The Gub Jogasaki from Chobits

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The Gub Jogasaki is a common style old efficency apartment complex in Tokyo with 7 apartmnts. Used to be 8, but the manager ,Chitose Hibiya, connected two into one so she could live on the premisses after her husband passed away. The apartments may look smaller then European *efficencys*, but this is common for the Tokyo intercity area. rent was quoted as "20,000 yen a month", do a curency conversion if you want to know what that is in your own monies. 100 yen is about equil to $1 USD.

You may need to change out the apartment doors to selective ones if you want it to work like a real apartment complex. The building is unfurnished except for basic utilities. Oh and i put efficency showers in all the bathrooms because Sims2 dosent seem to suport public bath houses

Good luck with figuring out how to work beds into the rooms, as the japaneese use removable futon mattresses, fold out tables, etc to use the same space for multiple purposes.

All wall and floor recolours by me, with the exception of the Tatami Mats by MShades.