but then just as they were running out of money for the old gypsy woman, she came thru for Nina.

She introduced Nina to Armand DeBateau. Recently divorced, Well-to-do Businessman.

They hit it off pretty quickly, a couple of dates went smoothly and they made plans for a third date at a local outdoor garden restaurant.

A little caress at the table, small teasing actions thru the meal... stealing bites and sharing tastes of food.

After dinner Nina invited him to "take some pictures" and more. He happily obliged.

The gifts from Armand were impressive, first roses, then a big screen TV and then a Piano. Nina & Dina were thrilled to see such generosity

Most especially Dina who had been hiding some financial troubles from her sister.

Michael's estate wasn't in as good shape as he had led everyone to believe. He had left the Bachelor inheritance to his sister Bella. But he had also left a lot of taxes unpaid. Now Dina, as his widow, was responsible for that bill.

The last straw came when they had a break-in one evening. Both girls had been upstairs when the burglar walked right in and started rifling through their belongings.

Nina heard the commotion and called the police. The burglar was caught and nothing was stolen, but there had been some property damage.

Dina finally admitted the financial trouble they were in and they both thought hard about what to do.

Once again Dina came up with a plan. Take out a mortgage on the house! They could pay off the $7000 back taxes and remodel the house to increase its value at the same time. So they took out a $30,000 loan...

The taxes were taken care of and the remodel turned out amazing! Dina looked at is as a good investment... the new house looked better and it wouldn't appear to potential husbands that the girls were in any financial troubles.

There was even a little money left for Dina to give the Matchmaker another try. This time Geoff Rutherford showed up. Hmmm, Belladonna Cove's wealthy playboy. Dina thought she could handle him.

First a little playfulness in the hot tub.

Then just enough flirting to catch his interest.

A couple days later some fine dining! Champagne & Lobster Thermidor! Dina was thrilled with how things were going with Geoff. She could certainly get used to this lifestyle.

It didn't hurt that his smooth Romance skills made her weak in the knees as well.

The sisters were eating lunch one afternoon when Dina suggested they throw a housewarming party. "We have so many friends who haven't seen the remodel yet. We should invite everyone!"

Dina really was the perfect hostess. She invited all their friends and welcomed them to the party.

Nina ran the bar, mixing & pouring drinks for everyone. Don was quickly there, grabbing a drink and putting on his romantic charm. Nina thought it was a little forced though and wondered at the act Don was putting on.

Don was the first to head for the rented bubble machine. Nina guessed he just wanted to get floaty and forget about something. "Who wouldn't" she muttered to herself as she helped herself to a drink. Armand had been unable to attend the party and Nina was still uncomfortable with the thought of taking their relationship all the way to marriage.

The party is in full swing with refreshments, a group smustle and the bubble machine is full. Everyone is having fun, drinking and enjoying the party.

Even Nina, who's mood at the start of the party had been half-hearted, was enjoying herself now. Of course she had been running the bar and she had to make sure the drinks tasted good right? She was feeling no pain as she got into the hot tub with a group of other partiers.

People came & went from the hot tub and conversation swirled around Nina. Then things went a little fuzzy...

The next morning Nina woke up on the sofa, in her bikini, with a roaring hangover! "What happened last night?' she asked herself. She simply couldn't remember the end of the party. The house was a mess and Dina had left a note that she was out with Geoff for the day.

She took an aspirin for her headache and took a long soaking bubble bath to help her feel better.

Her uneasiness about the party followed her for the next couple weeks. She couldn't concentrate, burned food when she was actually a very good cook and already a Sous Chef at work.

Dina was hardly around and when she was Geoff was with her. So Nina had no one to talk to, she wasn't sure she wanted to know how the party ended anyway.

Her appetite increased and she lost all interest in trying to cook anything. Sometimes she would just stuff her face from the refrigerator.

Other times she would pick up junk-food from the corner market. She was just stress-eating she told herself.

Then came the day she couldn't lie to herself any longer. She was pregnant. But who's is it? Armand and I fooled around in that photo booth, so it could be his. But what happened at the party? Did I sleep with someone?

Nina didn't know what move to make, she had found a cute maternity top and sandals were much more comfortable on her swollen feet. She had to let Armand know about the baby... or did she? She spent the next few weeks avoiding Armand simply talking to him on the phone and turning down dates, claiming she was busy with her job.

Her decision was made for her a few weeks later. Geoff left another gift of roses for Dina after one of their many dates... but this one had a different message. "Marry Me" was all it said.

That was all Dina needed to see. She packed up her belongings and moved in with Geoff that same week. Nina was dismayed to find herself on her own, with a mortgage and a baby on the way.

Finally gathering up her courage she called Armand and apologized for avoiding him. "I've been so busy with work and my chef classes." she told him. "There is also something very important I have to tell you, could you come over for dinner?"

Nina was almost in tears by the time Armand arrived. She needn't have worried though. He was happy to see her and even happier about the pregnancy.

"My baby... you have my little baby in there and I will take care of both of you." Nina figured it was for the best to let him think it was without a doubt his child. She could keep her doubts to herself.

Armand proposed to her right there. "Forget about dinner sweetheart. Marry me Nina, make me a happy man?" "Yes, I'll marry you Armand!" Nina nervously said.

Armand didn't give her any time to get more nervous, they went downtown to a Justice of the Peace and got married that very afternoon. Nina had a small breakdown when they got home... but she pulled herself together before Armand could notice.

