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A Bibliophile's Dream


Remember when reading time for the sims was that one red generic book in The Sims 1? Well, bookshelves have since evolved from that one defacto book to over a hundred different books in The Sims 3!

Buyable Books

These books can be bought at the book store and/or come as starter books for a bookshelf.


  • Sims can read these books for pleasure and enjoyment.
  • A sim will get better enjoyment out of reading books that relate to their traits. For example, a Flirty and/or Hopeless Romantic sim will enjoy reading books of the Romance genre more than an Unflirty sim.

Icon Title Author Genre # of Pages Price EP Additional Notes
Romance.jpg A Magnetic Attraction Grant Rodiek Trashy 310 80 Base Game
Fiction.jpg Abstract With Turkey Cecil Wilson Fiction 413 210 Base Game
Children.jpg The Adventures of Raymundo Ray Mazza Children's 299 50 Base Game
Prenatal.jpg Baby Incoming: Preparing With Vigilance Eric Holmberg-Weidler Non-Fiction/Prenatal 220 300 Base Game Read during pregnancy for a mood boost.
Commitment.jpg Commitment Issues Harvey Williams Drama 407 130 Base Game
Historical.jpg The Crumplebottom Legacy: A Tale Terri Ledonur Historical 301 480 Base Game
Autobiog.jpg The Economy James McLiteralson Political Memoir 405 300 Base Game
Humor.jpg Exit at Powell Len Jean Satire 676 230 Base Game
Mystery.jpg Game of Thorns Guy le Frace Mystery 309 405 Base Game A play on the novel series "Game of Thrones."
Scifi.jpg GPod Wayne Smug Science Fiction 225 250 Base Game
Nonfic.jpg How to Spin Plates Hannon Grey Non-Fiction 202 360 Base Game
Humor.jpg I'm Still Cool Leonard Prosper Humor 653 535 Base Game
Historical.jpg Llama Rights Peter Siren Historical 438 610 Base Game
Mystery.jpg Murder In Pleasantview Alexander Goth Mystery 391 65 Base Game
Autobiog.jpg The Nobel History of Socks Linus Becket Biography 601 1000 Base Game
Notexpecting.jpg Not Expecting Much Charlie Richards Vaudeville 299 940 Base Game
Humor.jpg On the Margins Willy Magnusson Satire 212 780 Base Game
Autobiog.jpg Point Farmer: the Story of Grant Rodiek Waylon Wilsonoff Autobiography 546 25 Base Game A reference to "point farming," doing the same thing repetitively in video games to gain points.
Nonfic.jpg The Point of Pointilism Sebastian Humorsbane Non-Fiction 235 875 Base Game
Romance.jpg Special Snowflake Harvest Rain Song Romance 275 705 Base Game
Humor.jpg Stragedy and Other Messterpieces Gat Moss Humor 327 135 Base Game
Prenatal.jpg Totally Preggers: An Expecting Mother's Tale Eric Holmberg Non-Fiction/Prenatal 180 200 Base Game Read during pregnancy for a mood boost.
Fiction.jpg Thunking T. Wilson Fiction 142 580 Base Game
Fantasy.jpg Unicorns for Audrey S.C. Gastern Fantasy 408 210 Base Game
Fantasy.jpg The Warlock of Palladia Matt Goss Fantasy 343 35 Base Game A play on L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Children.jpg Where's Bella? I.M. Wright Children's 107 40 Base Game A play on the "Where's Waldo" series.
Scifi.jpg Zombies? Zombies! Robert Mankowitz Science Fiction 1,198 155 Base Game
Egypt1.JPG Advanced Facial Expressions Sana Rabbani Non-Fiction 546 1515 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG A Good Shawarma Ishaq Jafari Humor 255 2275 World Adventures
Egypt1.JPG A Guide to Desert Stick Pokey Malik Najam Non-Fiction 405 1851 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG Are You My Mummy? Sana Rabbani Humor 309 514 World Adventures A reference to the children's book "Are you my mommy?"
China1.JPG A Wall Between Us Po Sin Wang Romance 175 2009 World Adventures
Egypt1.JPG Do I Exist? Kneph Mbizi Satire 310 842 World Adventures
China2.JPG Fishing for the Moon Po Sin Wang Non-Fiction 192 2394 World Adventures
Egypt1.JPG Free Kicks, Hard Tackles adn Red Cards Hasan Khamoosh Non-Fiction 343 2210 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG From Dead to Mummy: The History of Healing Malik Najam Historical 202 567 World Adventures
China1.JPG Imperial Military Tactics Leh-Lin Chan Non-Fiction 327 1323 World Adventures
China1.JPG How Rain Built the World Shum Lip Historical 180 1906 World Adventures A play on the book "How Beer Built the World"
China2.JPG How to Handle Fireworks: Lessons from a Man with No Fingers Chin-Han Ping Non-Fiction 301 2135 World Adventures
China1.JPG Jimmy Sprocket and the Cave of the Dragon Chin-Han Ping Children's 142 486 World Adventures A play on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.
Egypt2.JPG Jimmy Sprocket and the Mummy's Curse Omari Nebibi Children's 299 2002 World Adventures A play on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.
China2.JPG Li Bing and the King's Daughter Leslie Chui Fiction 140 1311 World Adventures
China1.JPG Noodles! And Sauerkraut! Lucanja Voit Non-Fiction 301 2471 World Adventures
China1.JPG Planet Beeboz An Yu Shu Science Fiction 408 810 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG Ra! Ra! Ra! Kneph Mbizi Fiction 212 355 World Adventures
China1.JPG Sim Fu: Jumping Kicks Sifu Lu Non-Fiction 676 2224 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG South of The Simhara Sefu Yayha Non-Fiction 107 462 World Adventures
China1.JPG Terracotta Bodyguard Leh-Lin Chan Fiction 276 1355 World Adventures A reference to Clay Soldiers
Egypt2.JPG That's a Wrap!: The True Life Story of the First Mummy Film Director Amon "Joe" Ra Non-Fiction 275 2226 World Adventures
China2.JPG The Dragon's Age Rui Yi Fantasy 350 966 World Adventures
China2.JPG The Dragon Ripple Dingbang Ho Fantasy 216 2475 World Adventures
China1.JPG The Intern Reader of Fried Rice An Yu Shu Non-Fiction 255 2469 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG The Keystone's Counterpart Gyasi Hamedi Fiction 413 788 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG The Legend of Queen Nozilla and King Nayr Hasan Khamoosh Drama 653 1280 World Adventures
China2.JPG The Life and Times of Mr. Chan Sifu Lu Historical 197 1210 World Adventures
China1.JPG The Memoirs of China Han Dingbang Ho Historical 317 2297 World Adventures
Egypt1.JPG The Mummy in Love Amon "Joe" Ra Romance 391 1816 World Adventures
Egypt1.JPG The Price of Treasure Sefu Yahya Mystery 225 200 World Adventures
China1.JPG The Rice of the Tourist's Companion Rui Yi Non-Fiction 180 1439 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG The River that Sustains Us Irfan Non-Fiction 438 2253 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG The Sand Mirage Gyasi Hamedi Non-Fiction 601 1819 World Adventures
China2.JPG The Year of the Tiger Shum Lin Non-Fiction 170 933 World Adventures
Egypt2.JPG Thread Count Omari Nebibi Non-Fiction 1198 1111 World Adventures
China2.JPG Toddlers and Chopsticks Lucanja Voit Children's 178 628 World Adventures
Egypt1.JPG Tomb Raiding for Toddlers: What to Know Ishaq Jafari Non-Fiction 407 1544 World Adventures

