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#7626 Old 3rd Oct 2022 at 5:25 PM
saw a debug super duper hug option while my sims were visiting lesyasun's punch night club
thankfully it didnt contaminate my other lots. a shame tho, i do enjoy their builds.
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#7627 Old 3rd Oct 2022 at 5:27 PM
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#7628 Old 3rd Oct 2022 at 10:22 PM
Default News from Veronaville
Capp Manor

The first thing Juliette did on Saturday morning was send a message of condolence to the British Royal Family on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Then she played The Sims Bustin' Out on her computer. Then the whole family then met, all rather scantily clad, for a breakfast of cereal in the dining room.

Tybalt bought the PaintBoyz gay nightclub, visited it with his friend Jack Gill, made some minor improvements and then sold it back to the community. Tybalt isn't gay, but Jack is, and he wanted to help his friend. When he got home, Tybalt had a pillow fight with Hermia, before helping her with her homework.

Tybalt invited Jack round again. Jack brought Marion Hutchins, who works as a Bunny Girl hostess at Club Dante, with him. Tybalt greeted both of them, but Jack had a pillow fight with Marion and left, without even coming up to the house. Marion however did wander up to the house after Jack left her, and joined the Capp family for the evening meal.

Before going to bed on Saturday night, Juliette asked Jamie Siddons round and asked him to try to tidy up the gardens. He worked all night, well into the small hours, pulling weeds and trimming the hedges, but the amount of work required there is really overwhelming, and a gardener three days a week simply doesn't cut it.

Very early on Sunday morning, Tybalt got up, and bought the downtown Gaia LGBT club. He went there and made some changes that Jack Gill had asked him to make, and, on returning home, sold it back to the community. His wife Lexie greeted him enthusiastically when he got home.

Tybalt wanted to make friends with Hermes Hunter (Miriam Hunter's kid from Bluewater), so he invited him round. He brought another child, townie boy Thomas Hewitt, with him. Hermia invited her on/off boyfriend Puck Summerdream round, partly because Juliette thought she should get to know sister's boyfriend better. Puck also brought a younger friend with him -- young Benedick Monty.

In the late evening, around 11 o'clock various parents arrived to take their children home. Miriam came for Hermes, and townie Willie Worth came to take Thomas Hewitt home. Antonio Monty came for Benedick, but he got side-tracked, and ended up playing chess with Lexie Kauker-Capp (Tybalt's teenage wife) until long after midnight. So Benedick ended up walking home on his own.

Wanting to sleep together, Tybalt and Lexie went to bed in the bed in the front courtyard that was set up for their wedding night. It's not really satisfactory, but without major alterations, there's no room for a double bed in Tybalt's room. It makes it all the more urgent that they move out to their own place. They plan to buy 7 Chorus Court where they will be next door neighbours to Gloria and Andrew (and their husbands). Tybalt and Lexie, like most Veronavillians, usually sleep in their underwear, but tonight they wore pyjamas, seeing they were sleeping outside.

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#7629 Old 4th Oct 2022 at 12:10 AM
My game computer won't turn on; or rather, it turns on, then makes a grinding noise and turns off, then turns itself on, makes a grinding noise, etc. So it's in the shop for the next couple of days.
The least of many frustrations and setbacks I'm having, but a real one.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#7630 Old 4th Oct 2022 at 6:39 AM
Originally Posted by simsample

oh!! thank you very much <3
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#7631 Old 4th Oct 2022 at 2:34 PM
I've been playing a megahood of the three base game neighborhoods, and I thought it might be fun to do a "Where are they now?" update on the premade families. I'm on about day 18, I think, so my oldest elders are just now passing away and my oldest adults becoming elders. I'll just start with the Pleasantview families, so this won't get too long.

The Goths: Mortimer and Bella passed, so it's Cassandra, Alexander, and Achilles in the mansion. Cassandra has isolated herself since kicking Don out and she quit her job. She is still in love with Darren and spends most of her time alone, either studying or thinking about him. Alexander is laser focused on his law career. He had one good date with Jill Smith, but that seems to have fizzled out, and he doesn't think about marriage much at all. Achilles is very close to his dad, and has taken after him in both looks and aspiration (although he seems much sweeter and less of a player). Right now, he's the only Goth heir, but it's questionable whether he will choose to shut himself away in the mansion like his mother and uncle have or whether he'll want a life more like his father's.

