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The Bachelor: General Buzz Grunt
“The General likes to have his clocks set to military time. He used to enjoy barbershop quartet singing, but that is classified information.” – Biography

General Buzz Grunt is looking for love, in this season’s “The Bachelor”. He’s a divorced father and has three sons, Ripp, Tank, and Buck. Buzz comes from a long line of Generals, and so it’s no surprise he has a militant attitude toward parenting. He’s looking for someone who can accept his family’s Rough-N-Tough attitude, but also for someone who can give well needed medical attention toward his broken heart.

This Bachelor enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and commanding on the front. He has a fascination with the aliens, and enjoys the vast expansion that is Strangetown.

“He often enforces exercise for Tank and I, but has a tendency to baby Buck, even though he’s the one who really needs it.” Ripp Grunt said, when asked about the parenting styles of his father.

The days are long, but satisfying for the Grunt family, and General Buzz is eager to have a mother figure for his young “soldiers” – especially because Lyla is gone now. He realizes that the journey to find love is going to be a hard one, but as always he’s up to the challenge.

Time to say goodbye to the family, because tomorrow night he’ll be meeting 25 eligible bachelorettes!

Tank, Ripp, and Buck are going to be left home to live on as normal, seeing as they have no extended family. Let’s hope they’re well behaved.

After countless hours of flashy limo rides, and off-screen airplane flights, he’s finally arrived at the discreet location which is the setting of “The Bachelor”. Buzz looked around the mansion, disappointed by the lack of camo, but he’s enthralled to be here.

“This outfit is incredibly uncomfortable, there’s not enough room for my muscles.” – General Buzz Grunt

Oh, we know General Buzz, we know. Let the introductions begin! (Next chapter, of course)

- Krystal & Amanda
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You've done a great job with this so far! I cannot wait to read the rest
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cool idea ^_^
looking forward to it too.
btw, there's a problem with the last image...
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Many thanks! My apologies with the last image

- Krystal & Amanda
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OMG! I have been laughing about! This is great! That household needs a feminine touch!

Great 'Story'! Looking forward to know who the bachelorettes are!
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Yay! I love bachelor challenges, and General Buzz is definetely one of my favourite sims!
Definetely looking forward to this story!!
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The Bachelor: Meet the Bachelorettes (1/2)
The last time we saw our bachelor, he was standing by the roses, awaiting the first of twenty-five women to try and win him over. In this chapter, we’ll be meeting the first fifteen of the twenty five bachelorettes looking for a shot of love, and be witnessing the drama they bring along with them.
“I’m really ecstatic to meet some of the women, but I’m not looking forward to the crazy ones – there are always crazy women on shows like these.” – General Buzz Grunt

The first of the women is bachelorette, Nina Caliente! “Deeply connected to her Mediterranean roots, Nina likes exercise and bread pudding.” – Biography
“So, General Buzz, I’m really ecstatic to meet you… I looked all over your profile, and tried my very best to enter the contest. You’re a really handsome guy, you know” Said Nina.
Buzz replied, “Wow, uhm, it’s been too long since I’ve really flirted with anyone, but it’s really nice to meet you, I’ll see you inside.”
Nina is unemployed, and resides in Pleasantview with her sister Dina. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and she has the aspiration of Romance.

Soon after Nina disappears we view our second bachelorette – but what’s this? It’s her sister Dina!
Dina is unemployed, sharing a home with her sister Nina. She has the aspiration of Fortune and is a Sagittarius.
“Hey big guy, need a massage? I’m sure with all the time you spend working out, you get lots of knots in your back.” Dina said, with a seductive tone. As if to say, let me massage you, you don’t really have a choice.
Buzz obliged, and began telling her of his workout routine. “It all starts with quality protein powder…” He went on and on for about 15 minutes, before our camera crew motioned her to leave, because the next contestant was here.

“Zoe joined the band to get out of the dorms and make some new friends, but her real focus is on her studies. As much as she likes music, Zoe wants to graduate and get a job.” – Biography
This Shifting Paradymes band member plays the bass and studies history at La Fiesta Tech. She’s a Cancer, with the aspiration of Popularity.
“I brought along some music we could dance too, it’s my band, if you’d like to hear some.” Zoe batted her eyelashes shyly, and Buzz began to smile. They danced, and danced, and danced. Eventually Buzz dipped her for a small kiss – the meeting ended with her receiving the first rose of the season.
We asked Buzz why he felt such a connection to Zoe, and he simply stated “She’s got such a head on her shoulders, my family needs a strong woman like that.”

Let’s take a break on watching Buzz while we wait for the other women to arrive, and see how things are going inside the house.
“Nina! You knew I was going to be here, and you just had to ruin it!”
“Dina, you’re so selfish, and you never care about me, you’re just in it for the money!”
“Oh please, Nina, you’re just in it because it’s no fun being a string of Don’s lovers!”
The arguments went on, and it was no exception for when Zoe entered the room. She awkwardly watched them duke it out, hoping they wouldn’t gang up on her because of her rose.

Speaking of roses, Bluewater Village’s prized florist, Florence Delarosa, stepped onto the scene to greet our bachelor, making her the forth bachelorette. She’s an Aquarius, and a knowledge aspiration.
“Hey, Buzz, I brought you a gift!” Florence said, in a friendly tone. Buzz didn’t know exactly what to do; his training hadn’t prepared him for moments like these. He accepted it, shaking it around a bit. Florence assured him that he could open it later if he’d like.
Florence left to join the women soon after, she felt slightly insulted that she hadn’t received a rose from the General.
Buzz later confided in us that he hoped the gift was chains for his tires, or new exercise equipment.

