Deep Dish Cheese Pizza --- Exclusive for MTS2

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Uploaded 9th Jul 2006 at 11:59 PM

Hey guys I wanted to share with you my newest food creation. I created some pizza meals a while back before OFB but never released them. I reworked them and have now released them on my site.

I wanted to share one of them with this community since I'm always here and downloading, it's always good to give back!

Anyways, hope you enjoy it... Here's the logistics:

Appears at dinner; with OFB appears ANYTIME under the "Make" or "Make Many" options
Sims must have a cooking score of 10 for the meal to appear
**NOTE** because this meal is a clone of Lobster Thermidor the sims have a GREATER chance at burning this meal. I would suggest that you have a sim who has had a high cooking score for quite a while to make this meal to lessen the chances of it becoming a charred mess. Also you should watch that your sim doesnt walk away from the stove while cooking. I find if I have them "resume cooking" and peek at the food while it's cooking it will burn less. Or maybe my test sim is just a babbling idiot who burns things all the time anyway, lol (Don Lothario is my tester).

For more stuff check out my site:

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