The Pleasants have become the quintessential all-American family since Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating and they both turned their lives around. They are now a loving couple, both elders, and doting grandparents to little Adam. Angela and Dustin are devoted to each other. They adopted a pug dog and a cat, and Dustin is training them both for jobs. Dustin has really straightened his life out and recently became interested in entering politics. Lilith is invited over occasionally, and even if that relationship is still strained, it has improved a lot since she married Mercutio. No drama there.

The Burbs are a different story. John has always "worked from home" but then he came down with a protracted illness and is pretty much an invalid now. Jennifer got restless during his illness and found herself in the arms of a much younger man: Romeo Monty. Theirs has been a stormy relationship, since Jennifer refuses to leave John while he's sick, but they keep going back to each other. Of course, John has some inkling of what's going on and hates Romeo. Lucy has graduated from college, got her own house, and is husband hunting. The youngest, David, is now a teen.

I recently updated on the Dreamer-Broke situation. In brief, Darren and Brandi fell on hard financial times and they, with their son Dylan, had to move in with Dirk and Bianca Monty in their large house in Veronaville. Everyone seems to be adjusting, and Darren's paintings are selling very well. Beau has just graduated from college. He had his pick of young ladies who were interested in him, but he chose to get engaged to Cleo Curious, alien daughter of Pascal. They don't have high chemistry but seem compatible in other ways, so I wish them luck. Bobby is still in college.

Finally, the Lothario-Caliente families: Nina died a long time ago under suspicious circumstances. Dina has always suspected suicide. After Nina's death, Dina sold the condo and moved Downtown to pursue her career as an Adventurer. She roomed with Jonah Powers and Roxie Sharpe for a while. Nina's death also brought Dina and Don back together, and they restarted their affair. Cassandra got fed up with Don staying out all night and divorced him. With the divorce settlement, Don was able to buy a very modern loft-style house downtown, and he moved Dina in with him. He quit his job at the hospital to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a Professional Party Guest. He also pursues many women in his free time, but Dina is his primary partner. It doesn't seem likely that they will have children at this point, but you never know.
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#7632 Old 4th Oct 2022 at 9:08 PM
I tried getting into my game today and was only able to remain in the game for a very short time though it did start up faster with a Mod disabling that message about no assosiated districts added to my town.I ended up loading my Pleasantview game and only got to edit the rooftops for both of my Pleasantview lots.I switched from the old design to straw style rooftops for both lots as it looked more realistic for a 17th century colonial settlement.
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4th Oct 2022 at 11:12 PM
This message has been deleted by AnMal. Reason: wrong thread
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#7633 Old 5th Oct 2022 at 1:31 PM
I'm a bit sad because I was playing the Grunts and Tank's dog Midnight was called over the Rainbow Bridge. I didn't even realize he was an elder although I should have, because he had gray on his muzzle. Tank just adopted him in the background at the pet store one day, but I got really attached to that goofy dog, and so did Tank. He had a really bad day because in addition to his dog dying, he missed the carpool, stood up a date, and had to attend a birthday party for his little brother given by his dad and his dad's wife, Stella, who he's so in love with. Poor Tank.
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#7634 Old 5th Oct 2022 at 2:37 PM
It's summer in Badlands, and people are having trouble keeping cool!

There's no stopping the fish fighting, though!
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#7635 Old 5th Oct 2022 at 5:16 PM
Fish slapping til the feathers fly! Love that. But is goth-girl-in-red unaffected by the heat? She shows up twice in the pics rescuing others and looking a bit deranged - she'd be the villain in my psychological thriller.
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#7636 Old 5th Oct 2022 at 6:45 PM
Originally Posted by AnMal
But is goth-girl-in-red unaffected by the heat? She shows up twice in the pics rescuing others and looking a bit deranged - she'd be the villain in my psychological thriller.