“When Vivian’s husband died in the line of duty she thought she’d never love again.” – Biography
Vivian Cho is the proud single mother of toddler Etsu, she’s also an Intern. A Libra with a family aspiration, Vivian Cho is looking for love; she states that she’s willing to accept the military lifestyle, being that her family had one before. She and her daughter live in an apartment in Belladonna Cove.
When Vivian walked up to meet Buzz, she didn’t know what to say. She joked around a bit, poking at small talk, and then offered up a push-up contest. Buzz agreed joyously, as he got to show off for the cameras. Buzz did his push-ups one handed, while Vivian struggled even using her knees. She left without a rose, but Buzz did have something to say about her.
“We both have children, and it’s nice to meet someone who understands being a single parent.”

“Finally out of the Monty compound, Bianca is looking for love so she can start a family of her own.” – Biography
Bianca Monty hails from Veronaville, and albeit she doesn’t have a family, she definitely wants one. She’s unemployed, her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she has the family aspiration. Bianca brought a football to try and show Buzz her sporty side.
They tossed the ball around like small kids during recess. Bianca never missed a catch, and they took the time they were together to discuss her family’s feud. Buzz felt a close connection in her, as it must have taken a lot of chutzpah to tell him about the Capp’s. He gave her a rose, and sent the young woman on her way.

Although she’s less suave and a tad shadier than any other contestants, she somehow landed on the list of bachelorettes as lucky number seven. Allegra Gorey, an Art major at Sims State. She’s introverted, has a knowledge aspiration, and enjoys sticking to her small circle of friends. Her biography states “Allegra is a bleeding heart romantic but you wouldn’t know that from looking at her.” So, perhaps this Pisces has a little in store for us.
Allegra stuck her hand out, for a shake. As Buzz pulled his hand in for a firm handshake, she pulled hers away, performing a fake out. She then said “Tootles”, winked, and swept off in the night. Buzz was left standing there, a little dazed by the small interaction.

Kaylynn Langerak has always been the woman of men’s dreams, but she’s tired of just being a booty call, and she’s ready to be a wife. She’s an Aquarius, with a family aspiration. She’s also a maid, with irresistible cleaning ability. She left Pleasantview in hopes to make her dreams, a reality.
Kaylynn walked up to Buzz, as if he was a man she’d seen a million times, and fallen in love with since the first time they’ve met. She placed her hands on his back, embracing him. She was being a tease, being flirtatious but never letting him have the satisfaction of flirting back. She smiled, and then when she left Buzz, she frowned. Because, a woman like her should get a rose from first sight.

She saw Zoe and Bianca sitting on a couch together, sipping champagne. Everyone else was as well; they were trying to get cozy with the competitors, in hopes of finding out something they shouldn’t. Kaylynn was devastated to see that those girls had gotten a rose, but not her. She slumped down on a chair, drinking the champagne like nobody’s business.

Out by Buzz, we’re introduced to the next bachelorette: Samantha Cordial, from Belladonna Cove. She lives with her sister Kimberly, and has the Knowledge aspiration. Samantha is a Nurse, and loves helping people very much. She’s also an Aries.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Samantha” She greeted him with utter causality, but as she got closer you could tell she was nervous. They chatted, mostly small talk. Then she randomly started tickling him - the General was a very ticklish man. He hugged her goodbye, assuring he’d see her inside, and she walked to join the countless women in the mansion.

Grilled Cheese, it’s the way of life for Natasha Una, bachelorette number ten. She’s an unemployed artist with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, who lives in Desiderata Valley.
Natasha began the conversation with Grilled Cheese, and it didn’t seem like Buzz really enjoyed it. Let’s hope she can make up for that bad start later on.

Kristen Singles is a Taurus. She’s also unemployed, and a fortune aspiration. This girl lives with three other roommates in Strangetown – the same town our bachelor is from! Let’s see what happens!
Kristen walked up to the bachelor, cleared her throat, and told him that she was going to rap. He laughed – this was something new.

“Yo Buzz, you so fine, you’re so mine, even though you ain’t no LIGHTYEAR”

She sung other poorly created raps, as the night went on. Buzz danced, even though he can’t. Eventually Buzz sent her on her way, he seemed to enjoy the creativity and genuine thought she had provided.

The next bachelorette is the sweet mother of two boys: Dustin and Beau. Straight from Pleasantview, this widowed mother is an Aries. She’s unemployed with the family aspiration; she’s Brandi Broke. “Friendly by nature, Brandi is often been accused of being overly so. She enjoys grape juice and crumpling tin foil.” –Biography
Brandi walked over to Buzz joyously, creating small talk. Then she opened up, telling Buzz one of the jokes her son told her recently. “Why is Peterpan always flying? Because he NEVERLANDS!” Buzz really appreciated Brandi’s attempt at easing the awkward environment – he handed her a rose with a glistening smile. She walked to the room proudly, making this the first time she’s set out for love since the accident.

Brandi went into the room to join the other two women that had received roses: Zoe, and Bianca. The other competitors realized something at that moment: there are only 12 roses left, and not all of the bachelorettes were introduced yet.