Snuggling with him later that evening, Nina still wasn't sure about being a wife, but the feeling of security in his arms was a very nice feeling. The worry that had been part of her life for the last couple of months melted away.

After their honeymoon, Armand's teenage daughter joined them. Tara was a very energetic, colorful creature. She was quite cheerful and absolutely gaga over the thought of becoming a big sister.

Tara laid claim to the downstairs bedroom and made it her own in no time. She was very artistic and creative. Nina liked her style.

Nina continued working on her cooking skills. The pressure was off, money wise, but she still thought it would be a great accomplishment if she could become a Master Chef.

As her pregnancy progressed she had time off to study and improve her skills. She would be prime for promotion when she came back from her maternity leave.

Armand was as good as his word. He was taking care of everything. He paid off the mortgage and had another bedroom added to the house for the new baby.

Nina's pregnancy was going well, she had almost no morning sickness and other than her increase in appetite felt wonderful.

There were days that her energy was low. That was to be expected. She passed the time watching the Yummy channel so her time wouldn't be wasted.

The day is here at last! Nina is in labor!

Welcome a little girl! Baby Elena DeBateau. Hmmm, she has her mother's skin tone & eyes, but black hair? Who's that from?

This is the end of the Caliente Round 1. Future rounds of this family will be DeBateau as there will be no more Caliente family. The questions we ask now are... Is Elena really Armand's daughter? What did happen at that party & will Armand find out? How will Tara fit in to her new home and school?

Next family is the Lothario household. WOT for Don is... well it will be a surprise...
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Default Lothario Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Lothario family.

This round is going to be a rather quick one... I had to adjust the timeline a little and some ages as well. The reason will be clear as you read the story. There is no WOT for Don, he will be "inheriting" one. He will also inherit the child roll as well... Read on to find out.

Don is in a fix. His reputation has been absolutely ruined! That nosy Goth boy messed up his chances with Cassandra. She was the perfect mark! Rich and obsessed with her career just like Daddy "Big Bucks" Mortimer! All that money at his disposal and a wife who wouldn't notice when he went out to play a little, all ruined by a brat!

He grabbed another drink and came to a decision. Perhaps Brandi Broke wasn't so bad? Actually she was quite hot... yes she had some baggage, but he wouldn't have to mess with the kids so much would he? With a wife & family, his reputation would improve and women would be throwing themselves at him again.

He called Brandi and asked her to come over. He kissed her in greeting. "Marry me Brandi?" "Oh yes Don!"

Dustin brought his siblings over and the whole new "family" headed downtown to the courthouse for a quick no-fuss wedding.

The sale of Brandi's trailer and Don's bachelor pad allowed them to buy a small ranch house on the outskirts of town. It was roomy and had a large yard for a family.

They had each kept personal belongings, Beau brought his lemonade stand... though being out of the center of town he had fewer customers than before. Don had brought his bar, stereo system, and workout machine. Brandi brought the TV set and the kids furniture for the twins.

Dustin is applying for scholarships. He hadn't been planning on going to college, but Angela was enrolled already and had begged him to go along with her. She told him how to apply for scholarships. He thought it was worth a try... he could always go back to his contacts in his current career if he dropped out.

Brandi is pregnant again... Beau loves talking to his mommy's tummy. This will complete Brandi's roll for 5 children.

Don is focusing on his athletic career. If he becomes a star athlete the women will be flocking to him. Brandi's pregnancy has him quite shook up. It was no problem to keep a distance from his step children... but this one would be his. He never wanted kids of his own...

Dustin also made use of the workout machine. He hoped to add one more scholarship to the list before leaving for Sim State U with Angela.

The house has simple fixtures for now, but everyone is comfortable and Don is still trying to get more into his role as family-man. He certainly appreciates having someone to help cook & clean. Can he settle down or is this still an act for the ladies?

Its time for Dustin to head for college. He managed to get 3 scholarships for his job, grades & body skill level.

This is the end of Round 1 for the Lothario family. Until Dustin graduates from Uni and moves to his own home, there will be no more individual Broke family rounds. Meanwhile Don has no knowledge of Brandi's debts and the bills are still overdue... 1 more Repo Man visit before the original WOT is satisfied...

This was a modified round since the Broke family had all gone through an entire round already, a full second round would have thrown their ages off. So I age regressed the Brokes by 4 days and age progressed Don by 3 and played them for a shortened 4 day week. I reset the day of the week & season to start the same as the other rounds going forward.

Next up is the Oldie family... They rolled a WOT of Adoption Obsession - Adopt (pet, child, baby, toddler) your choice x random dice roll. They rolled 3 so they must adopt 3 of any combination of children & or pets. This rather made the random children roll unnecessary, but I rolled it anyway and came up with 2... so they will adopt 2 children and 1 pet.
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Default Oldie Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Oldie Family.

WOT rolled for this family is Adoption Obsession. The Oldies rolled 3 so they must complete 3 adoptions of pet, or child (any life stage) in any combination. Every family gets a children roll and they got a roll of 2. That means that 2 of the adoptions will be children... or I could let them count Mary Sue as one child and then the 3rd adoption could be another pet... hmmm. What will happen...

Coral & Herb have moved into a new Mobile Home park in Pleasantview to be closer to their only daughter and her family. They had heard about some of the crisis going on and felt it would be a good idea to be close by.

