Squall Leonhart + alpha edit & recolor of seomi hair

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2006 at 11:43 AM
Updated: 28th Jun 2006 at 7:56 AM
I know you want him girls,
just look at his eyes, they're definitely Squall's eyes aren't they ^_^;
I think I did quite well for a non FF gamer (and for a straight guy ^^)

now you can have a chit chat with him

do some karaoke with him too

sharing your dreams

ask him to sing a song just for you

and he will put his cold stare at you like this

and LIKE THIS (he looks down on you, while you're busy kissing his shoes)

and you would be miserably drooling over you keyboard
simming 24/7, totally abandon your life.... being his slave

but this is a Kim Kaphwan goes wrong project...

I was editing seomi hair's alpha to make Kim's hair, but
somehow it ended up with the right side of squall's hair in the picture (way too long for kim's)
so after I looked the preview of the hair, I decided to try on squall instead of made it shorter

I use OFB pilot jacket mesh 4 his top and one of nightlife pants mesh 4 his bottom,
so those EP's are required to make the costume wearable.

I save everything in (.packages) files so everybody with or without EP would be able to install him
with or without the clothes. put everything in download folder

seomi hair mesh "wind for male" is also needed, http://seomi.zzo.net/

and the skin is "Pale04" by myself, download the skin here

please enjoy