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More Semi-Transparent Shower Curtains

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2006 at 1:37 PM
Semi-Transparent Shower Curtains
for the Maxis Colonial Bath/shower combo
Variety of colours in a stripe design
My screenshots are a little dark, so I'll probably update them later. The curtains look better in game.
The bath is not included, all you're downloading is the curtain and its hooks.

Colours Available
Aqua, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow

Find them in Buy/Plumbing/Baths/Colonial and then scroll through the colour selections to find these.

No mesh required & these work with the base game and expansions

To install, unzip to your EA downloads folder, as usual, the files start with the word Muse, so will be easy to find and delete if you don't want them anymore.

Even though these are small files, I've zipped them up separately, as some might like a few colours and not the others.
Please do not upload these to the exchange or paysites, thanks.



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Cheat info - if you want to turn your objects on the diagonal, like the baths in my screenshots (45degreeangleofrotation cheat) then Read Instructions HERE