Things haven't worked out the way they expected though. Mary Sue, Daniel & Angela are busy putting their lives together, Lilith is nowhere to be found, and the Oldies are forgotten. They are lonely...

Coral decides to get back into her teaching career and is quickly employed as an Elementary School Teacher.

Herb comes out of retirement and gets back into the business world. But it doesn't seem to be enough... the house is too quiet. They had planned on visits from their grandchildren and family dinners, but that wasn't happening.

A dog! Yes that was the answer for Herb. He went to the shelter and found Mingo. A nice golden retriever, a bit of a doofus and messy, but he was friendly & playful. Herb looked forward to taking him for walks.

Coral loves Mingo the minute she sees him, and she and the dog become friends quickly.

Their days get into a comfortable routine. Coral gets home from her teaching job first and enjoys the newspaper on the deck.

Herb comes home and watches the news while Coral makes dinner.

After dinner Coral reads while Herb paints or plays chess. The house is still too quiet. "Why don't we adopt a child, Herb?" Coral asks one evening. "We both have good careers, we can give a better life to a deserving child." "Do you think we can do that at our ages, Coral?" He asks "Of course we can do it!" she answered quickly.

Coral made the call to the local Adoption Agency. Paperwork was filled out and the home inspection went without a single problem. It was finally the day their new son or daughter would arrive. They had opted for a school aged child, keeping in mind they weren't young any more. Chasing a toddler would be too difficult for Coral and an infant was out of the question.

Meet Brittany! The Social Worker dropped her off and rushed off to her next Home Inspection.

Brittany met Mingo first. He bounded right up to her as if he knew she was part of the family.

Coral was just returning from the community greenhouse and welcomed Brittany to the family. "Let's go shopping ok? Get you something new to wear than that Orphanage dress."

When they returned from the store Brittany explored her new home. She didn't want to disturb the paintings that were already started so she headed for the chessboard.

Once again routine settled on the Oldie household. Coral would read her articles in the newspaper. Brittany would go play in the playground after school.

Herb would still come home and watch his news programs.

But now Coral would be fixing dinner for a real family.

"How was your news program dear?" she would ask Herb. They would discuss what went on during their days. Herb & Coral would quietly laugh at Brittany's stories about her day at school. Life is so serious for an 8 year old.

They would all go swimming after letting dinner settle. Trying to enjoy the last warm days of fall. Coral & Herb were happy that they had decided to adopt a child.

Brittany seemed to be quite happy too. She was settling in and made some friends at school. She brought Beau Broke home one afternoon. They played red hands and took Mingo for a walk.

Another time she brought home Jenny Smith. The family was from Strangetown, but Jenny was attending the Pleasantview school for a while... she never exactly said why.

Brittany was a very helpful and neat child. She helped make the beds each morning, so Herb & Coral could get breakfast and go to work. The schoolbus would come for her soon after, so she felt very helpful and responsible about her small chores.

Coral's experience as a schoolteacher came in handy when she was helping Brittany with her homework. In no time Brittany's grades were perfect, and it became much easier for her to do her homework on her own.

Coral caught the flu from her students at school. It seems to be going around this fall.

Brittany quietly reads in her room to allow Coral to rest.

She is playing with the Chess Board when Herb gets home from work. She tells him that Coral is ill and resting. He praises her for keeping quiet and orders pizza for them that night. Then he joins her at the chess board until bedtime.

Coral has the next day off work and takes it easy. She is feeling better and decides to teach Mingo to Stay. He doesn't learn very fast.

She gives in on the training attempt and tidies the house. She is happy to have Brittany & Mingo, but there is still an emptiness in her life.

"Herb?" "Yes dear?" Coral puts down her paint brush and palette, "Can we try adopting one more child? Brittany is such a gem and I love that we are making her life better. I want to do that for another child. Perhaps we can even get a boy this time?" The words come out in a rush. "I'll think about it Coral. We already have so much... its a lot to consider." "Ok Herb."

It's the last day of fall and way too cold to swim, so the Oldie family tries out the gym facility... Herb has been enjoying Coral's good cooking a little too much. Herb is watching Brittany at her ballet practice and turns to Coral. "Call the Agency dear. We need to offer our home to another needy child."

*I let Coral's wants & fears determine the child thing. If she rolled a want to adopt, they would adopt if she rolled a want for a pet... the third would have been a pet. On the last day of fall she rolled a want to call the adoption agency... so that was it...*

This is the end of the Oldie Family Round 1.

Will Coral & Herb adopt a boy this time? Will the new child and Brittany get along? What about Mary Sue? Will she reconnect with her parents before it's too late?

I have reached the end of the Pleasantview proper rounds. The first suburb I rolled to play is Belladonna Cove and the first house there is the Contender house. Ill have his WOT, random rolls and his story up soon!

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Default Contender Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Contender Family.

I am now playing the families in Belladonna Cove. Contender was drawn first. His WOT - Well it isn't exactly a pleasant one... and I considered re-rolling, but I decided to let it be.

Carlos Contender, it seems isn't much into using his kitchen. He regularly calls for delivery.

Tonight it's Chinese food.

Then he tries pizza... but there is a problem building.

He dropped the empty food cartons on the floor and didn't take out the trash. One day the flies become so thick that he is overwhelmed.

Grim escorts him on his way... leaving the messy house and an urn to be found later by Carlos's family....