She likes playing video games, so stays indoors more. The two she rescues are her parents and they like the juice bar or the hot tub, both of which are outdoors! They are an attractive family, aren't they?
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#7637 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 2:18 AM
I was playing another family and spotted General Buzz in the pet shop, autonomously adopting a new dog for Tank. He really is a softie at heart. I went in and checked on them. She is another elder dog and also seems like a real goofball--her name is Ziggy. Tank wanted to play fetch with her right away. Any family that adopts elder pets can't be all bad, right? Maybe Tank should stop chasing after his dad's wife now.
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#7638 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 2:38 AM Last edited by Peni Griffin : 7th Oct 2022 at 5:15 AM.
I got my computer back! Yay! And I bought new mice for both computers because the old ones were becoming unreliable. I put the machine back together, and the new mouse has a short cord, which necessitated my moving the tower. It's a little awkward and will clearly require some futzing to work out the best place for it.

First up was the home of Tessa Ramirez, her fiancee Meadow Thayer, and her lover Orlando Bertino (with whom she's furious, but in love). Orlando had bought a lot of stuff at the bakery and it wouldn't stop raining, and Tessa wanted a wedding party, so I figured instead of taking an outing to Wedding Beach, as originally planned, Tessa would throw a party. I rearranged the living room to fit the arch, got the place cleaned up and the toilet unclogged, set the Cherry Chip Valentine Cake (obviously bought for the occasion!) on the counter ready to serve, called the party, and my cat got up in my face. So I saved and tried to figure out what she wanted. When I returned, I moved the computer back a bit, and it turned off.

Hmph! Apparently the tower ran up against the shelf underneath the desk (where I keep all my program disks, manuals, etc.) and that turned the power switch off, but when I got Windows loaded again the audio didn't work, though it had before. Somehow the speaker plug came loose, I guess. So the game's loading again now and I suppose I should be grateful to my cat for prompting me to save when I did. The moral of the story, brethren and sistren, is to always save the game when interrupted, not just pause it, no matter what the interruption or how soon you expect to come back from it!

Update: The game loads again. The wedding party goes off without a hitch and is a roof-raiser. I decide I will do two more things and shut down for the night: move Jason Larson's family into the new house I built for them, and get Malcolm's alien baby born. I hadn't moved Jason et al into the new house when I moved them out because I miscalculated how much money they'd have left, so they were sitting in the family bin about $10K short. I put them on an empty lot, kachinged them until it looked like they'd have enough and some over to buy new beds and change some furniture to meld with the new decor, saved, went to neighborhood, compared their worth to the new house, moved them out, found they were still about $5K short! The game hadn't paid them for the empty lot! Firk ding blast and screw you, too, game. So, back in they went, some more kachinging, and this time when they moved out they had enough. I moved them in, unloaded their inventories, arranged the furniture and bought the necessary, saved, went across the street to the Landgraab beach house.

There I got both sets of twins off to school while Malcolm snoozed. Delores was puttering around the house when he hollered from - of course - the upstairs bathroom. Up we went to see the last Landgraab baby born, looking forward to only having one for a change, and the pop-up told me that two new babies were on the way. I am absolutely certain that Malcolm hasn't had any cheesecake, but all right, it's not as if they don't know how to do this and hey, that's two chances for Malcolm V, right? So Malcolm has one alien baby, walks down to the nursery to put it in its cradle, has another, and then stands there holding it and looking rather pleased with himself (Delores went to take out the trash; all this happened before the maid arrived) and I was told to name a baby boy and a baby girl. The boy was a foregone conclusion, but I went to my baby name book for Mal names for girls, since Mallory was already taken. The first one I saw was Malvina, which means "smooth brow," so, no, that is a stupid name for a Landgraab. But the second one I saw was Malcolmina and yeah, that is exactly something Malcolm would do. I typed them in and moved my hand to the mouse to save.

And the game crashed.