Patricia Wan, an internet movie critic of Riverblossom Hills, is the next bachelorette. She has the popularity aspiration, and her zodiac sign is Aries. She lives with her niece Cleo.
“Patricia moved to town with Cleo to find a great story, not love.” – Biography
Patricia met up with buzz, with a friendly smile. She didn’t know if she exactly wanted to be here, but she didn’t feel like she’d stay long anyways. She had only come along; because her niece Cleo persuaded. She told Cleo she wasn’t going to go, and instead said she was going to vacation somewhere.
Buzz saw through Patricia’s smile, and noticed she felt like an outsider here. He did too, being the only man for miles it seemed like. Patricia had two handheld games, and gave one to Buzz. They played against each other, and with each other. Buzz realized they made a good team – and gave her a rose.

Brittany Upsnott is the epitome of drama queen. She’s a Drama major, a popularity aspiration, a Capricorn, and she’s the head member of a sorority in Sims State University.
Brittany walked up to greet Buzz, wearing incredibly long heels. She shook her hips playfully, telling herself she’s every man’s dream. Then she fell. She fells on her face. Splat, blink, zonk, or ding whatever noise comes up when “the bodies hit the floor”. Buzz shed his eyes in disgrace, and embarrassment for Brittany. Brittany helped herself up, and ran off shielding tears and a bloody nose.

Buzz has one thing to say about the incident: “I felt as though she was glaring through to my soul, it was an uncomfortable feeling.”

Perhaps this next girl won’t be as overbearing. Cassandra Goth, she broke off her engagement to come on the show. She lives in Pleasantview with her father Mortimer, and kid brother Alexander. She’s a Field researcher, family aspiration, and Virgo. Oh, did we mention her mother’s been missing for quite a while now?
Cassandra walked up to Buzz slowly, smiling slightly. She was incredibly nervous, and felt broken inside from the torment she endured with Don. Buzz saw her nervousness, and smirked. He tried to cheer her up, and then realized she looked like a woman he’d seen once before – a beautiful woman. He gave her a rose, and thought about where he’d seen that woman. He couldn’t remember and he’d have to think about it later, when he wasn’t trying to win the hearts of one of these women.

- Krystal & Amanda
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That was good, and hilarious! Great work!

More please!
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Default The Bachelor: Meet the Bachelorettes (2/2)
Our next bachelorette is none other than Kimberly Cordial, Samantha Cordials sister. My, my, lots of relatives in the show! Kimberly is in the Elite forces, an Aries, and has the fortune aspiration. She lives in Belladonna Cove with Samantha, bachelorette number nine.
Kimberly showed up with her enforcers outfit on, she was taking time away from work to be on the show, and was hoping that her outfit might give Buzz a starting point for a great conversation with her. It did, he was thoroughly impressed by all of the things she’s been through in battle. They found their experiences relatable, and it was exciting for both of them. He enjoyed her, so he handed her the sixth rose. After that she went to change into her dress, for the remainder of the night.

Next up is none other than renowned Dread Pirate from Riverblossom Hills, Alexandra O’Mackey. She has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage, but doesn’t have any custody rights. She’s a Gemini and has the popularity aspiration.
Alexandra took the meeting as an opportunity to teach Buzz one of her favorite songs, a sea chantey she learned while on duty. Buzz couldn’t keep up the pace, and didn’t really understand the old Simlish Alexandra was speaking – but he found it a very enjoyable experience.
He says: “It’s really exciting to go meet people I’d never have the chance to meet before, and although she seems a little off putting, she’s more eccentric than anything – and that’s a good fit for my family.”

Speaking of relatives joining the show, it seems as though this is another pair. It’s Cleo Shibuku from Riverblossom Hills, Patricia Wan’s niece. They live together, and Cleo is a Studio Musician. She also has the fortune aspiration, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.
Cleo, much like her uncertain aunt, decided to play a game with the General. They played several rounds of rock paper scissors, and discussed music preferences. Buzz enjoyed her, but felt as though he didn’t get to know her enough.

Cleo left the conversation sans rose, but was alright with it. Until she noticed the amount of roses that were already out there, and then felt a little down. Things turned for the worse though, when she saw her aunt, who told her she wasn’t going to go, and then ended up with a rose. She wouldn’t let that shake her though – she was there to win, and win she will.

General Buzz was now being amused by Jessica Peterson, the ex-wife of a millionaire in Belladonna Cove. She’s a fortune aspiration, Libra, and a Record Store Clerk.
Jessica knew the way into every man’s wallet – the first step was to not even ask about his income. Jessica though it was silly and trivial of her to even come on the show, and it was mostly a publicity stunt in hopes that she would get offers from new men if she lost.
Jessica opened up her arms, squeezing the General tight. She then compliments Buzz on his muscles – complaining that you couldn’t see them very well in his suit. He agreed, and she begged for him to show her later. He smiled at her, said “perhaps” and she continued on her way to the mansion.

SimJazzer instructor, Sharon Wirth, resides in Desiderata Valley with her sister’s family. She’s a romance aspiration, and a Gemini. She’s not quite financially stable, and it’s unknown when she’ll move out.
Sharon loves to flirt, but she also loves to play. She didn’t want to be like all of the other girls Buzz was meeting, and decided she could go against the grain. She offered up a game of red hands, which ended in them swinging their hands back and forth, discussing their lives. She felt a connection, but did not receive a rose.