This is all for the Contender family... his WOT was Death by Flies. The story will resume, or conclude I should say, when its the Baldwin Family Round.

Next up is the Cordial family. Once again I rolled children per sister. Kimberly rolled 4 kids, while Samantha rolled 3. WOT - City Reclaims Land. Household must move to new lot, can take as many possessions as they wish... No one can repurchase lot for 2 generations.
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Default Cordial Family Round 1
Welcome to the Round 1 of the Cordial Family

The sisters have been living together in their old childhood home since the death of their parents. Things are about to change though...

This round is mostly about Kimberly... you will see as things unfold, Samantha's full story will come later. I also completely ignored the back-story that Maxis had set up for them as there are enough "sisters who hate each other" in the game already.

Kimberly & Samantha Cordial have been notified that their property has been reclaimed by the city. It seems their grandfather used some less than honest methods to buy the property. There had always been whispers about the Cordial family, from the day their grandfather first built the house for his bride and settled in Belladonna Cove. Whispers about witchcraft. The whispers were, in fact, true.

Samantha is a "nice" witch. She seemed to be the calmer of the two sisters. Kimberly has the title of a "mean" witch though Samantha privately thought her sister wasn't mean really, she just had a temper. Samantha decided to cook one last lunch in the kitchen she learned in as a child. The house was all packed up, only the kitchen & dining room were left.

As the sisters ate, they talked about the house they were moving into. They were receiving a fair price on the house from the city so they had bought an older farmhouse at the edge of town. After finishing their lunch the two women finished packing, locked the door and headed for their new home.

The new place had plenty of room for a family, a fully finished basement (complete with secret room for their spellbooks & cauldrons) and a decent sized yard.

There was one other feature that appealed to Kimberly... the farmhouse was right next door to the graveyard. Kimberly wanted to see a ghost almost more than anything else. Almost...

What she did want more than anything else was to join The Garden Club and earn a wishing well. There hadn't been much yard for them to work with at their old home so she went all out with her landscaping plans. The end results were beautiful.

The Garden Club couldn't argue with her results and awarded her membership and the wishing well she dearly wanted. Both sisters wished for romance that very night and although the guys were nice, they weren't the matches they were looking for. Most men seemed to fear them and weren't very open minded about dating a witch.

Of course they weren't just witches. Kimberly was in the military and loved the challenge of her career.

Samantha was in Medical and had just become a RN. She loved being able to help people who were sick or injured.

Well, look at this! A playable that didn't have to be summoned by the Gypsy or the Well! Since Kimberly is home alone I guess she will get first shot at Mr. Julien Cooke.

A series of gossiping, admiring, chatting and hanging out for most of the afternoon had them quickly best friends. *warning we have another 3 bolt couple here*

Kimberly liked to tease Julien. "Are you afraid of the big bad witch?" she asked him.

"Not one bit," Julien answered, "In fact I think I love this not-so-bad witch."

Kimberly proposed and Julien moved in that same day. They made quick plans for a wedding, they didn't want to wait a minute longer than necessary.

A few days later it's their wedding day. Julien & Kimberly invited friends, including her evil witch mentor. Who for some reason showed up in some costume frock.

Cake smooshing into groom face time! I guess the more playful & mean a Sim is the rougher they smoosh the cake.

Toasting the newlyweds! Sims are quite addicted to this party trick, one after another, after another.... I eventually had to delete the champagne bottle.

Julien had one wedding gift request from the evil witch. Kimberly had taken her inside and helped her with her wardrobe malfunction. He wished to become a Witch too... or more appropriately a Warlock.

Looks good on you Julien. Seems he likes it, though he did ditch the hat.

The wedding party was a success! As the Evil Witch flew off on her broom, she left a gift of bugs and a rainstorm behind. Kimberly & Julien don't care. They are off on their honeymoon.

Samantha is left to take care of the house while the newlyweds are on their trip. She watches some TV. Then practices a little magic. After wandering around the house making sure the party mess is all cleaned she realized she hadn't tried the wishing well for a couple days. Between work, promotions and Kimberly's wedding she had forgotten.

She went outside, the storm that the evil witch had cooked up was still going strong. Samantha looked into the dripping sky and wished harder than she ever had before. She wanted love like her sister had found.

Gilbert Jacuqet appeared just as the evil witches storm came to an end. Samantha couldn't resist the pull of attraction she had for him. The attraction was mutual, they moved together and kissed.

Gilbert couldn't believe his eyes or his luck. One moment he had been at home, the next he was standing near an old well, looking at a beautiful angel! Samantha was still wearing her formal clothing from the wedding earlier that day, so Gilbert had no idea she was a witch.

Samantha wasted no time, she knew this was her chance while the man was still dazzled by the spell of the wishing well. She proposed and Gilbert accepted. It was getting late and Gilbert had to leave, but he gave Samantha one more kiss and asked her to move in with him as soon as she could.

Samantha returned to the house and wrote out a note to her sister, explaining the magical meeting with Gilbert and her intention to marry him. She wished her sister all the best and went to pack her belongings.

Another storm blew in just as Samantha was leaving, she didn't know if it was leftover spelled storm or a natural one. She just knew she was on her way to a new life, in a new town. She just hoped that Gilbert could accept the one thing she had hidden from him.... that she was a witch.