I cannot believe this and yet, I have to. One of the things fixed on the computer was a bad power supply and that had made me happy - because that seemed like a really good reason for increased random crashing like I'd been having, and it seemed more than probable that I'd stop having so much. But apparently not. So I guess Malcolm will have new twins (watch them both be girls this time) tomorrow evening and I still won't have a clue how to troubleshoot this problem because there is no common factor whatsoever that I can detect to this crashing. Small families, big families, residences, apartments, community lots, minimal CC, lots of CC, high polys, low polys, air conditioning on, air conditioning off, machine turned off between sessions, machine left on - some conditions crash a little bit more but they all crash sometimes and play smoothly others and I don't know what to do. Except for the one time everything turned white at the Kwiki Mart, there is never any warning - no funny noises, no flashing, nothing! It doesn't even always crash the same way. Sometimes it starts making a stuck-record beepy sound, sometimes it doesn't; sometimes I get the "this application has crashed" pop-up (but I have to alt-tab to get to it), sometimes I don't; sometimes when I don't get the pop-up it crashes to desktop but other times (far more frequently) won't let me alt-tab to anything but a black screen with the toolbar along the bottom in the wrong size, CTL+ALT+DEL doesn't respond, and the only way to get out is to turn the machine off manually, which yes, I know isn't good for the machine but nothing else will do anything.

Sorry; if I had any hope whatever of anybody being able to suggest anything useful to try I'd take this rant to the help forum, but there simply isn't anything to hang a test on so I find myself venting here.

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#7639 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 8:37 AM
@Peni Griffin -I've been though what you went though when my current computer ended up need a new fan nine years ago because the original one was faulty and had brokenMy computer was overheating back then until I had it sent to the repar shop for a new fan.I've loaded my game up recently on it and changed the rooftops in my Pleasantview game to ones that were more historically accurate to the 17th century colonial settlement.
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#7640 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 12:30 PM
I thought I might update on what's been happening with my Veronaville families since I started replaying my megahood. There are only three families, but there are a lot of Sims, and they have been very busy. Except for Albany and Goneril Capp's family, I started them out by moving all the Capps in the bin into the main Capp house and all the Montys into the main Monty house, so those houses started out very crowded but have since dispersed. I also moved each family from their original house into one of equivalent value but somewhat easier to play.

I'll start with the Montys since they are have had the least drama. The Montys are a very close-knit family. Most of them stayed in Veronaville and work in the family's restaurant business. In the main house, Antonio is the restauranteur. He has remarried a townie named Sharon (who might be better known by her original name, Crystal Vu), and they are expecting. Also living there is Romeo, still single and hung up on Jennifer Burb; he is living off the family wealth and painting a lot. And Benedick, newly graduated from college and just figuring out his life. Living nearby is Bianca Monty, who married Dirk Dreamer and then his whole family moved in with them; last I saw her, she was in a bad way because she was having a hard time getting pregnant. Also nearby is the country house where Mercutio lives with his wife Lilith Pleasant, their son Banquo, and the two dogs Mercutio has trained as service dogs. Beatrice married Hal Capp out of college and moved with him to Pleasantview.

There are two branches of the Capp family: those who stayed in Consort's good graces and those he disowned. When he was alive, Consort ruled his family with an iron hand and made enemies with anyone who defied him. Those who remained with Consort were his daughter Regan, who took over the family business after he retired; her husband Cornwall, who ran the criminal side of the family's business; and his grandson Tybalt, who is working to increase the political power and local reputation of the family. Tybalt has remained single and spends most of his time networking. Regan and Cornwall had a son, Alonzo, who is basically a spoiled rich kid and managed to get to be a teen without acquiring one skill point.

Consort's son Kent was the first to be disowned, I guess for being a little odd (and maybe for being gay, I don't know). Kent crashed on the Summerdreams' couch for a while, which is where he got abducted by aliens. He moved to Strangetown to raise his alien daughter, where he met Nervous, and they are now married. Next was Juliette, who defied Consort at every turn. She is now married to Ripp Grunt, and they live the bohemian lifestyle with their son, Mick. Finally, Hermia dated Puck Summerdream all through high school but broke up with him in college when he cheated on her during Jill Smith's wild freshman year. She started going with a townie teen I sent to college with them named Damion, but Consort refused to let them marry because Damion was a "nobody." Hermia and Damion eloped, and now they live in Pleasantview in extreme poverty, with one child and another on the way. Damion works for the Montys, a job he got through his friendship with Dirk.