Skill Books

Sims can read these to improve general skills like cooking and handiness.


These books raise the Logic Skill.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Logic.jpg Logic Vol. 1: Knights vs. Bishops Matt Goss 299 - 50 Base Game
Logic.jpg Logic Vol. 2: To Xor or Not to Xor Matt Goss 340 Logic 3 500 Base Game
Logic.jpg Logic Vol. 3: 3.14159265 Matt Goss 323 Logic 6 750 Base Game


These books raise the Cooking Skill.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Cooking.jpg Cooking Vol. 1: Too Much Salt Mario Oliver 199 - 50 Base Game
Cooking.jpg Cooking Vol. 2: Why You Need Baking Soda Sha Sha Chu 203 Cooking 3 500 Base Game
Cooking.jpg Cooking Vol. 3: Yummy and Delicious Basil Annato 225 Cooking 6 750 Base Game


These books raise the Handiness Skill.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Handiness.jpg Handiness Vol. 1: Unplug It First! Ray Mazza 200 - 50 Base Game
Handiness.jpg Handiness Vol. 2: Turn off the Water! Ray Mazza 211 Handiness 3 500 Base Game
Handiness.jpg Handiness Vol. 3: Puddles and Electricity Don't Mix Ray Mazza 297 Handiness 6 750 Base Game


These books raise the Charisma Skill.

Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Charisma.jpg Charisma Vol. 1: Fixing the Friend Problem Brock Sweeney 180 - 350 Base Game
Charisma.jpg Charisma Vol. 2: Talking to Anyone Slater Stone 201 Charisma 3 500 Base Game
Charisma.jpg Charisma Vol. 3: Becoming Irresistible Dirk Sterling 177 Charisma 6 750 Base Game


These books raise the Gardening Skill.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Gardening.jpg Gardening Vol. 1: The Watercan Chronicles Margaret Ng 250 0 - 3 350 Base Game
Gardening.jpg Gardening Vol. 2: Odor Free Fertilizer Margaret Ng 276 3 - 6 500 Base Game
Gardening.jpg Gardening Vol. 3: Gardening to Riches Margaret Ng 281 6 - 10 750 Base Game


This book raises the Photography Skill.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Photography.JPG Photography Vol. 1: Taking off the Lens Cap Henrich Van Steerderdang 199 0 - 3 50 World Adventures Can only be bought in Egypt.

Martial Arts

This book raises the Martial Arts Skill.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
MartialArts.JPG Martial Arts Vol. 1: Wax On Philosophic Shan Cai 199 0 - 3 50 World Adventures Can only be bought in China.


These books raise the Riding Skill.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Riding Vol. 1: Zen and the Art of Not Falling Off a Horse Carlos Hurtado 180 0 - 3 §50 Pets
Riding Vol. 2: The Galloping Guru Carlos Hurtado 201 3 - 6 §500 Pets
Riding Vol. 3: Sunsets and Other Fun Things to Ride Into Carlos Hurtado 177 6 - 10 §750 Pets


Fishing skill books teach which baits are used for particular fish, but do not add to the sim's fishing skill level.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Fish1.jpg The Wee Swimmers: Reeling Anchovy and Minnow Mac McHemit 60 1 50 Base Game
Fish1.jpg The Whiskered Deep: Catfish and You Cletus Bagsworth 90 1 100 Base Game
Fish2.jpg All that Glitters is Goldfish Hank Castwell 180 1 200 Base Game
Fish1.jpg Gilled Tragedy: Trout and Clownfish Baiting Techniques Remick Statler 120 2 300 Base Game
Fish2.jpg Sushi Swimmers: How to Catch Tuna, Salmon and Blowfish Parker O'Toole 180 3 400 Base Game
Fish2.jpg Predators of the Deep: Piranha, Shark and Swordfish Tips Sammy Sturgeon 180 5 500 Base Game
Fish3.jpg Heavenly Delicacies: Hooking the Angelfish and Lobster Anabelle Austin 270 5 750 Base Game
Fish3.jpg Binary Fishing and Analog Bait for Robotfish Baylee Bodeen 360 6 1400 Base Game
Fish3.jpg Fishing for the Dead; Deathfish and Vampirefish on the Line Cliff Boderick 360 7 2000 Base Game
Fish3.jpg Delicate Decorations: Katching Kawarimono Koi (and Doitsu) Tio Timoteo 90 0 75 World Adventures
Fish3.jpg French Delicacies: Capturing Frogs, Snails and Crawfish Rufus Wade 120 0 100 World Adventures
Fish3.jpg Dead-ly Dealights: Catching Crocodiles and Mummyfish Larlene Bigswell 270 2 750 World Adventures
Fish3.jpg The Art of Koi Ponds: Ochiba and Tancho Gil Halil 180 3 400 World Adventures
Fish3.jpg Mythical Fish Volume 1: Discovering Dragons Ricky Pegg 270 7 1500 World Adventures

Sheet Music

Similar to the way the fishing books work, sheet music books do not add to actual guitar skill, but instead allow sims to add more songs to their repertoire. Once one of these books have been read once, it will be destroyed.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Level Price EP Comments
Yellow.jpg Yes Ma'am, I do Bea Minor 30 Guitar 5 100 Base Game
Yellow.jpg Flamenco Fever Melody McDermott 60 Guitar 6 250 Base Game
Red.jpg A Perfect Moment Dee Major 90 Guitar 7 425 Base Game
Red.jpg Improvise Here and Now Harmony Williams 120 Guitar 8 600 Base Game
Blue.jpg Dream Escape Veronica Gonzalez 150 Guitar 9 1,400 Base Game

Child Development

Child development books can be read to toddlers by teen, young adult, adult, or elder sims. The books help increase the skill level of the toddler. Once the book is completely read to the toddler they can pick it up and read it by themselves. If you put the book on the ground the toddler can read it without having another sim read it to them first.

Sims with the Childish trait can read and enjoy a Child Development book regardless of age.