The happy couple returned from their honeymoon to the empty house. Kimberly found her sister's note and sincerely hoped that her sister would be happy with Gilbert. She set about making breakfast for her new husband. While eating breakfast Julien asked his wife if she would try something for him. "Anything honey" she said. "We both know you really aren't mean, you just have a short fuse, and we are both far from evil... shall we try studying neutral magic and see how we like it?" Julien replied.

Both spent the day studying Neutral magic. Their magical clothing changed along with them after a few hours of intense studying. Kimberly stretched her arms and decided she felt pretty good as a neutral witch. "At least the dress is in better condition" she mused to herself. They both ditched the hats right away.

She decided to try out a new spell she had learned that afternoon.

"Hello there!" She would have to teach this spell to Julien soon so her little familiar could have a playmate.

Kimberly made sure there was plenty of comfort & food for her new familiar. As long as he was comfortable he would stay.

Oops! A little magic seems to have gotten stuck to Kimberly's hand. It doesn't seem to affect the omelets she made.

Julien is practicing his magic to clean up the property. He becomes quite adept at vanishing fallen leaves from the yard.

Julien's One True Hobby is fitness. He autonomously turns on the TV to work out or starts jumping rope out of the blue.

Kimberly had previously left most of the housekeeping arts to her sister, but now with a home & husband of her own, she is finding she enjoys it. She is slowly beginning to remodel rooms in the house as well. Painting and having new carpet put in the upstairs bedrooms.

Her One True Hobby is Nature. Her greenhouse is bursting with ripe produce.

Uh Oh... looks like we have a honeymoon baby here!

This is the end of the Cordial Family Round 1. In future rounds this will be the Cooke Family as both sisters will be changing their names. We are left with a couple questions as usual... Will Kimberly continue in the neutral magics? What will Julien think of becoming a father so soon? Will Samantha find happiness in her new life with Gilbert?

Next up is the Baldwin Family. They are inheriting her uncle's house as he had made her his heir. The Baldwins roll 6 kids and their WOT is Fixer Upper - Must remodel the house they own. All floors and walls must be changed, including exterior surfaces. If the house is on foundation they must put in a full basement. Also must upgrade the landscaping until they gain Garden Club membership.
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Default Baldwin Family Round 1

Welcome to Round 1 of the Baldwin Family

We join the Baldwin Family as they arrive at Carlos' old house. It has been vacant for months while all the legal issues were ironed out.

What a mess! The house looks like vagrants have had the run of the place.

The side door is broken and won't close. Trash piles all over!

It's obvious the house needs a complete re-do!

Remodeling is well underway. Benjamin had to take out a large mortgage. *The rules I apply to these "mortgages" at certain homes is that 1 mortgage bush must be "paid off" per Round at the least.*

As summer comes to an end the renovations have been mostly completed. A full basement was added, the open porch was enclosed to expand the living room, all walls repainted, new floors and new landscaping! It's too late in the season to apply to the Garden Club but it's in the plans come spring. Some of uncle Carlos' furniture was in good condition and was re-purposed.

Carlos has a place of honor in a corner of the yard. Isabelle thinks he would enjoy watching over the children playing nearby.

Marcus is settled quickly into his playroom. Isabelle went all out giving her children specially decorated rooms. Space ships for Marcus and Princess Castle for Sofia. She knows Sofia will soon grow out of such a design but for now she loves it.

The family takes a dip in the pool. It's early fall, but still warm enough to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Isabel loves how the house turned out.

There are the tables and bookcase that used to belong to her uncle. They look perfect in the new family room.

Isabelle redid the house in warm earth tones as a nod to the cozy Mediterranean feel of the original house. The original entrance really didn't suit the seaside climate though as the open portico was too cold and unusable half the year. The added space to the front room made it better for a large family as well.

... and then a poor decision at work caused Benjamin to lose his job. The first Mortgage payment is due soon!

"Am I going to a new school now Mom?" Sofia seems worried about all the recent changes happening so quickly.
"Yes I picked up your new uniform, you start on Monday. You will come home to a nanny after school."
Isabelle explained to Sofia about the mortgage payment coming due, and that she would have to go back to work to help pay the bills.

Isabel had been a cadet before the children were born, she applied to the BC department and they were happy to hire her immediately.

Isabelle only worked for a month before she had to take Maternity leave. For a Family Sim she is having a lot of trouble with her pregnancy. Benjamin found a new job in a small Law Firm. He seems to be enjoying the change in career.

The family settles into their new routine over the next few months and Isabelle is feeling better as she approaches her due date. It's time for some Birthdays! Marcus first...

And he grows up happy and in pretty decent clothes. No wardrobe changes for now, Isabelle will have to check his swimsuit and pajamas later to be sure.

They were preparing for Sofia's birthday when... time for baby! It's a boy!

Oops... the hand off to Daddy means...

Another set of twins! Boy & Girl named Denise & Damien

Time to get back on track for Sofia's birthday!

She rolled Fortune Aspiration and is attracted to fit guys with glasses... hmm. Need to change those clothes though.

Much better! Just returned from a shopping trip at the H&M and she already has a locked want to earn scholarships. Her grades will get her one. Time to find a teen job and start studying. Her body skill is nearly high enough as well as she heads for the swimming pool whenever she isn't directed to skill or do homework.

We come to the end of the Baldwin Family Round 1, they were able to pay off the first Mortgage Shrub... 4 more to go. Isabelle is thinking of another child... should they adopt? Will they manage to join the Garden Club?

