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Sorry for posting again so soon, but lately I've been playing to compensate for what I haven't played in months.




...and Kai's pervert face.
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Alex, my beloved teen, so tired about everything...
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Let's see if this is actually clear enough to detect the expressions.

Newest frat boy Orlando Centowski takes his courage in both hands and tries sweet-talking one of the sorority girls, Amy Jones, ex-paper-carrier. It appears to be working. Possibly it went over better since one of his brothers had rejected an autonomous flirt from her earlier in the day. Why can't you sweet talk once the relationship is up to friend? It's not fair.

This is a peculiar picture! Ezekial treats his close friends and loved ones very well indeed, but if I turn my back on him for a minute he'll be picking fights with their other nearests and dearests with whom he doesn't happen to be friends. I decided not to forestall him this time because Billie Ghote here has been blowing hot and cold with his BFF after a misunderstanding about a cow mascot and it makes sense that he'd be fed up with her. She seems surprisingly happy to be berated. That's what I call a character development opportunity.

"You're being completely childish. He's innocent, and in your heart you know it. You're lucky he doesn't turn you in for a less high-maintenance model."
"Well, why doesn't he? If I'm so awful?"
"You can push him all you want, he's not going to turn into a patriarchal sleazebag like your dad and he's not going stop throwing good effort after bad. He'll jump through as many hoops as you care to set up because that's what his family does once they choose somebody. Either cut him loose or take him back, don't string him along trying to make him act like something he's not." He doesn't care if Oliver hears him yell at her. All Pigeon's patience explaining this over and over never penetrated enough to make her face light up like that. Like she finally gets it. Stupid cow.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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15th Jun 2011 at 10:57 PM
This message has been deleted by Wojtek. Reason: No pain no gain
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Nissun, I love your first pic. She's so cute x3 Wojtek, you're right - she looks like so angry with something xD

I don't know why some of people on Polish sim site said it's so... deviant. It's the only normal... ok, it's not normal, but so... nice(?) picture, not porn as they said xD
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I think she's part shark; she appears to have two rows of teeth. Possibly she's raging with pain as the second set grows in.

When people accuse you of pornmongering, Oh Bloody One, quote Tom Lehrer at them:
"Filfth, I'm glad to say, is in the mind of the beholder.
When correctly viewed
Everything is lewd!"

You do have to wonder how that situation arose and why he's so sad. Is she stuck there? Because that would put a crimp in most normal behaviors.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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16th Jun 2011 at 5:03 PM
This message has been deleted by Wojtek. Reason: No pain no gain
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But I think U'll like this so much more than that before, Wojtek xD
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Poor Clovis Point. He always had such an easy life. Steady job progression, lots of parties and woohoo and outings and woohoo and great date rewards and more woohoo...Now all in one day, he has his first bad date ever when he ditches his current date almost as soon as they show up at the restaurant because his main squeeze shows up to tell him she's pregnant, has to talk her calm, finds a flaming bag of dog mess on his doorstep, and when he decides to take his mind off things by finally looking through that big telescope one of his dates (was it Melissa, or Jill?) gave him - well, he's not really clear on what happened after that, but he does remember green guys and bright lights and pain in odd places before landing on his face on the pavement in front of his apartment. And he knows what happened to the last guy who got abducted by aliens...

First ever legit alien abduction and I couldn't be happier. Oddly, Clovis is still at gold in this shot despite everything. He's spent most of his life at platinum, spoiled thing.

Equally oddly, Sadie - who is almost as active a Romance sim as he is, though the field she plays is less wide as she has other things to do as well - seems to be okay with the new turn of events. Seeing karmic justice in action may satisfy her at some level, or maybe she's just looking forward to not being the only one taking extended time off work. I don't think she's ever had a fear of having a baby, I locked what would have been fleeting wants to marry each other some time ago, she just got promoted ("Clovis pulled some strings" - yeah, he's guilt tripping about convincing her the Pill and the temperature in the hot tub would be precaution enough just that once), and she's still platinum from the date when she got pregnant. So I don't think her life is ruined. I gave her a Family secondary as insurance.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Originally Posted by lazzybum

OH MY GOD, HAHA. I am dying - their teeth! Bahahaha!
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Eve Holsten nice and content with Toddler Brad

Friend Ginger Rodgers popped round for a chit chat

Johnny Holsten, I think he was replaying Physco!

His mate Bruce Wayne thought it was great

Rome wasn't built in a day

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Wesley Ford


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Test remains grossed-out by his twin sister Grimhild's (lack of) manners:
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Everyone thinks that I have it all...
But it's so empty livin' without my holy cross...
My holy cross...

Poles will understand about which way I'm talkin' under and up xD

From the left: Thievin' Moon, Baby and Kazackstan (yeah, this blond who's takin'... I'll say somethin' (xD) in his hand xD) behind Chelice - they form The Untitled! Polish sims show (in origin country it's called "Bez Nazwy" - exactly the same in translate xD) And I'm happy&proud I'mma dubbing Kazackstan xD It's sooo weeeeeeestic xD

To PL: Ej, a ta sytuacja jest znana za granicą, np. właśnie w USA i Brytanii? :-O

PS 2: Ofc nie idzie mi o tą grupę tylko o to krzyż xD
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@up: obrońcy krzyża? xD
Przecież ten temat w Polsce już dawno wygasł! xD
Google mi zasugerowały, że jednak wiedzą o co chodzi xD (i dosłownie jako "obrońcy krzyża" :D
Mamy czym rozsławiać nasz kraj, nie ma co

@up: cross defenders? xD
But this thread isn't very actual in Poland right now! xD
Google suggested me that other countries know what's going on with 'corss defenders form Poland' :D
(we have things to make our country popular among others, seriously <irony>)

@down: Nie zamierzałam o tym dyskutować. Odpowiedziałam tylko na jego posta.
I wasn't going to discuss it. I have only replied to his post.
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2nd Jul 2011 at 12:57 PM
This message has been deleted by Wojtek. Reason: No pain no gain
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I like to think that Carly just ate a whole lemon...

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Nervous smile look
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Another sad one....

This little fellow is Joseph Martin, held by his mother Jules. His grandfather Andrew just died, and he really misses him...after all, Andrew potty-trained him and taught him a nursery rhyme....

Jules is trying to comfort her baby boy....

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It's been a long time since I posted's some of the expressions floating around my Attention Family legacy recently.

Clair Phelps

Journey Langerak

And since they are now a bit older and when I asked Jeremy he didn't know, I thought I'd ask Adrina if she knew yet whether she or Jeremy was going to be the heir four generation 4.

I think I've got a

"Somtimes the stars align." ~Dean Lowry, ABC's Pan Am. ♥ ⚓ ♥
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My self-sim's not loving the sunburn... ow.

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#45 Old 18th Jul 2011 at 6:53 PM
My self-sim decided shes "gotta get down"

And of course her room mate jonah had to join. such graceful dancers e.e
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Today's Attention Family Legacy Expressions are brought to you by...Gina Leong!

"Somtimes the stars align." ~Dean Lowry, ABC's Pan Am. ♥ ⚓ ♥
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