Icon Title Author # of Pages Skill Improved Price EP Comments
Childlogic.jpg Being Smart for Fun and Profit Alfred Russel 15 Logic 210 Base Game
Seuss.jpg Bluish Eggs With a Side of Pastrami Brady Bobcat 6 Writing 50 Base Game A play on Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham
Childlogic.jpg Counting for Those Who Cannot Anne Teak 6 Logic 50 Base Game
Childart.jpg Don't Stay Within the Lines Vincent Dali 15 Painting 210 Base Game
Childart.jpg Finger Painting 101 Melissa Vertrund 6 Painting 50 Base Game
Seuss.jpg Frank I'm Not Sarah Glass 10 Writing 125 Base Game A play on Dr. Seuss's Sam I Am
Childart.jpg Handprints of the Masters Jessica Granada 10 Painting 125 Base Game
Jimmy.jpg Jimmy Sprocket and the Chalice of Lichens Kelly Davis 10 125 Base Game A play on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Jimmy.jpg Jimmy Sprocket and the Escape from "Fun" Land Bobby the Clown 15 210 Base Game A play on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Jimmy.jpg Jimmy Sprocket and the Squishy Stone Jenna Conroy 6 50 Base Game A play on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Seuss.jpg Oh the Destinations You'll Briefly Visit Brian Bell 15 Writing 210 Base Game A play on Dr. Seuss's Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Childlogic.jpg Squares Are Not Triangles Ferris Wheeler 10 Logic 125 Base Game


As your sim's cooking skill increases they can read recipes to create more complex and satisfying meals. For more information on all the recipes available as well as cooking skill, see: Cooking & Recipes. Note: once one of these books have been read once, it will be destroyed.

Icon Title # of Pages Cooking Skill Level Price EP Comments
Bluerec.jpg Ratatouille 30 1 25 Base Game
Bluerec.jpg Fish and Chips 45 3 50 Base Game
Bluerec.jpg Cookies 60 3 100 Base Game
Bluerec.jpg Fruit Parfait 75 4 200 Base Game
Redrec.jpg Cheesesteak 90 5 300 Base Game
Redrec.jpg Cobbler 105 6 450 Base Game
Redrec.jpg Eggs Machiavellian 120 7 580 Base Game
Greenrec.jpg Tri-Tip Steak 135 8 650 Base Game
Greenrec.jpg Stuffed Turkey 155 9 800 Base Game
Greenrec.jpg Baked Angel Food Cake 180 10 1,000 Base Game
Greenrec.jpg Ambrosia 360 10 12,000 Base Game
Redrec.jpg Egg Rolls 95 2 325 World Adventures
EgyptRec.JPG Falafel 110 5 475 World Adventures
EgyptRec.JPG Shawarma 95 1 325 World Adventures
Redrec.jpg Stir-Fry 75 6 200 World Adventures

Career Specific Books

These books are obtained via career challenges and other special opportunities, and cannot be bought at the store.



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
When to Rave And When to Riot 144 1
Making the Sale: From Hot Dogs to Foam Fingers 151 2
Dealing With Difficult Players 171 3
Bus Cramps: A Cautionary Tale 218 4
Getting Past the Draft 244 5
Name Positioning: Starting Your Brand 304 6
It's More Than Good Moves 364 7
Making Better Shoe Deals 388 9
Avoiding the Downward Spiral 412 10



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
The Wright Papers 225 - Written by I.M. Wright
The Goth Account 301 - Written by Alexandra Goth
Landgraab Financial 242 - Written by Malcolm Landgraab
Caffeine Culture 150 1
Going Paperless 190 2
Bloviation on Hyper Inflation 212 3
You Are Special 269 4
Limiting Liability 310 5
Woes of Whistleblowing 359 6
Yay Tax Shelters! 391 7
ABC's of Downsizing 412 8



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
Secrets of The Master Chef 354 - Written by Charles Gast



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
Avoid Bulges and Other Helpful Tips 116 1
Adapting to the Wallet Environment 183 2
From Goon to Guido: Thuggery Evolved 191 3
Make Em' Pay 202 4
Losing the Huckster Label 245 5
Snake Oil and Other Sound Investment Strategies 312 6
Advanced Combinatorials 383 7
Making Yourself Indispensable 403 8
The Mythical Hot Tin Roof 475 9
Hostile Takeover: When to Make the Move 512 10



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
Street or Sidewalk?, A Cautionary Talk 164 1
Faster Checking Through the Power of Word Processing! 174 2
Avoiding Plagiarism 208 3
From Notepad to Laptop 227 4
101 Ways to Be Vague 395 5
The Finer Points of Yellow Journalism 431 6
Fronts and Barometrics: Excellence Through Jargon 568 7
(sic) and Its Use In Important Stories 642 8
How To Fix It When News Breaks 712 9