Also on the outs with Consort was Albany, who refused to have anything to do with the Capp's dirty business when he married Goneril. They were exiled to the countryside to raise their four children in relative poverty. Eventually, things got so tough that Goneril secretly went to Regan to ask for a job. She started working closely with Cornwall, and they started having an affair. Goneril thought Albany was ignorant of all this, but maybe not so much, because someone unknown poisoned Cornwall. Goneril and Albany fought over this and broke up. Goneril went back to live in Capp manor. Her eldest daughter Miranda was recruited to run the criminal branch of the Capp family business after Consort died and has recently been turned into a vampire by one of her lovers, so she now lives downtown in the House of the Fallen Trees and isn't really played anymore. For his part, Albany moved in with his son Hal--who is very much like him--and started seeing Jenny Smith after she was widowed. Desdemona just graduated from college and also lives there for the time being. It's a good thing Beatrice values family so much, since so many of her in-laws are living with her now! Ariel is still in college.

Finally, the Summerdreams had a third child named Sylvia. That was when Titania started her affair with Consort, which lasted until he died. She was so grieved by his death that she confessed all to Oberon and changed her aspiration to Romance. Oberon was going through a tough time just then, as he had recently been abducted by aliens and had a baby, and then he was almost killed in a fire, so he had his own mental breakdown. Kent invited Titania to stay with him and Nervous while Oberon got himself together, and also asked her to act as surrogate for the baby he and Nervous want. Meanwhile, Sylvia as a teen pretty much singlehandedly took care of Oberon's daughter, since he wasn't capable. Bottom is now back at home from college to help at least. Puck married Erin Beaker, who he is completely gaga over, and they got their own house and a cat. Erin got into debt with the Capps from some sports betting she did, so out of love, Puck took a job with them as a bookie to help pay back those debts.

I think that's all of the original Veronaville Sims. I've never played with them so long before. They have been really fun to play.
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#7641 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 1:35 PM
Peni, you haven't mentioned whether or not your graphics card is over-heating during this? How about your power supply or your fan?

It might be that if your power supply is inadequate/over-powering for the job, your graphics card will fail/falter/crash, and that will cause the computer to overheat and make a crash without having a warning. A cascading effect, so to speak.

Mine has been doing that-the graphics card is second-hand and old, and when it gets over-stressed, it will crash out. I'm going to have to change graphics cards eventually, because that's the leading problem in most games-if the graphics card is weak, old or over-stressed, your games will reflect that.

Of course I could be wrong and you've already done your best to keep it all together. But it is very frustrating.

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#7642 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 5:56 PM
Overheating has occurred to me, but the repair ticket was very open-ended and they discovered that the disc drives were malfunctioning and replaced both of them in addition to the power supply, so I think they'd have noticed a wonky fan. The tower never feels hot to the touch and the crashing is not diminished by air conditioning, nor does it increase in the hot months or decrease in the cool months (though to be fair, in January, we have a space heater going a little closer than I feel good about to the tower; but January is the only really cold month we've got).

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#7643 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 7:42 PM
@Peni Griffin You could monitor your system temps as you play, that will tell you something. I have been using HWMonitor for many years- I have it set to run when I boot the computer, and I keep it on permanently. Tells me at a glance whether my system temps or voltages are changing. You can download it free, you want the classic version bottom left of the page (the pro version is a pay one):
This program keeps a track of the maximum and minimum temperatures in that session, so if you get a crash you can look to see if the max temps spiked. It will tell you various system temperatures, depending upon what your mainboard is equipped with. For my computer, I just tend to look at the graphics and CPU temperatures.
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#7644 Old 7th Oct 2022 at 8:51 PM
@Peni Griffin -It's poosible a faulty replacement part got installed and that could be why the computer is still acting up.Mine is ten years old and still working though the hard drive is filling up and I should buy more storage for my computer.
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#7645 Old 8th Oct 2022 at 4:11 AM
Well, I installed HWMonitor and fired the game up. I got back into the Landgraab house and got the twins born - both sexes this time, thank goodness, though now Malcolm is the second born rather than the first - the girls home from school and fed and motives up, saving frequently and periodically alt tabbing over to check the CPU temperature. Everything seemed to be going well, so I decided to challenge the situation and court situations that seem slightly more likely to prompt crashes (but I've kept no records and may have selective memory on the subject, because it's even more frustrating than usual when a crash happens in these situations): I had Malcolm take Melora to Electronic Boogaloo to get acquainted with the family business, and while there I gussied up a townie, which crashes I've instituted a rule about that I can only use the "buy clothes" feature on a home lot and on a community lot can only use clothes already in a sim's wardrobe. I saved prior to doing it, but it went off without a hitch. They closed the business, and I sent them to a second, unowned lot, and that's when the crash came.