* I apologize for the photo quality in this and the next 1 or 2 stories. Somehow all my game settings were reset to the default smaller & lower-quality pics and I didn't realize it until after the weeks were played.*

Next in the round is the Rutherford Family. WOT is identity crisis. Earn the Renu-U Senso Orb and use D6 days in a row at D12 time of day to determine new permanent aspiration. Who will get zapped? Wait & see!
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Default Rutherford Family Round 1
Welcome to the Rutherford Family Round 1

We join Geoff as he brings his bride home to meet his roommate... hmm awkward much? Dina rolled 1 child at the beginning of her original round so that will be it for them. WOT for this household is Identity Crisis. Earn the Renu-U Senso Orb and use it D6 days at D12 time of day to determine new, permanent aspiration. According to the dice rolls, Geoff gets to use the Renu-U thingy 3 days in a row at 2 pm each day (work schedule permitting) to determine his new personality.

*D6 days rolled 3 days, D12 time rolled 2 pm each day. A random roll of the 3 house occupants rolled Geoff as the lucky guinea pig!*

"Connor! You will never guess what happened last week on my trip to Pleasantview!"

"Meet my new wife Dina!" Connor was amazed. Geoff was right he never would have guessed that his womanizing friend would ever get married!
"Nice to meet you Dina!"

"This calls for a drink! Congrats you two!" Connor couldn't quite hide his shock and jealousy that his friend had made such a happy match. Dina was still getting over the shock that her new husband had a roommate! Had he lied about his financial status?

A few weeks have gone by and the trio are settling into a routine. Dina has discovered that Geoff isn't filthy rich... but he isn't broke either. The house is beautiful and she is happy with how her marriage is going. Connor is increasingly jealous of Geoff's good luck though, he is feeling like a bit of a third wheel.

He finds out that Dina & Geoff met through a matchmaker and decides he needs to give it a try himself.

This doesn't come cheap... but true love shouldn't be cheap so he pays up.

Florence Delarosa! First try lucky!

Or was he really so lucky? She doesn't seem into it when he tries a little gossip session... Need to try harder Connor this is your only chance!

There you go! She wants to be danced with! And talk about Hobbies! Florence doesn't strike me as the gossiping type.

Ahhh yes! Backrubs are good! Connor and Florence are on a good start to their relationship.

*Unfortunately I got so into orchestrating the next 2 dates... I didn't take pictures. I'm so out of practice here.*

To paraphrase... The dates have all been of the dream variety and Connor has made the decision to move in with Florence in Bluewater Village. His story will continue when we get to her round. He packs a few of his items and off he goes!

Meanwhile, Geoff has decided he loves Dina so much he no longer wants to play the field. So turning his back on the panty snatcher lifestyle he brings home a Renu-U Senso Orb. First time the random setting changes his interests to Money! Ooh... so many things to buy! But is this the way to happiness?

Dina is happy... for the most part. She likes that Geoff is no longer chasing skirts, but she didn't realize that the well-to-do life would make her so bored! She decides to take a job in the athletic field and see how far she can get.

*Her aspiration level was dropping like a rock, all her wants were to buy stuff they already had or earn money and she was actually rolling specific wants for an Athletic Job*

Visit #2 to the Senso Orb and its Pleasure aspiration! Oh so many parties to attend! "We need to buy a bubble blower!" This could be fun... but is it too close to his old hound dog days?

Dina brought home a pet! Cute little mutt named Fidgit! Both Geoff and Dina rolled wants for a dog.

Day 3 and last of the Senso Orb experiment. Geoff had a bad day at work so his 2 pm appointment didn't go well...

Well, for better or worse he is a Grilled Cheese Sim! Hmmm the cheese, must melt some cheese!

Wooo! Go Dina! She is in animal shape! She was promoted to coach today and just maxed her body skill!

Geoff is embracing his new Aspiration with both arms! The poor butler looks confused to see his boss in the kitchen. Get used to it buddy... he won't give this one up.

Dina is amused by her husband's new obsession but it seems harmless.

Well, mostly harmless. Time to work out buddy! A couple weeks of grilled cheese 3 times a day (we won't count the midnight snacks) has made an impression on Geoffs waistline.

Its slow going compared to his wife but if it means he can keep eating his beloved toasty cheese goodness... he will do it!

This is the end of Rutherford Family Round 1. Will Dina & Geoff settle into domestic bliss now? They still have their single child to consider, but Dina is so close to the top of her athletic career. Would a child get in the way?

Next up is Chastity Gere, former roomate of Gabriel Green. Gabriel is now in Pleasantview with Cassandra so Chastity is living alone... Will she meet someone to tame her crazy lifestyle? Could it be she's just lonely?

**Sorry again for the quality of the pictures. I think I found the setting errors before playing the next house so I hope everything looks better as I put the next family story together**

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Isnt that Dina not Nina?
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Originally Posted by Fearless Butterfly
Isnt that Dina not Nina?

You are correct! I get those two mixed up every time... Thank You. Corrections made...
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Default Gere Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Gere Family.

It can't be the Green/Gere anymore... Gabriel found true love when he was dropped in the Goth backyard by a magical wishing-well. Sounds crazy right? Crazier things have happened and will on this lot... read on!

Chastity rolled 1 child and WOT will be revealed.

