Jack - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

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Second movie from Gore Verbinski - what can I say? Third movie please

When I did Jack XII I had one quote in my head:
Jack: "This is a jar of dirt."
Tia: "Yes."
Jack "Is the jar of dirt going to help?"
Tia: "If you don't want it give it back."
Jack: "NOO!"

Jack: "I got a jar of diirt, I got a jar of diirt. Guess what's in it!"

You gotta love him, no?

OBS! You can't download all this time becasue I have it in zip files, and it's over 10 mb... so if you want everyone, you have to download them seperatly!

Oh well...

You can find all the paintings under Grilled Cheese

alright then, enjoy and hope you like 'em