The numbers meant even less to me than numbers usually do, but taking them and the computer stats across the hall I did a search, and for each factor the utility measures temperature for, the maximum temperature each element in my machine reached today was well under maximum for that element, at least 20 degrees Celsius, So I think I can stop worrying about overheating - unless the maximum temperature deteriorates a little with each time it overheated, and it overheated many times in the past.

As for defective replacement parts - I don't know how to test that, but I think we can exempt the disc drives from consideration! Anyway, we've done quite enough tech talking in a non-help thread.

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#7646 Old 8th Oct 2022 at 9:56 AM
Peni, in your circumstances, I think I would try creating a new 'hood, with just 1 or 2 playable Sims and about as many townies, and play it quite intensively to see if you get crashes. Include a couple of community lots for them to visit -- Mootilda's minimart is ideal. If you do get crashes, then it must be something (hardware or software) in the computer system that's causing the problem. If you don't, I'd have to reluctantly conclude that some sort of corruption has crept into Turpitudia, possibly as a result of previous computer problems.

Be careful though. As I'm sure you know, probably better than I do, it's all too easy to find yourself emotionally invested in a Sim that you thought was only there to test something. My original plan was to play Veronaville as a "throwaway" 'hood till I got the hang of this new game. I soon found that I couldn't live without Andrew!

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The Veronaville kids are alright.
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#7647 Old 8th Oct 2022 at 2:27 PM
Here's what's been happening in Pleasantview:
- Bobby Broke graduated from college, took out Desdemona Capp, and they decided to throw caution to the wind and get married. Marry in haste, repent in leisure.
- Beau and Cleo decided to move to Strangetown to be closer to Cleo's family.
- Hermia and Damion had their second child, a girl named Elizabeth.
- Beatrice is pregnant with her and Hal's first.
- John Burb's illness is getting worse, while Jennifer continues to recklessly see Romeo every chance she gets. She tried to set up her daughter Lucy with her colleague Alexander Goth. It appears to have been successful because Alexander invited Lucy over, and they ended up woohooing.
- Cassandra also invited Darren over and they too, at long last, woohooed. Twice.
- And the Pleasants threw a lavish birthday party for the beloved grandchild, Adam.

Here's what's been happening in Veronaville:
- Tybalt got abducted by aliens.
- Bianca finally got pregnant but couldn't take care of her needs and tragically died.
- Romeo finally started working in the family restaurant business. And John finally found out about his affair with Jennifer when he happened to run over to chastise Antonio for using the telescope in the daytime and saw them together.

For everyone else, it was life as usual.

I still have to update everything that's been happening to my Strangetown families. There's been a lot going on there as well.
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#7648 Old 9th Oct 2022 at 5:49 PM Last edited by sturlington : 9th Oct 2022 at 6:40 PM.
Sorry for the double posting; I did want to update my Strangetown families and get everyone to about the same place in time, so perhaps consider this a continuation of my previous post.

The Beakers: Loki achieved his LTW of becoming a Mad Scientist and is permanent platinum. He and Circe have a teen daughter named Hela who looks exactly like Loki--if you put her in short hair, you cannot tell them apart. Despite her unfortunate looks, she does have a boyfriend, one of the Smith twins.