This next bachelorette wants more than a connection; she wants to start a family business with her brother. Straight from Bluewater Village, it’s Jodie Larson. She’s an Aries, with a fortune aspiration.
Jodie began her romantic endeavor by confiding in Buzz embarrassing stories about her childhood; about how she threw up at her first dance recital as a child, and about playing in the toilet as a toddler. Buzz laughed along, but never shared any stories of his own; he’s a private man.

“Delilah is aloof and sticks to her own “kind”. She prefers paintings to people and loves the color yellow.” – Biography
Delilah O’feefe is an Art Major at Académie Le Tour, and independently paints to get through college. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she’s a knowledge aspiration.
Buzz and Delilah sat down on the cobblestone together, talking about life – Buzz could tell that Delilah was a naïve girl, but he liked that about her. “She’s optimistic, and that’s a desirable trait” he told us. She gave him a warm hug, and scampered off to the other girls when they were done with their time.

We also have another “single lady” from La Fiesta Tech: Jessie Pilferson. Jessie is a psychology major, sorority member, and a Romantic aspiration. She’s also a Leo. Jessie aspires to make it big; sports wise.
Jessie walked up to Buzz, and they began with simple talk – Jessie wasn’t nervous, she was just trying to use what she learned in psychology classes to determine if he liked her or not. When Buzz asked why she wasn’t talking much, she explained. He seemed to laugh, saying that he liked her – after all, she was honest and intelligent. She left without a rose, which left her pondering if he was honest himself.
“Erin spends a lot of time working on her psychic powers. Of course she isn’t really psychic, but don’t tell her that.” – Biography
Erin is as ditzy as they come, although she’s a hilarious life of the party. She drinks a lot, and laughs a lot. This unemployed Aries is out looking for a man to call hers, and she loves the idea of a big and strong general by her side. She’s a popularity aspiration, obviously, and lives with Jessie Singles and two other roommates in Strangetown.
Erin walked to meet Buzz, with a big grin on her face and the immense scent of a Victoria’s Secret perfume. She smiled at him, leaning close and kissing his neck. He backed away, wanting to introduce himself first. Erin explained she had already had a lot to drink – and in the midst of that explanation she urinated all over the flooring. Our producers exited her out to be by the rest of the girls, in hopes that she could introduce herself later.

Chastity Gere is a playful woman, and an Executive assistant. She’s a romance aspiration, and a Virgo. She lives in Belladonna Cove with her best friend from elementary school. Don’t be fooled by her hard exterior, she has a softer side when it comes to love.
Chastity walked down to greet Buzz, making sure she flipped her hair so the scents of shampoo wafted over to him. She swayed her hips, and clicked her heels. Like the other woman, Brittany Upsnott, she fell. Not because of her heels, but because of Erin’s “oopsie”. For the second time tonight, Buzz watched a potential lover fall down. He had tried to catch her this time too – but she failed to reciprocate to his hands.

Let’s recount the night so far for Buzz: One man, twenty-five women, and nine roses left. Things are soon to be hectic in this mansion.

- Krystal & Amanda
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The Bachelor: The First Night
Kaylynn Langerak slumped down on the sofa while continuing to drink to her hearts content, as Erin sat by her with a frown as she was still wet from the accident. Great, Kaylynn was sitting by reject girl – and “Bloody Nose” Brittany was across the room sobbing. Natasha was discussing Grilled Cheese with Alexandra, while the Caliente sisters argued in the corner. General Buzz still had yet to show up into the mansion, and people were going stir crazy. Meanwhile, Brandi begged for stir fry, pizza, or any other food she could inhale in a few swift bites. Cassandra and Zoe were discussing…Poetry? The cordial sisters were laughing about some family story – Cleo and Patricia were spinning their fingers around the crystal glasses.

Then Buzz showed up; giving an ultra-cheesy toast.
“I want to thank you all for coming, and I hope we can have a great time – I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.”
Well, that’s what he meant to say. What he really said was: “Uhm, er, uh, great time.”
So? He wasn’t a speaker. He was a bachelor.

The Caliente sisters stopped having their catfight, and had decided to work together – at least in front of Buzz. Nina and Dina approached him, hugging him from both sides, with wine in their arms; they were suggesting they break in the hot tub with him. Lucky for the bachelorettes, Buzz had something else in mind. He was a military man, and wanted to ration his time. He decided to play a game, the Bachelorette to choose the number he was thinking of – would receive special time alone with him, while the others would compete for his time when he came back. It only seemed fair because great minds thought alike – and he needed a woman with a great mind.
His number was Seven.
“The numbers are one through a hundred – whoever’s closest gets to have one on one time, and then the rest of the night I’m fair game for anyone to attack – think up your coup attempts while I’m having my one on one.”
He laughed at his military style joke; he was total overkill.

Numbers were yelled throughout the house in no particular order or unison. It seemed like everyone had shouted their answer, leaving Buzz to scratch his head – no one had guessed it. Allegra yawned in the corner; the number seven escaped her lips. She stared at Buzz, dead on. Buzz whined a little on the inside, somewhat afraid of this all knowing woman. He wasn’t a liar though, he was an honest man and as an honest man he must keep his deal.