Chastity Gere and Gabriel Green had been best friends FOREVER! But only friends... Chastity was happy for her friend... But she was also just a little jealous...

Chastity works hard at her job. She is careful to tone down her personality for the office.

She is very lonely since Gabriel moved out. She didn't realize how quiet a house could be when you are the only person living in it. At least she gets a lot of visitors to her fire house hangout. A repeat visitor is a senior cat named Noodle

Chastity tamed him enough to adopt him.

Another stray she took in is Rover... he's a sweet dopey dog, very friendly and a bit of a doofus. He loves walks and chasing the RC car when Chastity plays with it.

Animal companionship isn't quite enough though so she makes it a point to greet as many walkbys as she can. Maybe she can find a new roomie. Meanwhile its nice to invite them in and play chess or pinball and enjoy human company.

Nice! Two walkbys! *I missed a pic of her turning to Christian Love and Heart Farting for him - you know that thought cloud with hearts around their picture*

Christian comes to visit often! Its apparent they are both attracted to each other. *3 lightning bolts - But he isn't a playable... hmmm...*

Chastity ignores the dog puddle and greets Christian again... *she literally ran outside when he walked onto the lot* she throws caution to the wind and flirts gently with Christian. He accepts the flirt and tells a dirty joke.

Awww, first kiss! Really? They both pop up love hearts after the kiss. *I gave in and had her move him in, 3 lightning bolts wins over the playable rule*

He greets Chastity with a caress as she comes home from work.

Proposal and a quick wedding! The lot will now be the Love Family. *seems pretty apt, these two are REALLY lovey dovey*

They get comfy and settle down to play chess for an evening. Chastity is close to a promotion at work again and needs to practice. Its tough to concentrate though, she is worried about the age difference between her and her new husband. She knows she will lose him sooner than she wants. *As soon as they got married she popped up a fear for Christians death*

Its Chastity's day off the next day and she watches from the window as Christian leaves for work. She has come up with a plan... she will NOT be a young widow.

She made a call and a co-worker of hers in the research lab brought over a specimen that he said would help Christian live longer. She wouldn't even need to tell him how it worked... all he would have to do is milk the cowplant when it was ready.

Sandy Bruty is the first unfortunate victim. Chastity is taking advantage of the habit of townies coming by to play & hang out.

When Christian gets home she tells him there is a surprise for him upstairs in the spare room. She shows him how to milk the cowplant and explains that it makes a tonic that will keep him healthy! She warns him that the plant is part of top-secret research and not to tell anyone.

Baby on the way! Christian loves rubbing her baby belly. Rover has become super protective of Chastity and follows her around all day.

Its been a few weeks and another victim warming up... Chastity wants to be sure Christian doesn't age.

As soon as her "guest" seems to be getting hungry Chastity takes Tosha upstairs and locks her in the room with the cowplant. She takes the bait pretty quick. Christian milks the cowplant again when he gets home from work. Chastity has been careful to only feed the cowplant when her husband is at work. Christian has no idea the "health tonic" requires human victims.

Victim #3... Chastity doesn't even take the time to ask his name. She practices playing chess and leaves him to play with the RC car until he's hungry. *I need to find different maternity outfits... the pregmorphs on this one are wonky. She is hours from giving birth but looks like 1st day again...*

BURP! The cowplant isn't very polite about it's digestion. Chastity grabs the urn and hides it before Christian comes home. He has a few days off in a row so Chastity will be able to wait a few days before feeding the cowplant again. She is pretty sure he is back near his 55th birthday now. Nothing can make him an adult again, but the cowplant milk can keep him at the start of his elder years.

Rover loves chasing the RC car. Christian will play with him for hours in the evenings.

Oops I missed Chastity's shout when she went into labor. Its a boy!

Hi little Eli Love! Looks like he has his mommy's brown hair

This is the end of Round 1, Chastity has been hiding the urns of her victims in a locked storage shed behind the firehouse. The ghosts can't get out either since its on a foundation and has a locked door. Will Christian find out? Will someone connect the disappearing townies to her?

*I didn't want to give away the plot at the beginning of the story the WOT for Chastity was Psychotic Murderer: Invite d12 Sims to the lot; kill them. d6 for consequence: 1). Gets away. 2). Sent to jail for d12 days. 3). Sent to jail for life. 4). Frames another Sim with lowest LT rel. 5).THAT Sim jailed for life. 6). Sim put to death. She rolled 8 for number of victims Ill keep the consequence roll secret for now... *

Next is the Cho/Riley family. WOT is Crime Wave: Burglars come each night. Family cannot afford to install alarm until family funds reaches D100 X 600. They rolled 87 so their family funds will need to be $52,200. Continue summoning burglar until 3 different burglars are caught by police.
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Default Cho/Riley Family Round 1
Welcome to Round 1 of the Cho & Riley Families.

For a change I am going along with a match up that is already set up in the game. Read on to watch the interaction between two single parents and how they all become one family... They have a WOT, which will be revealed later and they rolled 3 children.

Meet Vivian Cho, recently widowed and newcomer to Belladonna Cove.

She is mother to a sweet little toddler named Etsu. Little Etsu is too little to remember her Daddy.

Vivian moved into the apartment across from Timothy Riley. Single father of a little girl named Sally. He is an Intern in nearby Pleasantview.