Edwin Sharpe was Nervous's first husband but left him because Olive always picked on him and he couldn't get the job he wanted in Strangetown. He lived Downtown with his sister Roxie and her boyfriend Jonah for a while, and did find a job in the Medical career, but then lost that job. The only job available was as a Test Subject, which included room and board. By then, Edwin was fed up with his sister's swinging lifestyle, so he took the job, not realizing the room was in Loki's basement and he wouldn't be allowed to leave. Yes, Edwin is the Beakers' new test subject. He has a bit of Stockholm syndrome going on, as he swoons over Loki every time he sees him.

The Grunts: General Buzz, having accepted his intense attraction to aliens, is happily married to Stella Terrano, and they have a young son. Tank also lives with them and is desperately in love with Stella, but he mostly keeps his feelings under wraps by working out a lot and playing with his dog. Buzz just got him a new dog after his first one died of old age.

Buck has been dating Jill Smith since high school, and their relationship has weathered her more "adventurous" phases, so he figured it was time to pop the question. The wedding was held at the Smiths', a huge party that counted as a family reunion for Jenny. Also living at the Smiths are the teen twins, James and Jade, and Lola, who is about to become a single mom. The father is Ajay Loner. Pollination Tech passed some time ago, and Johnny lives in Veronaville with his wife Ophelia and their two boys.

Ajay lives right down the road from the Smiths with his long-time girlfriend, Kristen Loste. Living next door is Lola's sister Chloe with her three-bolt lover, Mickey Dosser. They have a very open relationship, and in fact, Lola is one of Mickey's multiple loves. Ajay is quite hypocritically angry at Lola about that at the moment.

The Curious boys remained single. Pascal just became an elder without ever having a single romantic want in his life, so I decided he was asexual, which is why he didn't get together with Nervous this time. Vidcund's casual girlfriend is the maid, Genesis, who he has three bolts with; I guess he really digs her cleaning skill. He tried almost every night to get abducted by aliens but they never wanted him. Lazlo, however, got abducted on his first try and has an alien daughter named Celeste. He hasn't been as lucky finding a woman who will put up with him, though.

Nervous has remarried Kent Capp, and they live in the Specter house with Kent's alien daughter, Soleil. Kent recently asked Titania Summerdream to act as surrogate for them, and she had twins! They are named Joey and Kitty. Kent is the biological father. After Nervous officially adopted them, Titania moved back to Veronaville, as she and Oberon have come to a mutual understanding about their relationship now.

Now I think I've got everyone's story more or less up-to-date with where my game is.
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The Broke Household (Brandi, Dustin, Beau and Eric) - Brandi is still trying to write a novel in between being a mother and trying to not lose her mind. She is depressed, stressed and overwhelmed but she is trying to be a good mother and do the best she can. She met Darren Dreamer at the park and they really hit it off! She developed a crush there. Little Eric became a toddler! Dustin is trying to get in Uni but it may not be possible but try he shall. Beau is also very studious already. Both Brandi and Dustin manage to teach Eric all his toddler skills!

Brandi and Darren go on a date downtown to a restaurant. They fall in love, woohoo and it's a dream date! Dustin reaches the top of the teen criminal career track (that he does not want to be a part of). Angela and Dustin go on a date to the Crypt O' Night Club. They woohoo, they dine, it's a great date.

Darren comes over and him and Brandi woohoo. She is upset that she did not get pregnant. I left off with the game telling me Dustin and Beau have a snow day, so hopefully i'll remember next round lol! Since I left them at like 7:03 am or something.

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Default News from Veronaville
36 Greaves Avenue, Downtown Veronaville (Gieke) 8th October 2022
On Friday morning Chester got up and made his bed. He invited Donald Fraser for breakfast. While he was waiting for Donald, Veronique Wharton 'phoned. Chester had to hang up to answer the door when Donald arrived with a friend. Donald brought Robert Briggs from Monopolis with him. Chester made toaster pastries for them.

Later in the day Fiona Meikle came by and Chester invited her in. Robert went home after lunch, but Chester, Donald and Fiona went out in the evening to the One-Twenty-Five Cafe. From there Chester went alone to the Custer Minimart, where he bought groceries and met up with Fiona again, He then went with Fiona and Regan Capp to the Veronaville Swim Centre, but he returned home alone.