“Allegra, I suppose you win!” He laughed nervously, loosening his tie.
Allegra nodded, and walked off to another room of the mansion, Buzz followed like a small child watching his parent in the store. Allegra sat down on a couch, patting it so Buzz sat by her, smiling faintly.
“So, uh, what’s your life like?” he said.
“Simplistic.” she replied.
“What made you decide to come on the show?” he said.
“Love.” she replied.
Allegra was queen of one word answers, and definitely asserted her dominance in any situation. Buzz didn’t like that about her, but something kept him drawn. He turned his head, deciding to ask a final question; a rephrase of an earlier one.
“Why did you decide to come on the show for ME?” he asked, curiously.
“You live a really straightforward life, and a really powerful one. I despise a lot of people, but I’ll aimlessly follow you anywhere – you’re perfection, raw unshaped perfection. With my help, we could be commanders of much more than children, much more than armies. We could command the universe. Society could be overthrown, with my cunning brilliance and your sheer bronze power; we could take the reins... Starting with the aliens in Strangetown…” She rambled on more about aliens, the Grim Reaper, and even the idea that they we’re being controlled by some outside force. She was crazy. This was the type of girl Buzz wasn’t looking forward too – and he had given her the first alone time. Now the double dip with the Caliente sisters didn’t seem so bad. Buzz politely excused himself, although he knew the aliens were real, the idea of “outside forces” seemed extremely odd – and he wouldn’t let that near his children. Buzz was done talking to Allegra, and desired to talk to some more eligible bachelorettes. He returned to see the group murmuring, and when he entered it was dead silence – Allegra had stayed back in the previous room, and didn’t return back to the main room for quite some time.

Florence Delarosa was the first one to speak up – throwing out the idea of mixing drinks with Buzz for the rest of the girls to enjoy. It was a triple threat. Loosening up the other girls to cause them to throw out secrets, making them less enticing to Buzz, and offering Florence some close time with Buzz. Buzz saw what she was after, and thought it was quite devious – he was a smart man, and a General, plans like hers are hard to foil. So he agreed.
Buzz and Florence made all sorts of drinks – for the girls without roses that is. Zoe, Bianca, Brandi, Patricia, Cassandra, and Kimberly had decided that they would refrain from stealing Buzz’s time, since they had already gotten a rose. Buzz and Florence laughed – spilling alcohol on her dress and on his suit, as they poorly blended together mixed drinks for the rest of the Bachelorettes. She told him about making bouquets, and he told her about battles. He remembered that she had handed him a gift, and told her that he’d open it before the rose ceremony that night.

After the drinks were served, Kaylynn and Erin were hammered throwing up in the bathroom, and Natasha and Alexandra were still chatting about grilled cheese. Jessica decided it was time to make her move, and didn’t know exactly what to do to get Buzz’s attention. She figured she better act quick while everyone was distracted. She lit up a fire in a secluded room, and whistled over for Buzz to come join her. Buzz walked in, his drink in hand, and smiled. This woman was all over him, and she was quite clever. Jessica cuddled up next to Buzz, lying in his arms watching the fire. It seemed to only last for a moment when Sharon walked in with stereo in hand. She put it down, asking Buzz if he would watch her Jazz routine. He agreed, smiling as he remained cuddling with Jessica – he enjoyed the attention.

The night was drawing to the end, and it seemed like every woman had gotten their equal time. The Caliente sisters felt his muscles together, Vivian had got to discuss single parenting, Natasha brought up grilled cheese a few more times, Alexandra made pirate jokes, Sharon danced for him, Jessica cuddled with him, Delilah took an interest in his bone structure and they discussed fine artists, Jessie spouted out more psychology, Erin along with Kaylynn had thrown up on his shoes, Chastity and Brittany had sat and complained about their falls to him, Jodie expressed her business ideas, Cleo played more rock paper scissors, Kristin and him discussed his hopes for the future, Samantha played 20 questions with him, Allegra had been a creep, and Florence made drinks with him. The other girls that had received roses previously talked to him occasionally, but he was glad that they didn’t distract him too long that night. Especially because the rose ceremony was coming up next, and he hadn’t completely figured out whom he wanted to keep.

- Krystal & Amanda
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The Bachelor: The First Ceremony
Buzz sat in his room, fidgeting his hand on the ribbon of his present. He knew he had to make a decision on which girls would go home tonight. None of his tactical training could possibly prepare him to make decisions like these – they would reflect on his life, and his children’s lives. Quite possibly his grand-children’s lives – if his kids ever got around to getting girlfriends. He wanted a dependable girl, someone who would always be there for him, and could help him make the hard choices in life – like vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. Buzz slid his fingers onto the bow, unwrapping the present and opening the box. There laid a pristine corsage – red. He smiled; this florist was good at her job as well as making him laugh.

Buzz hopped up, making mental notes of which girls were worth having around, and which were simply not. He knew for a fact some of them were too high-maintenance, and others were just no fun to be around. He was going to go into the first ceremony with his head held high; he was in charge, and no one could take that power away from him. Buzz gathered his courage, and walked down to the ceremony room to greet the girls.

