Eddie Guerrero

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For little more then seven month ago, one of the most beloved WWE wrestler died because of a bad heart - he became 38 years old.
He left his wife and their three doughters.

I'll always remember Eddie as the funniest wrestler to watch. Because he lied, cheated and stole

I feel sorry for you who knew him, and I feel sorry for us who didn't get the chance.

I did this like a tribute to him, and I took the pictures that I think reprecent Eddie, at least for me. Hope you like them.

Latino Heat, Ring, Smile & White: You'll find under Grilled Cheese

Belt, Laugh, Roses & Smirk: Is under The Meaning of Fruit

Side: Can you find underPoisonous Forest

Viva La Raza
Viva La Eddie - Latino Heat

And Last, you know what to do.