Back home he invited two more teens, Edgar Edwards and Hugh Simm round. He and Edgar (whom he had visited when he was ill) became best friends. He tried to persuade Edgar to be a little nicer. The boys went out to play chess in the garden. Very late in the night he invited them in again for a very early breakfast of cereal.

Capp Manor 9th-10th October 2022

Monday morning started quite normally. There was no school so the girls stayed at home. Consort went to work, and a repairman came and fixed the broken upstairs bath. And the gardener came and left quite early, saying that there wasn't much to do.

In the afternoon Juliette invited both Romeo and his sister Viola over. And Val Briggs, the town planner in Monopolis also came by. After greeting all the visitors Juliette made out with Romeo on the garden seat by the front gate. Juliette and Hermia talked things over in the kitchen. The state of the garden. The lack of a double bedroom for Tybalt and Lexie. The length of the path to the front gate. The fact that most visitors wait at the gate instead of coming up to the house, etc., etc., etc.

April decided that they needed to stock up with groceries, as they're a big family at Capp Manor, and they do a lot of entertaining. The need was reduced a bit when Lexie brought a basket in when she returned from work, but April decided that they still needed some more to completely restock the fridge. After completing her shopping, instead of returning home, she went to the bar and bought herself a drink. (Maybe this was her real reason for going shopping?!) Then she started playing darts with new Veronaville resident Veronique Wharton. (Veronique has recently moved into Poet Place with her husband Ryan and teenage daughter Lorraine. She would like to have another baby, but family finances are tight.) Una Moore, whose husband owns the shop in Poet Place, was at the bar. After the game, April had a drink with Veronique and called for a taxi to go home.

Back home, she kissed an underpants-clad Consort, while Romeo looked away. The house was full of visitors. Ursula Oates, Val Briggs, Eliza Roland and Viola Monty were all chatting in the entrance hall while Tybalt was trying to snooze on the sofa.

Realizing that his cramped accommodation at Capp Manor was no place for married life with Lexie, Tybalt looked online for a place of their own. Having found at least a temporary place to stay in downtown Mendoza Lane (next door to Bianca Monty), he and Lexie moved out. It was all getting a bit much for Juliette. Looking very worn for her tender years, she snoozed on a cheap armchair that someone had bought. She has acne too.

In the big downstairs double bed, Consort and April had woohoo. April thinks she's pregnant.

[There was so much happening I went on and played the next day]
When she got up on Tuesday morning April took a pregnancy test, which confirmed that she is pregnant. The girls lit the bedroom fire for her and made her breakfast, which she ate with Consort. She changed into warmer clothes than she normally wears. And Consort stayed home from work (using a Vacation Day).

Then, late morning Juliette found cockroaches in the garden near the flower beds. She called out an exterminator who got rid of them, but she was afraid she might have trod on them and caught something off them.

Consort wasn't taking any chances: his wife was carrying his unborn baby. She wasn't going to stay in a house where there might be 'flu. He found a new temporary place to go to, and moved out with April.

Juliette stood waving as her grandfather walked out of the front door.
They went down the steps . . .
. . . and down the long front path . . .
. . . out through the big iron gates. They got into a yellow taxi and drove off. Away from Capp Manor, which had been Consort's home ever since he married Contessa many years before.

That left just Juliette and Hermia alone in the big house. It had always been intended that Consort and April would move out and move to 95 Bard Boulevard, but April's pregnancy, and the cockroach infection accelerated things. For the moment Consort and April have moved to temporary accommodation downtown.

Juliette and Hermia wanted to invite Romeo and Puck round, but in view of the possibility that Juliette might have 'flu, they decided just to phone them, and see how Juliette is in the morning. Juliette transferred the money to Consort which will allow him to buy 95 Bard Boulevard.

The girls have mixed emotions. It's good to be free from grand-parental control, but they miss Consort's presence in the house. He's just always been there. It does indeed feel like the end of an era.

And the girls feel the weight of responsibility on their young shoulders.

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