Buzz entered the room, six of the girls were off to the side – the ones he had already chosen to give roses. All of them looked nervous, and a few of them looked wasted. He started with the small speech involving all of the hellos and finding love –they were short and to the point, Buzz isn’t a sappy man. Then he began handing out roses. “Florence DelaROSA, will you accept this rose?” He cracked a smile, as he had just made a joke out of her last name. Next was Sharon, whose dance was perfection and she obviously cared a lot about her job and her relationships. Kristin Singles came after Sharon, her flirtatious attitudes and young spirit allowed him to breathe free of painful memories. Vivian Cho was also given a rose, because Buzz found her so relatable – it was nice to know of someone else who had kids, but was left a single parent. He chose Jessica next – he couldn’t get enough of this girl, she was always after him. Buzz chose Nina next, she was the first girl to come in and although they didn’t spend much time together she surely was a sweetie when he was around. Samantha Cordial was next, with her honest spirit and her funny witticisms. Buzz made an impulsive decision last minute, choosing to keep Dina in, and gave her the rose. She was on thin ice though. The entire group of bachelorettes stood there, awaiting the last rose. The night had gone by fast, and some of them were certain they wouldn’t be moving on, but others were still hopeful. Buzz cleared his throat, sweat dripped down the side of his face, he was afraid of the aftermath from this battle move, would women cry? Would they be angry? Perhaps, everyone would be alright. “Delilah O’feefe,” he said and soon after she stepped forward. “Would you accept this rose?” She smiled, hiding the fact that being the last choice was painful in her eyes. “I will accept this rose.” She took the rose, joining the other group of women who would be moving on – all fifteen of them.

The ladies took a moment to say a few words to our cameras, except for Brittany who was still angry for her bloody nose.
“I’m a little upset I didn’t move on; I really thought he was the one.” – Jessie Pilferson
“I was ready to go on a journey with him, not to trip on Erin’s urine and spend the night with an icepack on my face.” – Chastity Gere
“Life’s about making choices, and taking chances – I guess this just wasn’t the right choice, and I didn’t have a chance.” – Jodie Larson
“He wasn’t the one, he didn’t like grilled cheese.” – Natasha Una
“I feel as though I didn’t flirt enough, perhaps I was too friendly…” – Cleo Shibuku
“I have an uncontrollable bladder, but at least I’m still psychic.” – Erin Singles
“I was hoping this would be a fairytale ‘General meets Pirate’, sorta thing.” – Alexandra O’Mackey
“He’s not ready to accept the truth.” – Allegra Gorey
“He’s probably gay – no man could resist my charm.” – Kaylynn Langerak

What lies in store for our bachelor next time?

- Krystal & Amanda
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#12 Old 18th Jul 2013 at 7:34 PM
Good stiff! Love the way you presented all these well-known people. Wish I knew how you got those poses, especially the "fall down" ones>

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
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Originally Posted by grammapat
Good stiff! Love the way you presented all these well-known people. Wish I knew how you got those poses, especially the "fall down" ones>

Actually they're not poses, THEY'RE ACTIONS!
Decorgal's Action Box
There's the link for the action box, she also has some amazing props as well!
I'm really glad you're loving the story I'm working hard trying to represent each of the character's personalities.

- Krystal & Amanda
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The Bachelor: Bowling for Love
Dina slumped out of bed, and went to the kitchen to find many of the girls at the counter drinking water and the bottle of aspirin spilled all over the counter. Dina had a raging headache, and noticed that many of the girls – even her sister, were giving her the silent treatment. Was it something she’d done? Of course not, she hardly blacks out these days, and didn’t remember anything too extreme. She was courteous at the rose ceremony, even when her sister made it through to the next round. Buzz told her she was on thin ice, but that’s all she remembered. Everyone but her sister Nina left the room, and as Dina filled up her glass she decided to ask why.

“Nina, what’s going on with these girls? Nobody’s talking.”
Nina just looked at her, and without talking, handed her a letter. Buzz had written her an invitation to go on a date with her that noon – nobody was talking to her because they were jealous. She turned around to squeal in excitement with her sister, but she had left while Dina read the letter. Sure, Dina wasn’t making friends, but she was the first girl to get a one-on-one date; that has to count for something, right?
Buzz was relaxing in bed, thinking about how his date with Dina will go over. He was a bit concerned, because Dina seemed a little too high-strung and high maintenance for his family, that’s why he decided he should probably ask her on a date first, he needed to get to know this beautiful woman. Buzz planned the date from start to finish, the only problem he’d have would be if Dina would actually be interested in his plans.
Zoe and Cassandra sat on the sofa, discussing alternative music and string theory. Cassandra was a really intelligent woman, and Zoe couldn’t figure out why Cassandra wasn’t taken already. Zoe told Cassandra about her band, and Cassandra told Zoe about her ghost sightings. They had formed their own friendship already, and you could tell that they were both happy to be at the Bachelor Mansion.

Vivian sat on the patio, crying. She missed her young daughter Etsu, and was ready to go home to tuck her into bed at night and read her stories. Brandi walked by, and decided to comfort Vivian – confirming that she wasn’t the only girl missing her children. They cried together, as Sharon and Jessica walked by discussing fabulous parties. Both Sharon and Jessica decided not to get involved – they weren’t too fond of kids.
As the hours passed the girls moved throughout the mansion, stuffing their faces with food – and some of them even drinking with their morning breakfast. Dina was fixated with making her date fabulous, and spent almost her entire time running through bad pick-up lines, and cheesy jokes. She picked some food out of her teeth, and went on her way downstairs to the limo.

