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Anaïs Déry and Nessa Acret
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I love the way you've set up that group shot, Liv94 Your picture is great too, Essa, but then your pictures always are! :-)

Everyone has such nice pictures :-)
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Thank you for your nice words Lauratje86.
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#229 Old 21st Apr 2011 at 9:34 AM
Some pictures from the wedding of Dustin Broke and Blossom Moonbeam (now Broke, obviously).

Their first (slow) dance. Dustin leans in for the kiss:


Regular dancing. I learned tonight that sims do some pretty interesting dance moves (prior to tonight, I haven't watched the dancing all that closely):

#230 Old 29th Jun 2011 at 7:09 AM
Wedding of Yoko and Hamish

Hamish's old girlfriend Rebecca was a bit the greeneyed monster!

But was soon consoled by Michael, and Rebeccas daughter in the background thought it a bit gross!

And then Hamish realized what he lost

At least someone Congratualted him, Eva Wayne, the richest woman in town

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Here's the wedding of my 3rd generation legacy heir, Logan Wade, to Lucy Hanby.

Uploaded with

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While Sadie was planning the guest list, Clovis was pointing out that all of her relatives hate him - she has such a huge family, and he's been such an active Romance sim, that most of them have seen him out with at least one other woman. Also, do they want to alter his tux to maternity for a single use, when they need every penny to add a nursery big enough for two kids? So they opt for a quiet civil ceremony.

Romancers both, they got red memories but, since they had no fear of marriage to each other at that time, and I'd locked wants to marry each other, they went straight to dream date and platinum. And stayed there, since she pointed out that there's no danger of her getting pregnant for awhile yet!

"So - no rubber?"
"Never again, if you get your tubes tied and never look through another telescope."
They've both been remarkably mellow throughout this process. Probably because I gave her a family secondary and have been diligently fulfilling as many wants as I could without disrupting the relationship. (No, Clovis, you are not going to call any of your old girlfriends on your wedding morning!) Each of them happened to pick up the phone when one of the other's old lovers called. I was curious whether that would spark a "caught cheating" event, but it didn't; which is good, because they've both got a lot of people to break up with yet.

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The wedding of Malcolm Landgraab IV and Joanna Mole, daughter of John and Lauren Mole:

Joanna's parents happily watch from the front row...they're happy because they're going from living in a small two-bedroom house to the Landgraab mansion!

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The wedding of Melanie Wade and Renaud Mellon:

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Here's a shot of the bride. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her.

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They loved this custom cake I downloaded, but I thought it was a bit amusing when it came time to clean up. Now that's balance! lol

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And they figured since the whole family's there and it's time for little Ethan to grow up, why not make it a wedding/birthday? Can there be too much cake?

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All of my weddings are the same. I need more creative wedding ideas. :/
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wow, all these pictures are amazing.. =) compliments to all.. =)
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The Asher Mellon & Lindsay Grundstrom wedding:

The bride

The ceremony (in the pouring rain):

The toast:

Bride, groom, and mother-in-law having cake:

The slow dance:
#238 Old 22nd Jul 2011 at 8:37 PM
lauratje86 - Gareth and Lindsay look amazing ^^ I love Lindsay's wedding dress.
selfmadequeen - I'm thinking of marrying Dustin and Angela too, even if in my game Angela has a son from a relationship back in College.They look so cute together ^^
Liv94 - I love the last photo, the family portrait ^^ And the bride's veil.
Essa - The water that I see in the background makes the photo so cool. And of course, Anad and Nessa look so sophisticated.
FemGamerPlayer - Cute couple ^^
ekrubynaffit - You have an interesting story behind those pictures ^^
Croutonian - Oh, such a cute wedding ^^
my4monkeys25 - The last photo of Logan and Lucy (I think their names match too) looks so romantic.And Melanie is gorgeous in her wedding dress.
Peni Griffin - Funny thing about Clovis seeing so many women that the bride's family already hates him )
AlexandraSpears - I really like how Malcolm looks in his costume ^^

Four photos from Don and Nina's wedding.

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@up: Thank you My brides hardly ever wear veils, because my weddings are mostly very very modest :] For example this one:

Mirosław Martin+Ofelia Wrońska-Rycerz

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Joe Thimble from my legacy finally decides to marry Allyn Thompson (townie).
He decides to dance kiss her after the night time ceremony.

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Liv94 - The last photo with the groom and the bride is so beautiful ^^ The two of them look so young.
Aserette - So sweet ^^ I like the bride's dress.

Cassandra Goth finally married Darren Dreamer, after Don Lothario broke the engagement.
#242 Old 3rd Aug 2011 at 12:41 PM
Wedding of Jaxon Wayne and Bella Riley

These two have been in love since High School and all the way through College

Backyard Ceremony, and as they had just finished uni and bought a starter house, money was quite tight, so small but perfect for them.

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ekrubynaffit - I think your Bella and my Lilith have common preferences ^^ They shared the same hairstyle for their weddings ^^ But I like Bella's eyes more.

Lilith Pleasand and Oliver Broke's wedding.They met a week ago and they're already getting married.
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#244 Old 3rd Aug 2011 at 10:38 PM
Beautiful wedding pictures everyone!

#245 Old 3rd Aug 2011 at 11:45 PM
Lady Scarlett - ha ha great minds! Spent ages last night trying to find nice updos for weddings, as Im going to be having alot coming up and didnt want them all looking the same! Bella though is my favourite sim at the moment. She even features as a child in my other wedding pic as the girl not liking her mother getting it on with Michael, who ended up being her step father later.

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#246 Old 4th Aug 2011 at 3:25 AM
Ahhhh all of your sims are so gorgeous I can't even address one of them; they're all too lovely.

Sorry, they're a bit mixed up.
Olive & Garette:

They're grandparents now ^-^


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#247 Old 4th Aug 2011 at 5:39 AM
Meg - I love the bodice of Olives dress and dying to see the rest!! And Garettes really cutesy with his glasses and shaggy hair!

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#248 Old 6th Aug 2011 at 4:13 AM
Joe and Baise McCrook.

From the McCrook Legacy.

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#249 Old 20th Aug 2011 at 12:44 AM
Wedding of Jaylem Brown to Jessica Wayne

Straight after the wedding they decided to cuddle on the grass.

Jessicas Mum, Lois Wayne sewed Jessicas dress on the sewing table, Jessica giving her a big hug for it.

They had their mate, Jay as their photographer

Let them eat Cake!!
Have been watching with some form of amusement, My big fat gypsy wedding! So one of my sim couples is going to have one, watch this space!! Lets see how OTT we can get!

Rome wasn't built in a day

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RoughRider's former bassist Ian Howlett getting hitched on July 9th, 1991. There were 4 bottles of Siberian Vodka in that wedding cake, As expected, later him and his wife Emily Hartman were found in the hallway spooning, fast asleep. Good thing the marriage was already consummated.
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