Vivian and Timothy would bump into each other around the apartment complex on a regular basis. Paying bills & rent. Collecting mail, Neighborhood BBQ's. Timothy would strike up conversation whenever he saw her.

Vivian would babysit Sally after school for Timothy. She was trying to hold off finding a job until Etsu started school, her late husband had a pretty good insurance policy... not a lot, but enough for now.

Vivian drops off Sally with her father one evening and.... Oooh! A heart fart! They are 3 bolts for each other!

Looks like it's mutual. They manage a few quiet dinners together after the girls go to bed. It's hard to date as a single parent... *I had them do 2 "at home" dates a couple late nights in a row... seemed realistic for single parents*

Timothy takes their relationship to the next level. He proposes and they head for the courthouse the next morning. Neither apartment is big enough for a family of four though. They start looking for a family home on the outskirts of town right away.

They found a nice 4 bedroom with a big yard just outside town. It was a stretch to their budget but they got a small mortgage and Timothy helped Vivian get a job in the hospital where he was working. They would have to hire a nanny, but Etsu would be in school soon.

Sally loves the big yard, her hobby enthusiasm is Sports. Timothy set up a soccer net for her, and promised that she could get a basketball hoop soon.

With all the hustle and bustle of moving in, Etsu didn't get to blow out her candles. Everyone enjoyed cake then the family went shopping for some new clothes.

Their combined furniture fills up the new house nicely. They make plans to add more decorative touches later. Both girls start their new school the next day. Timothy promises to help them with their homework and sends them up to bed.

Here is Etsu's room. Simple for now.

Sally's is a mirror image.

Oh no! They just got moved in!!!

The thief took the TV and the bookshelf! She was quiet about it though and no one was awakened.

Vivian can't believe her eyes the next morning. There is no time to deal with it now though.

School for the girls and work for Timothy and Vivian. Vivian almost missed her carpool.

The next night... Timothy's truck is stolen.

He can't believe that they have been hit twice in as many nights.

Timothy and Vivian tried to keep the details from the girls. No sense in scaring them. They keep their promise to help the girls with their homework.

Again!!!??? This is quite a crime spree...

The nice chairs with the chess table...

The piano!

Vivian is at the end of her patience. She loved that piano...

Wait! Etsu's play table too? This has to stop!

That evening Timothy and Vivian discuss the break-ins and getting an alarm system installed. "Its going to take some time to save up for that Honey." Tim said. "Our budget is stretched as it is. We can't even replace my truck or the TV set."

"It's going to take a few promotions for both of us I think." agreed Vivian. "We will have to replace the bare necessities with inexpensive stuff for now and tighten our belts."

They picked up a second hand bookshelf at the Simvation Army

The girls got a new toy box to replace the piano & TV.

Amazing how kids can invent their own games though... perhaps the TV getting stolen wasn't so bad. Etsu brings a friend home from school every day.

The nanny joins in on the soccer with both girls after school. She is pretty good at being attentive and even makes the beds.

Easels for the whole family! A small splurge for creativity points needed for someone's promotion.

Both Vivian and Timothy work late hours. Vivian comes home to her husband still in his work clothes and filling in a wolf-hole.

Timothy and Vivian are both skilling at the chess table that evening when Timothy brings up their financial situation. "I think if we can both get one more promotion we will be able to get that alarm system."

Another break in late that night.

The pool table. Vivian was hoping it would be safe from theft. Oh well, time to get the girls off to school and get to work. She was up for promotion if she can put all this chaos out of her head.

She made it! Timothy came home with a promotion as well.

Timothy doesn't waste a moment. He calls an Alarm service and requests immediate installation. Meanwhile Timothy has a day off the next day so he chooses to stay up all night to keep watch.

Bright and early next morning the alarm company sent someone out to install the alarm system.

Vivian is thrilled to see the alarms when she gets home from work. "Maybe now we can have a few nicer things!" she said hopefully.

They have a couple quiet nights and decide to replace Timothy's truck and also got Vivian a basic car so she can drive the girls to school. Both are alarmed as well.

That night... alarms go off and the police show up in response.

The thief was checking out the new cars... the officer confronts her before she can take either one. A big scuffle...

But she gets away. Nothing was stolen though.

The alarm scared the girls and they are afraid to go back to bed. They eventually zonk out on the sofas.

The next night the thief is back... but its a guy. Big scuffle once again...

This one doesn't get away... it seems they are dealing with a crime ring. The Riley's can't breathe clearly yet...

They make every attempt to get their lives back to something resembling normal and invite the local private school headmaster over for dinner. He isn't impressed by the house decor, but the food was excellent and the schmoozing was top-notch too. Both girls are enrolled and start private school next week.

"We need a vacation!" sighs Timothy that evening. "That would be amazing!" agrees Vivian. "I don't feel comfortable leaving the house unoccupied until this crime ring is shut down though." "Very true, my dear." said Timothy. "We can make some plans and hope all these criminals are caught soon."

This is the end of the Cho/Riley Family Round 1. From now on it will be the Riley family. There might be a Cho family round in the future as Etsu is still Cho. Will the crime ring be caught and shutdown? Will the Riley's finally be able to relax a little and take a vacation?

WOT for this family was Crime Wave: Burglar comes each night (summoned by mod of choice) Family cannot afford to install alarm in house or on cars until household funds reaches D100 X 600. Continue summoning burglar until 3 different burglars are caught by police. D roll was 87 so household funds had to reach $52200.
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