Buzz and Dina sat in the limo; Dina felt nervous and overdressed. There was a copious amount of alcohol in buckets of ice back there, but neither one of them touched it. Buzz talked in his very deep and coarse military voice, about raising his kids and the time he had a divorce. Dina nodded along, her hands shaking for the sweet relief of either a cigarette, or alcohol. She knew that now wasn’t the time, and she had to impress Buzz. Suddenly the limo stopped, and Dina was allowed to exhale a deep breath before they both exited the limo to their first date.
The pair arrived at “SimBowl Lanes” and entered through the door. Buzz was excited, he hadn’t gone bowling in ages, and he always loved showing off his muscular strength with the heaviest of bowling balls. Dina on the other hand could already smell the distinct taste of cheesy pizza mixed with Marlboros, it wasn’t lavish – but it was something. Buzz began bowling first, and of course this beefy man cake got a strike his first attempt.

Dina went next, gutting the ball twice. She threw her arms up in a bah-humbug fashion, but didn’t yell because she knew that would make Buzz think twice about letting her into his very “fortune-ate” family. She just let go a sigh of relief that didn’t necessarily match her body language, but Buzz didn’t seem to mind. Instead it reminded him of taking Buck bowling, and his little tantrums from not being able to pick up the bowling ball.

Buzz walked up to Dina and held her hand, he told he’d teach her how to bowl. He stood behind her, fixating her hands and posture until they were perfection. Buzz lifted her arm back, and she threw the ball forward, landing another strike during Buzz’s turn. They bowled for two hours, and then sat down on a bench and began to talk about having a late lunch. Dina hadn’t calmed her nerves physically, but was no longer mentally nervous. She was enjoying herself, and it didn’t matter that all of the other girls were mad she was here, because she wasn’t here for them.

The couple sat down at a dining table with two plates of southern-style fried chicken, Buzz caressed her hand while they were at the table eating their meals. He began a conversation about the last time he had fried chicken with his mother, and how she absolutely loved to cook for the family. Dina told Buzz about how she had been married once before, to Michael Bachelor. Buzz sympathized, even though Michael and her never divorced he could still relate to the loss of a person that meant so much. The two really hit it off, yet Dina left without a rose.

- Krystal & Amanda
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The Bachelor: Girls, Girls, Girls...
Buzz awoke early, like most days, and he began his day with working out, like most days. He was a routine man, and had an itinerary for every moment of his day; the show was really getting on his structured lifestyle – and that did NOT make him happy. There was a lot of drinking, everywhere, and a lot of petty fighting. He wasn’t the kind who enjoyed drama; he was the kind that enjoyed a simple lifestyle, with plenty of organization. But this time, he had everything planned out. Well, sort of; alright, maybe not. He could always feel like he was in control couldn’t he?
When Buzz walked downstairs he ran into Kristin doing yoga. He hadn’t ever tried yoga, but he decided it was probably better than going into the living room and having the rest of the girls fawn all over him. Kristin and Buzz did all sorts of Yoga poses, and he liked it. “It was nice and relaxing, it’s definitely something I want to pick up even when I’m done with the show.” He said, after they were finished. Kristin and Buzz had a great time until Nina walked in from the Jacuzzi, wearing her ever so skimpy bathing suit. Nina saw this as an opportunity to steal Buzz away, and unfortunately for Kristin, Nina won this time.

Nina chased Buzz up the stairs and into a parlor, she was ready to sit and laugh with him as they talked about meaningless things, but Bianca was sitting there, and had just finished poking the fire. She saw Buzz and smiled, but then noticed the scantily clad Nina and arched a brow. Nevertheless she invited them both to sit down. Since Bianca chose a spot in the middle, she separated Nina and Buzz. Bianca was a smart girl and she decided to put Nina on the spot. “Oh, Nina, aren’t you cold? You should go put some clothes on.” Buzz chuckled a little at her statement, because he could tell Bianca was becoming jealous. Nina gave a snappy remark, and then picked up some white wine off the coffee table. The trio began drinking, its 5 o’clock somewhere right? Nina was a drinker, just like her sister. She was already drinking in the Jacuzzi earlier, so it didn’t take long for this alcohol to take a toll. As Bianca and Buzz gently sipped their wine, Nina drank fast, and was close to blacking out. Buzz told Nina to put down the wine, and so she did. Nina just laid there as she listened to Bianca and Buzz talk about politics – something Nina knew nothing about. Eventually they ended up cuddling, Nina still alone on the far side of the couch.

As the moments passed, Nina eventually fell asleep in her spot, and Bianca and Buzz decided to leave her be. They walked off to the kitchen; Bianca told Buzz she’d cook for him. Bianca ran off into the kitchen to prepare a special recipe of cookies for the both of them, and while she was gone Samantha and Kimberly walked into Buzz. They Sat down with him, with their smiling faces, and started flirting. “Oh Buzz, you’re so muscular”, “Oh Buzz, how come you’re single?” Oh Buzz this, and oh Buzz that. Bianca could hear it from the kitchen – seeing as just an archway separates them. “It’s amazing how girls have no respect for one another here” Bianca said, when asked about the event.

What’s in store next for our bachelor General Buzz, and how is he going to handle the upcoming group date?

- Krystal & Amanda
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It's been a while, and the General is in limbo (the state of mind, not the athletic game). Did he get deployed?

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Originally Posted by grammapat
It's been a while, and the General is in limbo (the state of mind, not the athletic game). Did he get deployed?

