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Social Worker Guide

This guide is all about the social worker.

The Social Worker

If you don't take good enough care of your children, allowing their needs or grades to drop too low, you'll get a warning about the social worker. If you don't fix the problem soon, the social worker will show up and take your children!

Once the social worker is on the lot, there's no way to stop her from taking your kids - she'll get them even if they're in a room with no doors! The best way to keep her from showing up is preventative - keep your kids' grades up, and keep them well taken care of.

If you're not going to be able to feed your children for several hours, keep some gelatin out on the counter so they can feed themselves, or buy them a toy oven so they can bake some muffins to tide them over till dinnertime.

If your kids do get taken by the social worker, don't panic! You can adopt them back - they'll be the first kids in the adoption queue, so it should be easy to get them back, though everyone involved will have some unpleasant memories of the experience.

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