Law career.png


Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
How to Avoid Concrete Shoes 139 1
More Out Than In: Maintaining a Proper Desk Environment 181 2
Advanced Whistle Techniques 206 3
Protect, Serve and Look Good Doing It 224 4
Free Donuts and Other Great Leadership Tips 267 5
How Not to Be Seen 299 5
Keep Em' Guessing 306 6
Effective Luminol Spraying Techniques 378 7
Avoiding Squint Jargon for Better Communication 444 8




Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
The Gift of Life 222 1
Better Out Than In 175 2
Respecting the Ambulance 317 3
Blood Is Not Blue 197 4
The 36 Hour Shift And You 301 5
The Golden Hour 276 6
The ATGCs Of Genetics 178 7
The Simmania Pandemic 255 8
Grey Matters 350 9

Medical Journals

Title Career Level Comments
Selling Organs for Fun And Profit 4
Managing Medical Malpractice 5
Et Tu Nurse? 6 A reference to Shakespear's Julius Caesar
Surgey for Dummies: Unrated Edition 7
101 Things to Try Out In the Operating Room 8
Clever Interpretations of the Hippocratic Oath 9
Fashionable Pagers That Bling 10



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
Getting Out of the Pit 150 1
Advanced Elbow Lubricant Techniques 197 2
Learning to Speak Officer 203 3
Learn to Fly In 21 Days 277 4
Dealing With Whining From Engines and Pilots 299 5
How to Take the Ugly for the Team 375 6
Beyond the Aviator Glasses 422 7
Herding Cats 502 8
Coping With Geese and Vipers 536 9 Alludes to the movie Top Gun



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
Getting Noticed In the Sea of Fans 170 1
Life on the Hard Rocky Road 187 2
Don't Upstage the Band 199 3
Herding Cats: Music Edition 214 4
Diamonds In the Rough 256 5
It's More Than Rhyme Books 19 6 - Rock
True Symphonic Synergy 377 6 - Symphonic
Legends of Rock 9 - Rock
Improving Conductivity Between Brass and Woodwind 612 9 - Symphonic



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
Wax On, Wax Off 140 1 Alludes to the movie Karate Kid
Cheating With Chads 170 2 A reference to the 2000 Florida Presidential Election Recount.
The Joy of Smear Campaigning 192 3
There Is No No 216 4
Don't Taze Your Bros! 234 5 A play on the iconic phrase "Don't taze me bro!"
An Earmark Economy 267 6 A reference to the practice of "earmarking" in which government funded projects are attached to unrelated bills.
Yay Pork Barrels! 288 7 A reference to "Pork Barrel Spending" which means government projects created explicitly to bring government money to a location, company or both.
Gerrymandapalooza! 301 8 A reference to the practice of Gerrymandering, where congressional district bounderies are drawn (often in ridiculous patterns) specifically to insure victory in elections.
Taters 401 9



Title # of Pages Career Level Comments
Living With Mutation 146 1
Dangerous Device Disposal 178 2
Practical Science From Boast to Beaker 208 3
Nitrates: They're Not Just for Bombs Anymore 238 4
Strange Correlations of Little Shops and Venus 274 5 Alludes to the movie Little Shop of Horror
When Pigs Fly, Going Too Far? 326 6
Goldfish, Piranha and Other Friendly Creatures 367 7
Advanced Deniability Procedures 401 8
The Evolution of the RoboLlama 456 9

Time Machine Books

These books are obtained via time traveling, and cannot be bought at the store.


Icon Title Price EP Additional Notes
The Fall of Atlantis 2068 Ambitions
Fire: Terrifying but Essential 676 Ambitions
The Four Courners of the Earth 1945 Ambitions
Lady Veronica Farfleton and the Magical Harpsichord 1557 Ambitions
To Hunt or Gather? 1239 Ambitions
War and More War 1663 Ambitions
1000 Ways to Stew Brontosaurus 1484 Ambitions


Icon Title Price EP Additional Notes
Blips and Bloops: A Thesis on Mechanics 799 Ambitions
Don't Tread on Me: A Robot Manifesto for Freedom 1470 Ambitions
Gone with the Solar Wind 967 Ambitions
Mars Real Estate Dos and Don'ts 497 Ambitions Can be read at the library.
Remembering the Internet; How the World was Changed 2754 Ambitions
Signs You're A Clone 2493 Ambitions
SimCity 7940 Tips and Tricks 1707 Ambitions
So Hot In Binary 1266 Ambitions

Hints and Tips

  • The book store periodically has sales. When books do go on sale, it's best to go ahead and buy the really expensive books. You can score discounts as great as 2,000 simoleons!
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