Sorry about that, I'll have another out soon - I've been vacationing a lot recently. I didn't know I had such a die-hard fan though

- Krystal & Amanda
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The Bachelor: Faux Date
Buzz sat down in a comfy armchair, with some hard liquor at his side. He’d been losing hair, and stressing out more than he ever had. You see, he wasn’t used to the company of women – let alone the company of so many. They all wanted to be around him, all the time. He hadn’t gotten a break, let alone some peace and quiet. If they weren’t harassing him, they were harassing the others. It was the bleak side to looking for love in such a toxic reality-show environment, but he knew once the numbers dwindled, things would become more serious and he could finally find the woman of his dreams. It was group-date day, and he chose which girls he wanted to bring along.

Coincidentally, these were the women who hadn’t bugged him in a while.
Buzz had decided it was time for these women to join his environment, well sort of. He knew he needed a woman who could cope with the daily life of a military- and hardcore outdoor family style, what better way than to find a woman who enjoyed being outdoors?
Buzz placed a letter on the coffee table of the main living room, the girls all knew the date started tomorrow at 5:30am, because they were told previously, as a group. They just didn’t know what they were doing until the date.
Unfortunately, Dina was the first one to find the invitation, she was excited until she read the letter twice and realized Buzz had simply forgotten her name. She was somewhat excited though, seeing as Nina wasn’t on the letter either. She was one step ahead of her twin sister and she liked it. But, what should she do? Should she alert all of the other girls that they’d be going outside tomorrow, bright and early? Nah, she’d just keep the letter for herself, a little memento of the time she screwed over a great lot of the girls that were giving her the cold shoulder.

Dina didn’t know where to keep it though, if anyone saw her with it, or even worse, saw her hiding it; she’d be in deep trouble. She did what any fame-clamoring girl on a reality TV show would do; she placed it in the soil of a nearby potted plant. Then she ran off to go scrub her hands off, because dirt was unnatural and icky.

Each and every one of the girls on the list went unaware of the fact they were on it, and all of the girls figured the invites were sent out privately, so for the rest of the day they all sulked around the house, because Buzz didn’t invite them. They never suspected a thing, and it seemed like Dina got away with it. Well, at least for now.
At 4:00am a trumpet blared through the speakers of the house, and then it was announced that all girls going on today’s date must be at the front of the house by 5:30am, with no exceptions. Everyone was mad, they woke up early and they weren’t going on a date. Still, the women lurked around the house, checking to see who seemed nervous, trying to figure out which of them had received the grand invitation. 5:30am reached the clock, and all of the girls were outside at the front. These bachelorettes wished oh-so-much to discover who was chosen, because even when they gossiped in the house, none of them admitted to being invited. Buzz pulled up in a military jeep, getting out walking up to the masses.

Everyone was in their jammies, ill-prepared for hiking. None of them had shoes on either. He stared curiously at all of the women, some with curlers and some with half a face of makeup on. All except for the pristine Dina, but she was always camera ready. He looked around, and then he folded his arms, rocking back and forth with his heels. He didn’t know what he was looking at, and then all of the girls began to murmur: What if there was no date? Buzz began looking at all of the girls he had invited and he noticed that none of them really acknowledged they were supposed to be ready. Something was up in the Bachelor Mansion, but he didn’t know exactly where to point his finger. Buzz was a General though, and so he assumed his role as one. He suddenly stood a lot straighter than normal, and began inspecting the women more as POW, than as potential wives. But this was going to take a lot more time than early morning on the porch, five minutes away from their exclusive reservation at a premiere hiking spot. So the date was canceled, and he was going to get to the bottom of it. After the girls got a couple more hours of sleep, that is.

- Krystal & Amanda
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Oh, my god, did you get literally every single woman in Simdom for this? I like it, though
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Default The Bachelor: Duped At Love
Buzz walked around the perimeter of the house, heavy thoughts swirled in his head. He had to figure out why the girls hadn’t found the note, had it fallen off the table or been thrown away on accident? Foul play was suspected, perhaps a girl who wasn’t on the list found the note first. Obviously, as soon as he discovered who it was- they’d be immediately removed. Buzz couldn’t take the chances of having her around to sabotage more of his dates. It was time to break out an investigation, and he was the man for the job.
Dina saw Buzz walking around the perimeter, and it was the first time in her life she knew she wouldn’t get away with what she’s done. What could she do, turn herself in? No. She couldn’t own up to it, she’d never admit it; it would ruin her relationship with everyone even more.

The first thing Buzz did was gather Florence, Vivian, Cassandra, Jessica, Delilah, Brandi, Zoe, and Sharon. He shared that they were supposed to go on a hike with him. Although they were ecstatic that they were chosen for a group date, they were upset that the note was, as Buzz put it, misplaced. They were so upset, that they themselves began their own investigation, digging through trashcans, and eavesdropping conversations of suspects. Together they deducted that none of them were suspects, simply because they would never pass up the chance of going on a date with Buzz.

This left Bianca, Samantha, Patricia, Nina, Kristen, Kimberly, and Dina as suspects, which Buzz gathered for their own little date. Set for that evening, the girls prepared for a night out at a local club. Buzz was to upset to actually have fun on this date, it felt more like he had been duped out of his chances at love. Nobody was going to cross the great General Buzz; he was going to make sure of it.

- Krystal & Amanda
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Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've kind of fallen out of love with this series. I know it was in it's fledgling state, and I'm so sorry, but I don't see myself writing for it anymore. I hope you all enjoy what there is of it, and I'll definitely write for the community again. Cheers!

- Krystal & Amanda
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